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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen IG Photos (4): "Happy New Year @saulikoskinen #pharaoh" "NYE Look.." "@lavernecox.."

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, January 1, 2018

Posted at : Monday, January 01, 2018

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen posted Instagram Photos (4):

Adam Lambert posted 3 photos: 

@adamlambert "Happy New Year @saulikoskinen #pharaoh"

@adamlambert "NYE Look NYE LOOK: @dolcegabbana @burberry 📷@jskystyle "

@adamlambert "Laverne Cox @lavernecox lookin fine! "

Sauli Koskinen  posted on Instagram: 

@saulikoskinen "🙏🏼#happynewyear 2018"

All Instagram photos posted below in order (with screen caps of the IG photos for those who have trouble viewing IG)

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A post shared by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

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Dee R Gee said...

Love these pix! The one with Pharaoh is very good. Sauli's hair is deliciously funky. And Adam is smokin' hot as usual. I even like the baggy pants. Very sexy. Looks like they all had a great time. Nice to see Laverne Cox with the crowd, too.

Dee R Gee said...

And I must say that just seeing Adam's hand on Sauli's shoulder just makes me melt. Call me a hopeless romantic, but those two are a real couple in my book. They're known each other for quite while, lived together, seem comfortable together. Had some ups and downs together. They are independent, but they always find a way to get together. They even both love the dog. lol

MINNIE said...

quite an intense look to all of them. Even Pharoah. Glad to see this pic, finally. Think this year was really good for their friendship.

Anne Marie said...

So glad that Adam finally let us see them posed in a picture together. My first thought was, Sauli all in white looked like the bride, and Adam the groom with Pharaoh the ring bearer. I know Adam has a busy year coming up, and they will probably have to get back to work, but this does look like a public statement. Melts my heart. This seems to be taken before the party.

Dee R Gee said...

Scandinavian blond bombshell and a dark, debonair Adonis. Be still my heart.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

ADAM as always ............. GORGEOUS in Black 'n leopard!! Best dressed for 2017!!

Happy New Year ... 2018!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw

Anne Marie said...

Added to what I already said, the fact that Adam posted this on his IG account, speaks volumes. I heard that Sauli's friends are heading back to Finland on the 6th of Jan., so I expect Sauli will head back too, since Adam has already said he would be in the studio for Jan. Then he has more Qual, and probably getting his album out. Not much time for them to be together this year, but I expect they will meet up here and there. I wish Sauli could be Adams personal trainer, and continue being the dog walker ha ha.

Nanbert said...

I have to agree Adam and Sauli make an exceptionally handsome pair ... with a handsome dog. Whatever happens between them, I hope they will always be good friends.

Adam looks the real "dandy" in his leopard print shirt and Jacket. Like the bowtie...jaunty... he rarely wears ties.

Last photo--- looks like Terrance and Johnny have gotten into some drastic hairstyle changes. They must be "catching" it from Adam! LOL

Unknown said...

I love how Pharaoh's ears are so big they 'photobomb' Adam's face.

Mi Re La said...

The first photo looks like a family photo but at this moment I do not think it's more than a friendship between Adam and Sauli. I have not seen any moment of tenderness between them, and Adam's commentary accompanying the photo is just "Sauli Koskinen and Pharaoh".
At 12 o'clock I saw Sauli kissing with a girl. If there was any seriousness between him and Adam, he should have kissed him first.
I like how Sauli looks like he is an angel with white suit and big and curly hair.
Adam is Adam, gorgeous, stylish, sexy.

Mi Re La said...

ENJOI!!!! THE DVD released in Japan.
Queen + Adam Lambert Live In Japan Summer Sonic

NoName said...

@Mirela Gheorghiu: Sauli did not kiss Adam’s hairdresser Aabrea at 12 o’clock but much after that. Adam and Sauli were standing near each other at 12 o’clock but Sauli turned the phone off right after 12 so we don’t know what happened just after that. Then there was several hours of what there are no vids, so who knows what happened them. If they had kissed publicly there would have been enormous fuss among fans and some Finnish tabloids. They might be just friends but they are certainly very close friends.

wilma said...

Happy New Year everyone :) I totally agree with previous NoName comment. We all learn as we go on in our lives and become hopefully wiser, so I also think that IF something else than friendship is going on between Adam and Sauli, they'll probably keep it wisely under the radar. Not gonna guess anything, but I`ll be happy if they find a way to each other <3

The Dark Side said...

Considering they live worlds apart if there was not an unbreakable bond between them then this would have ended years ago. Not necessarily a romantic but also see it for what it is. Is this a forever match? No idea but it's more than a hookup. Time will tell.

Anne Marie said...

I totally agree with The Dark Side, this seems to be an unbreakable union. Considering the distance between where each lives, you would have thought that it would have broken off years ago. He has a couple of other ex's, and he doesn't spend time and vacations with them, they are still just friends. He goes out of his way to spend time with Sauli whenever he can fit it into their schedules. There has to be something that keeps the spark going. It may take a few more years, but I would not be surprised if they don't wind up together permanently. They never actually stopped seeing each other since the break up, but the career HAD to come first, and I am glad it did, because we have seen how Adam has grown and prospered in the last few years. Also Sauli made his own way in Finland, he is still on TV hosting shows and also is now a trained personal trainer, so he also has not wasted his time, but has his own career.

Marjo said...

I don't know but I just get this feeling about this picture like they are wishing HNY to people as a family. Like they are sending their greetings together. Well, it might be wishful hoping but hey, they really would make a amazing couple. Again.

And like few people have said, they really seem to have quite a strong bond that they both want to cherish. I think it's lovely and hope for the best! 😊

But if they want to keep their relationship private, I think it's only reaseonable. Even though it would drive the fans crazy for not knowing what's going on. 😄

Dee R Gee said...

I think they're a couple. Distance doesn't mean a thing. They make it work.

Allysa Mentor said...

I am a hopeless romantic, as well. They meet up when they can, Sauli has said this. The thing is, neither one of them has been in another relationship since they broke up. It’s like they think the other one will always be there and I hope that is true. However, sometimes one of the pair finds someone else, someone serious, and then that knowing he’ll always be there is gone, and it can be devastating. I’ve seen it happen in my family, and it’s truly tough. I really hope that doesn't happen. I know, i’m Being a mother hen. Hoping for the best ❤️💙

glitzylady said...

I LOVE that Adam & Sauli are still close friends and spend time together when their schedules allow.. It's wonderful to have trusted loyal friends, no matter what the relationship may be. Only time will tell with these two beautiful men. Adore them to pieces! I bet Sauli loved spending time in SoCal over the holidays, for a bit of sun, away from the snowy weather in Finland.

Anne Marie said...

The picture plainly says that Adam is telling Sauli he cannot take Pharoah back to Finland, no matter how tight he holds on to him. He has his own dog.