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Adam Lambert Fan Art From @CreativeSharka: New chibi @adamlambert with turtle

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Posted at : Thursday, April 20, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

That video was a very cute encounter with the turtle. Of course, we didn't technically see Adam, but he was there with Sauli and Pharaoh. According to Adam, that turtle has balls.

Lam-My said...

Aha, my Tammy the turtle finally surfaces or is it Tony lwl!

Helloo Tony, where is Tammy, you know the one in my story. I did include you in another story about a little flute boy whom you ferry across the stream; remember? But Tammy was the smart one who catches fish for Uncle Sauli and Uncle Adam and they would barbecue the fish at their hilltop residence.

Helloo Madam, I don't think I've met you.

No, you haven't and that's why I mistook you for Tammy.
My name is Lam-My and I've known Uncle Adam for 8 years. Apart from Tammy, I am a close friend of Pharaoh, his dog, a very smart Basenji who can do the Shake!

So what are you asking Uncle Adam?

Hi Lam-My, so happy to meet you; actually I don't have many friends other than Tammy. So when I saw Uncle Adam sitting on the beach, I plucked up courage to befriend him; I'm usually quite shy but he seems so kind and said: Hi-i! He also said I got balls. What's that?

Yes, you found a really good and kind friend; well, got balls, means you have guts.

What's guts?

Goodness gracious, Tony, you are a lot more inquisitive than I had imagined. Well, it simply means you are daring.

Uncle Adam is absolutely right, I usually steer clear of people; they keep peeping into my house that I carry wherever I go.
Send my longevity wishes to Uncle Adam; he looks helluva healthy to me. And longevity to you too! 再见 jai jian...

You know Mandarin...Tony.

Yes, my ancestors are from Asia; and turtle represents longevity.

祝你长寿 ju ni charng soh...

祝你 ju ni / wish you .. 长寿 charng soh / long life

Mi Re La said...

CreativeSharka you make my beautiful days with your drawings. Thamks !

Nanbert said...

The turtle acts like that because it probably had once been someone's pet for a while, before being released to the wild, and therefore associated people with "free food and goodies".

That's what happened to my son, who was fishing along a fresh water lake when we lived in Florida. He was approached by a really big box turtle, who demanded attention -- until my son finally adopted him and brought him home. Named "William" by my son, he was delightfully tame, and lived on our patio for a couple of years and interacted with everyone around him...always begging for "goodies" and following us around.

He would even "sneak" occasionally into the house whenever anyone left the sliding patio door only slightly ajar...pushing and shoving at the door until it slid enough to let him in. Then he would hunt out someone inside and try to "con" them into giving him "goodies"... usually fresh fruit or veggies. He was such a "charmer"!

When we had to move away, my son gave William to his best friend as a pet, since it was obvious that William preferred a "domestic" life....and later letters proved that he had stolen the hearts of his new family as well. We finally lost touch with that family, but I feel certain that William will outlive us all, and easily"charm" his way through life.

Oh yes, I have to mention that William would "play ball" (his style). If you rolled the ball for him, he would scramble after it and bump it around the patio with his nose. He also had a couple of other "toys" he'd do that with....and would "herd" our dog around the patio by following him around and nipping at his feet (but not hard enough to hurt, so we interpreted it as "playing" with the dog..and so did the dog, who liked to "tease" the turtle).

Adam should have brought that turtle home as a pet... that obviously was what that turtle had in mind!

Sorry...didn't mean to be so long-winded...but William's story was so unique...and true. Most people never think of turtles having "personality"...but they do!..especially as they get older and smarter.

Unknown said...

We once had a friend's turtle staying with us. It would get stuck under a table, then walk to the rim of the balcony and nearly fall off. After being picked up and put back in a safe place it would do exactly the same. Again and again and again. Maybe there are smart turtles, but this wasn't one of them.

Nanbert said... never said whether he actually fell off the balcony...or he looked like he would, so he was always rescued by someone first.

Nanbert said...
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