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OFFICIAL VIDEO: Adam Lambert Retweeted @WICKED_Musical & @nbc (3 Tweets): Adam & Ledisi Performed "As Long As You're Mine" On #Wicked15 "A Very Wicked Halloween"

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Posted at : Monday, October 29, 2018

Adam Lambert Retweeted @WICKED_Musical & @nbc

Adam and Ledisi performed "As Long As You're Mine" on the "A Very Wicked Halloween" Wicked the Musical 15th Anniversary Special on NBC (10-29-18)

Listen to & view the full performance below: and hear Adam talk about his previous experience in Wicked.. 


Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Just watched Adam on TV and I thought he was fantastic! This song is really focused on the female part, so she sang more of it than he did. That's being true to the show. But Adam sounded wonderful. He's a master a duets, always skillfully balanced and blending perfectly.
There were viewers who probably have ever seen Adam before nor heard him sing. He made a good first impression, IMO.

And I really liked the intro he got. She mentioned his early role in the show and also mentioned his partnership with Queen. I thought THAT was very good! Lots of people don't know that either. All in all, a nice taste of the master.

Listened to Arians Grande. She is nice and a good pop singer. Her fans in the audience cheered for her. But you can really tell the difference between a pop voice and a really trained theater voice. She sang very nicely but without the rich power of the theater veterans. No dissing. Just an observation.

Adam was well worth the wait!

Patria said...

Encore! Encore!

Nanbert said...

Yes, Dee R Gee, Adam WAS fantastic...and looked so handsome! Ledisi was a nice surprise, too. I had never heard her before, and found she had a great voice.

It has occurred to me....don't know if anyone else noticed...there was no other male in the program besides Adam. I'm sorry he didn't have a longer presence.

I agree about Ariana Grande...definitely more pop than theatre...but a very nice voice...and on key.

Magiclady said...

Loved it!
Never have heard her sing either. She has a great theater voice.
Correct me if I am wrong, but there seemed to be a little contest at the end of the song where she finished and looked to him to beat this. He did beat it and then she again had the last note and he let her, then they finished together.
I don't think she realized in a voice duel he can't be beat but as always he was very gracious.
The same thing happened when he and Leona sang the country song together at the awards show a couple of years ago.
I hope there were people watching this that had not had the pleasure of seeing him perform before and became aware of him and what a great voice he has!
Love this man more and more every day.

Patria said...

Nanbert, I didn't watch the whole show, but being a Pentatonix fan I can say they have4 male singers.

Magiclady I agree with your analysis of the voice duel at the end. ^_^

Sue Smith said...

I watched Adam and Ledisi just phenomenal. Both have superb voices but oh my Adam holy charisma, its dripping off the man. He does not just sing a song he acts it out and puts these wonderful little and big nuances in the song. I watched and over and over, the whole song and then Adam's part both ways a bunch. I'm more in love than ever. I think A G has really good pop voice one of the better female pop voices but she not a trained theater person and Adam training really shined through tonight. Of course her fans loved it I'm pretty sure Adam fans were out there saw a lot of hand and arm movement after they finished singing and a whole lot of clapping. To make a long story shorter I freaking loved it.

Sue Smith said...

Correction I watched it over and over.
Sorry I was to happy and excited for Adam to space out my writting better. I was just rambling on with a happy feeling hope a lot of the right people saw that performsnce.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

As I said .. I was only going to watch ADAM's duet with Ledisi & I was so happy that they were on early!! They sounded so in sync with each other & they both looked great too!! After that I turned the TV over to hubby .. football game was on .. home team .. they lost again .. so I didn't get to see the rest of the show!! Not disappointed that I didn't!!

I want to say thank you for posting just their performance .. now I can watch it over & over again!! My only wish is that ADAM had been on longer & that he was on TV every week!! Miss him on Idol to this day!!

Thanx again!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

BAD-E-SABA said...

Get the latest update about this news follow this link : OFFICIAL VIDEO: Adam Lambert Retweeted @WICKED_Musical & @nbc (3 Tweets): Adam & Ledisi Performed "As Long As You're Mine" On #Wicked15 "A Very Wicked Halloween

Sue Smith said...

The song was done like it was in Wicked that is what different people have said true to the original show to how the parts of this song were sung. She started off and in came Adam and made it truly amaizin.they were in perfect harmony I'm not lamenting anything Adam will be noticed for that professional and fantastic way he sung that song.

Mi Re La said...

Review: Watch Adam Lambert and Ledisi nail 'As Long as You're Mine' duet

Nanbert said...'re right! Sorry, I forgot about Pentatonix...they DO have 4 men.

I was thinking about how they had the 2 best known female leads as MC's for the program....and then at the end all the other female leads from U.S. companies to sing together ....but we never saw one Fiero from any of the companies, let alone any other male cast member..

There was only Adam to hold up the male lead side of Wicked....and he did it beautifully!

Dee R Gee said...

MIrela, Thanks for that little review link. Adam indeed just knocked it out of the park.

And although Pentatonix does have guys in it, Adam was the only other male performer. And the duet featured him beautifully. Hope lots of first-time viewers were as awed as I was.

As for Fiyero, my guess is that there were quite a few actors who played that role along the way, not one long-term guy. I was surprised when Adam said he got to play Fiyero seven or eight times. I though it was only a couple of times. I love that short video of him playing that role. What a gem.

And he looked gorgeous.

Nanbert said...

I feel sure the "voice duel" at the end of Adam's and Ledisi's performance was allowed/added by the musical director in deferance to their "non-theatre star status", and fully planned and rehearsed before taping it. Both are professionals, and neither would have deviated from the original rehearsals. In other words, the "florishes" at the end were not spontaneous.

Actually, that is one reason why Adam left the theatre world....lack of spontaneity. He said that performing in the Theatre was very restrictive....everything had to be sung/performed in exactly the same way in each performance....and we Glamberts know that he almost never sings a song exactly the same way twice!

Mi Re La said...

Adam has a new boy friend?

Mi Re La said...

Happy Halloween Adam!
I wonder if it's a party to Adam home today.

glitzylady said...

As far as we actually know, it was a moment in time. And that's one of his good friends Jason Sky, who Adam hangs out with, along with other friends. I've seen that question tossed around, and answered many times since that paparazzi photo came out.

So unless Adam says otherwise, nope...

I saw this photo when it first appeared and I chose not to post it..

Sue Smith said...

I doubt you will see this, I know it is your favorite holiday.

Sue Smith said...

I wish everyone a Happy Halloween, the above from me is for Adam.