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Photoshoot for PALM SPRINGS LIFE’S April 2017 Music Edition, featuring Adam Lambert Photos by David Blank

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, April 20, 2017

Posted at : Thursday, April 20, 2017

Photoshoot for PALM SPRINGS LIFE’S April 2017 Music Edition, featuring Adam Lambert Photos by David Blank


Photoshoot for PALM SPRINGS LIFE’S April 2017 Music Edition, featuring Adam Lambert Photos by David Blank

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Dee R Gee said...

Figured these were photo shoot pix when we first saw them posted. Hope there's a good article that features Adam.

The Dark Side said...

I kinda thought they would make great CD cover picture.

Lam-My said...

Very short incomplete story...lwl!

Bert was in a trailer in a remote desert, his safe-haven sanctuary whenever he needed to be alone; sometimes to think out new strategies or even to record a new song. He gazed into the wilderness and seemed to hear a voice singing; reminded him of himself singing across the tranquil desert...Who wants to live forever...forever... Pharaoh, his sole companion was dozing in the trailer; Pharaoh loved following his master wherever he went.

At this moment, he saw a dark speck in the distance...and then a dart suddenly came flying towards him straight at his trailer and boooom! a loud explosion hit the mountain missing his trailer by metres.
Goodness gracious! It could have smashed him and the trailer to smithereens. Pharaoh started barking in panic and squealed in fear Ooooeeeeh!
Bert cradled Pharaoh in his arms to calm him. He got off the trailer and lo and behold! a flying saucer swished past overhead, a UFO ! in broad daylight in the desert.

Bert decided to head back to the city away from this remote place which he thought was a safe sanctuary. And then a dark shadow splashed across the windscreen, which forced Bert to screech to a dead halt; Pharaoh who usually stood on his hind-legs with its forelegs on the dashboard to get a panoramic view of the road, was thrown off balance as Bert's trailer tyres screeched and skidded.

Two strange-looking Aliens looked in through the windows...they looked greyish with big glassy green eyes. They pointed a laser beam at Bert who felt an electric shock singe through his body; it caused an acute pain and Bert put his hands up to signal he was not dangerous to them. Soon Bert, cradling the trembling Pharaoh close to his chest, were whizzed into the Alien flying saucer...
I'm not sure at this point what would happen to Bert and Pharaoh; the flying-saucer simply disappeared into the clouds...a classic Alien abduction.

Unknown said...

Now I want to know how it ends.

Lam-My said...

Hi Marielle! lol! Let's see what pops up...I can never tell how any of my story ends. It's only at the end, I say to myself, oh, this is how it ends. lol!

Lam-My said...

Soon the flying-saucer with Bert and Pharaoh clutching to him, landed; and suddenly dead silence. Bert looked out of a tiny crack from the saucer; seemed okay, rather pleasant with silver laser-light streaking through the pitch-black space outside; very enchanting, thought Bert. Pharaoh was looking up to Bert for assurance.

Don't worry Pharaoh, I'll hold on tightly to you!

Pharaoh was restless maybe due to the lack of oxygen but generally it was sufficient to be comfortable.
Then a hatchet door opened and a long corridor led into a vast cave-like expanse with no openings, doors or windows; completely sealed. The two Alien abductors directed Bert with Pharaoh in his arms, through the threshold. The minute Bert got in, he found it difficult to breathe; his body convulsed and and started shaking; Pharaoh fell from his clasp. Bert fainted.
When Bert came to, he found himself lying on a cold stone table in the cave-like environment surrounded by huge blackish, reddish rocks.

Straight away, Bert called out: Pharaoh! Where are you?

Thank goodness Pharaoh seemed to have handled the alien stratosphere a lot better. On hearing his Daddy's call, he squealed: Ooooeeeh!

The two Alien abductors were joined by another five; all looking down bewilderingly at Bert; and started poking him as if to test if he posed any danger.
A large laser-ball of spotlight came into view, focused on Bert; it made him drowsy and he soon fell asleep, like some sort of anesthetic came upon him. Suddenly, Bert felt as if he was floating in heaven with beautiful rainbows crisscrossing one another.
Wow! Never seen anything like that before! exclaimed Bert in his euphoric state.

Pharaoh! Are you okay? Pharaoh cuddled up to Bert who held him protectively.

The Aliens were very advanced; they wore masks, like surgeons and syringed Bert's blood which flowed into several vials. All the while, Bert was conscious but immobile. The procedure lasted a couple of minutes.

Soon, the flying-saucer hatchet opened again and the two Alien abductors took Bert and Pharaoh through it. Extremely luminous laser beams scattered in all directions into the pitch-black space and the spacecraft instantaneously lifted off and disappeared into the clouds. Everything seemed so precision-executed.
Within what seemed like minutes, the UFO saucer landed back in the desert where Bert's trailer was parked. The two Aliens then abruptly left without a word...just glancing back with their incandescent big eyes at Bert; perhaps their way of bidding goodbye.

Bert and Pharaoh got back into their trailer. Bert gave Pharaoh a long deep hug, so thankful it came off unscathed. He then stood once more at the door of his trailer, gazing into the twilight of the wilderness to see if he could spot the UFO again; at the same time wondering what the heck happened!

Unknown said...

Aliens from the planet Fierce?

Lam-My said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lam-My said...

Yea and they took samples of his blood...clone a Lambert? Hold on a minute Planet Fierce! He belongs to us, Earth Glamberts...Copying disallowed!