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Adam Lambert + Queen Reminisce About Their First Official Tour In 2012, Beginning With Kiev, Ukraine ( PLUS New Official Video)

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, February 11, 2022

Posted at : Friday, February 11, 2022

 Adam Lambert tweeted today about his first tour with Queen in 2012

They started it off with a MASSIVE concert in Kiev, with Elton John opening. As some may recall, the concert was literally streamed so that fans around the world could watch. 

Queen + Adam Lambert went on to perform in Moscow, Russia; Wroclaw, Poland; and 3 shows in London, England, with the London shows all sold out. 

"Never a band to ease into something, the partnership kicked off with the massive 'Let's Stop AIDS Together' concert in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2012. The concert was attended by an estimated 350,000 people and broadcast live on television."

Queen released a commemorative Video today: watch below! 
Photos above: Queen + Adam Lambert in Kiev, Ukraine on June 30, 2012

From NEW Queen Official You Tube: Queen + Adam Lambert 2012: The First Gig (Episode 46) Published Feb. 11, 2022

 "In 2012, for their first full shows together, Queen and Adam Lambert plan a short, introductory tour in Europe - but then a show in Kiev's Freedom Square, in front of a massive crowd of over 350,000 people and a TV audience of millions, is added at the beginning. This is the story of that first gig." 


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Patria said...

Incredible experiences. Incredible memories. What incredible lives they have lived and are living. Never forget each exciting moment, Adam.

Dee R Gee said...

So fun to hear that Adam to keep asking what to do next and when. He was so nervous, but you never would have known. He did a fantastic job and impressed everyone.

Nanbert said...

That Kiev concert was SUCH an exciting experience for me!...and I wasn't even there! Can't imagine what it had to be like for Adam. But he handled it like he'd been doing it all his life! He proved his caliber that day...what a PRO! No where to go but UP, after that.
And it's been UP all the way since then. Proud to be a Glambert!

Just think....if Adam hadn't tried out for American Idol....none of us would be following him, and Queen, now! A lot of lives have been changed!

Dee R Gee said...

Well, the first episode of Starstuck is over. Looks very fun to me! Adam is such a pro. He makes it all so much fun.

Patria said...

Dee did you get to watch it before the hater forced it be taken down? I watched it immediately. Probably the last one I will have access to. Hate wins again. It is a fun show. Glad there is an audience to make the last decision.

Dee R Gee said...

No, I did not hear about the hater. That's too bad. I hope we can enjoy more snippets of Starstuck whenever we can.

Dee R Gee said...

Adam had to jump in head-first at that Kiev show. But he triumphed!

Patria said...

I recently read somewhere (I've forgotten) Queen described as never easing into anything. It would only follow that Adam wasn't going to have that luxury either. haha

Nanbert said...

Just found the first episode of Starstruck on Youtube. Guess it got put on's the complete first 2/12/22 program. It's really good! Enjoy!

Dee R Gee said...

Just watched the full episode! It's so much fun and Ada is his perfect witty, fun, lovely elf. Those Freddie guys were all good, but I like the one they chose.