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Adam Lambert mention > Could Kelly Clarkson join American Idol on ABC as a judge?

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, May 7, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, May 07, 2017

Even though it’s now starting to get solidified that American Idol airing on ABC is going to be a reality, there are already some possible judges names floating around. Fittingly, one of them just so happens to be one of the most famous former contestants of all.

We know that in the past, there was some discussion about an all-alumni panel that included the likes of Kelly and season 8 alum Adam Lambert, so we have to float that idea out there again: Couldn’t they still do that now? The idea of having these two plus Carrie Underwood on the panel would be fantastic, especially if you could bring on people like Jennifer Hudson or a Jordin Sparks as guests or mentors. We’re not sure if ABC would be game for this, though, since they may try to get a recording executive to capture more of the feel of the first season. Had the show come back on NBC, maybe there was an outside chance to get Simon Cowell back given his current deal with the network. One other option is that they go for a current music star so that they can really try to capture the support of a fan base that is currently trending, but we are firmly on the side of bringing back past idols as a way of tipping the hat full circle to the new comers.


Adam Lambert mention > Could Kelly Clarkson join American Idol on ABC as a judge? 

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Dee R Gee said...

Well, if it's going to happen, Adam better be a part of it as a judge. If there are benefits to be gained, I want him to reap them. It's great exposure. And of course, Adam has the perfect personality for it. He's proven that time and again. Doors could open!

Lam-My said...

I've always advocated for Adam to be the chief judge for AI, after S8, when it started to slide. As the saying goes, he came, he saw, he conquered, though AI people tried so hard not to award him Winner of S8. Well, in retrospect that was AI's self-inflicted demise because people started to feel indifferent towards AI. It was much too obvious that Adam was bypassed and so people lost interest to follow through. Also, Adam had set a new benchmark that was unreachable from S8 onward.
So, now I'm not so keen on Adam becoming judge on AI anymore; they missed the boat which left long ago and it's not beneficial anymore for Adam to chase and board it.
Now, I feel, with all his experience and expertise in the field of singing/concerts/fashion and large fandom backing him, he should venture out on his own; with substantial capital and knowledge of the music business, Adam should not backtrack; steer his fine speedboat in other more adventurous/lucrative directions. Personally, I'm not one for backtracking; when the time has moved on, it's better to move on with it. Time and tide wait for no man; meaning if you miss a new chance, it may not present itself again. Adam in essence does not need AI anymore, may even slow him down.

Lam-My said...

But always a but...if AI offers a large enough, sum of money to entice him, well, okay, he can roll that money. And perhaps he can use his familiar platform to showcase his 4th album. His AI buddies may urge him to return; he is a high resource person.

blu said...

I have a feeling Kelly C would too nice . . . . Adam would have a better

viewpoint . . . I notice this when be filled in for Keith . . . he's not afraid to

say "no"

Anonymous8 said...

Ditto @blu, Kelly would be the "nice" judge on a panel where success rests on objective and constructive, often brutal assessments. The panel should reflect the music industry as it is, and Simon Cowell knew that. That is the failure of The Voice, where every singer receives only positive reinforcement. JMO - while Kelly would be a sentimental favorite, she is a bit too bland for a show that will need to reinvent itself and compete with its past glory years.

ArchieGoodwin said...

I agree Lam. I don't think he should do this if offered , it seems a step back. His career is shows, tours, connecting with fans. AI gave him the start he needed, and he pays that back guest mentoring. Doin Australia was different, it was an experience, living there especially. He has out grown Idol, imo.

Unknown said...

I like the voice and its positive reinforcement. Or respect, as I like to call it.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Maybe ADAM should consider being a part of the new AI not so much as a judge but perhaps a mentor ... look how great Isaiah did on X Factor AU with ADAM as his mentor ... yes .. ADAM was also a judge ... and a very good one too I might add .. but Isaiah with ADAM as his mentor won the competition & he's only 17 years old!! Yes .. my choice would be .. mentor .. for ADAM ... if he wanted to be a part of AI!! That's the only way I'll bother to watch .. only if ADAM is on!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)