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Adam Lambert Tweeted: At a loss for words regarding the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh over the weekend. My deepest sympathies are with the families affected. #GunControlNow

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, October 29, 2018

Posted at : Monday, October 29, 2018

Adam Lambert tweeted:

@adamlambert: "At a loss for words regarding the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh over the weekend. My deepest sympathies are with the families affected. #GunControlNow"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

What is this world coming too? No ones safe anywhere, don't matter the places where evil is present. So sad, I too send prayers and condolences to those who lost loved ones. 😭🙏🌹

Dee R Gee said...

My heart is breaking over this. How will it stop? I am resisting the temptation to get political here, but it's really hard.

Patria said...

It's horrific. And it is political. To think otherwise is a lie.

Nanbert said... IS political...if our leaders encourage divisiveness...if they do not stand up against IS political.

Trump and his followers encourage hate and violence....against all who disagree with them. Republicans have abandoned "the higher ground" in order to "feather their own nests"...i.e. keep their seats.

The reason our country is in this condition now is that many of our "statesmen" ARE NOT STATESMEN! They represent themselves, not us! Now that we know that, we can to do something about it!


LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I am praying for all these martyrs who are being slaughtered since society has turned a blind eye to the need for some kind of gun control!!

trump refuses to take the responsibility for all these heinous crimes that have been committed since he took office .. but he is responsible!! He wanted to be president so WTH doesn't he act like one .. not some dodo that just blames everyone else for them including the VICTIMS!! WHAT?? Being POTUS means you are responsible for what happens in the nation .. passing the buck does not work .. the buck stops with YOU!! Stop demonizing everyone who disagrees with you & start listening to the WILL of the People!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

kit said...

I have voted early. We need to call out Trump, to stop hatred, and restore love and decency.

Patria said...

What Kit Vong said. ^

This is my prayer.

Nanbert said...

This evening's news in Pittsburgh says that Trump has decided to come to Pittsburgh tomorrow (10/30)...IN SPITE of the fact that local leaders have requested he postpone his visit!

There are some funerals of the murder victims beginning tomorrow, and our Mayor says we do not have enough security forces to cover the funerals and the presidential visit, and requested that Trump postpone his visit "until we bury our dead".

But Trump refused, and is determined to come to Pittsburgh tomorrow! Knowing him, his visit will end up being turned into a "Trump rally"! Unbelieveable!

Nanbert said...

Can you imagine Trump trying to act like "consoler-in-chief" tomorrow?

The need to provide adequate security for him will take planned security away from the funerals being held!

Let's hope there aren't any more anti-semites lurking around to take advantage of the situation.

Patria said...

Wouldn't surprise me if Trump is coming knowing he will take needed security away from the funerals.

Sue Smith said...

Got to say to say I agree with all of you. I am so sick of Innocent people being slaughtered by some crazy bigots.
Donald Trump is no better letting the gun distributors run the why house, tbe Senate ect. Without their financial backing many in Congress feel they would lose their jobs. I'm sure they could raise needed money from more exceptible choices but let's face it they rather take the sure thing the easier way, rather than save precious life. Correction that was letting gun distributors run the White house not why house. Sorry so political but sometimes what been in you bothering you for a long time just has to finally come out especially sense I believe many of you feel similar about all of these disgusting events many that could have been prevented if only the people in charge of America would put human life above their own agendas.

Jean Renard said...

It is so funny that, after months, I came on this site tonight to view Adam's performance of his Wicked duet, which, BTW, was so beautiful and, WOW, did he ever look handsome! He is really at the top of his game and I am so proud to be his beloved fan after all these years. However, let me get to the point of what I want to say. I am shocked and abhorred at the vicious malicious old ladies who come on this wonderful site and spew their hate, contempt, and sick viral views of our President of the United States. You are way out of line to use this platform for your slanderous, injurious, evil, abusive, malignant disrespect to malign another human being. And, I bet you all claim to be Christians! I can only imagine all of you in your wheelchairs all day just salivating at the mouth for another chance to be displaying your cruelty against our POTUS on ADAM'S site, which, IS FOR ALL HIS FANS! You are all despicable with your unkind words and truly disparage those of Adam's fans to want to visit a clean loving site dedicated to our wonderful Adam. And, there is one of you that is the leader of the pack when it comes to hate speech and, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! SHAME ON YOU! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU WHO HURT ADAM'S FANS WHO DO NOT SHARE YOUR LIES! Your hate speech DOES NOT BELONG ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!! Margarita Lady

Dee R Gee said...

I'm not an old lady and I'm not in a wheelchair.
Our POTUS does not respect the office of President. Never has. Never will. He proves it in his words and deeds every day. He is the king of hate speech and abhorrent behavior. My lack of respect for him is based on his owns words and deeds. I have eyes and ears.

I said I wasn't going to get political, but I needed to make a final comment.

Nanbert said...

Hear, hear, Dee R Gee! Our president gets exactly the respect he has EARNED.

Adam is anti-Trump too.

I'm not in a wheelchair either... and BTW, that's the first time I've heard the expression.."old wheelchairs" used as an insult! Talk about hate speech!

However, I do agree that politics should be toned down a bit on 24/7. Right now, in Pittsburgh, emotions are running VERY high...and I am not immune to our local turmoil, distress and heartbreak. Pittsburghers are close-knit.

Suggestions that the synagogue "should have had armed guards" instead of addressing the gun laws...and the NRA control of our lawmakers... does not sit well here.

glitzylady said...

First of all, thank you Adam for your words of sympathy and compassion. I know that we as a nation, and people around the world, are in shock and are grieving for the lives lost so senselessly after the massacre in Pittsburgh, which was clearly a hate crime.. I have a friend who escaped a similar fate some years back in Seattle, in an attack on a Jewish Federation center. Others were not as fortunate.

As an administrator of this site (sorry, putting that "hat" on for a minute), I am hoping that we can all agree to tone it down re politics. Please. It's a difficult time here in the US right now (and in other places worldwide..), what with the mid term elections coming up next week, the increasingly divisive aspects between the two main political parties, the increasing lack of respect and the downright nasty words and insults being thrown out by various politicians, and the general public at times. I personally keep track of the daily events, I try to listen to all sides of an argument, but sometimes I just need to take a break. Just for a little while. One thing I know that I can count on is to see what Adam is up to, as I've been doing since that moment in 2009 when I tuned into American Idol and saw Adam for the first time. He's a sweet, kind, generous, thoughtful man who brings a certain joy and peace to my heart. In this tweet above, he sent his sympathies. And yes, stated an opinion that many in the USA share, and many do not. His right to do so.

Not going to get into this discussion. I'm not taking sides. It's already gone off the rails, so to speak.

I do hope that we here can refrain from insulting each other. We may disagree on various political points, but Adam Lambert truly should be our main focus, as it usually is.

We can certainly agree to disagree, as that's something many of us are doing now. I have some long time friends who are lovely people but we may have some differences re the President, we may have different party affiliations, but we work to maintain our friendships (or in some cases even family relationships) because we have agreed to leave politics out of our discussions: it is what it is. And it's sadly where we are right now in this country..

So please, please, please... try to keep it civil here. Throwing insults at each other isn't the way to honor Adam Lambert, or in this case, the lives that were lost in Pittsburgh.

Dee R Gee said...

glitzy, thanks for giving closure to this thread. I didn't intend to get on that tangent, but I did, trying not to attack anyone here. But if I did, I apologize. Passions run high these days.

I'm focusing on Adam. Hope we get some vids from the NYC BR premiere!

Sue Smith said...

I agree glitzylady we all have disagreements on the current administration and especially the current president. I will keep it to myself from now on I usually do. I just want to say this old lady I just turned 70 in September I am handicapped but I am not in a wheelchair and I dont salivating about DT he would be the last person I would salivate over. But like you Jean Renard I have an opinion, as far as I know in America we still have that right. You have every right to disagree with us. Honestly how can you get mad at anyone for being disrespectful when you were so horribly disrespectful to us nobody on this site talked about you like that!I am about a few months maybe a year younger than
Donald Dobald Trump is he an old man in a wheel chair. No matter what ages we are or if any of us are in a wheel chair we have a right to an opinion just like you. Adam is a total sweetheart but he has said his not so glowing opinions on DT he has every right with out being trashed.
glitzylady I just had to say that I dont want you to get angry but JR comments were unfair and I have a right to respectfully comment I believe I did. Correction above it was I dont salivate about DT not salivating.

kit said...

#Guncontrolnow, common sense, don’t need millions of guns here in the USA!!!

Sue Smith said...

I agree a billion times on that unfortunately we are not in control of that the current administration is.
That biggest problem we have. That last I'm saying on it but someone has to stand up for innocent lives being wasted. I guess this isn't the place but where is the right place? Yes I know we all need to vote. Now my political statements are over on here but not the fight in this so called old lady.

kit said...

I’m a refugee from Vietnam. I know how it feel to be different. I’m a fortunate immigrant who was able to come to the USA. What Trump is doing scared a lot of people. His messages are dark and dangerous, anti-immigrants. I know this site is about Adam, but even he speaks out.

Sue Smith said...

Adam has spoken up over and over. Where would we be in this country without imagrants.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Sorry you feel the way you do Margarita Lady .. yes, I am an old lady but not in a wheel chair just house bound for lack of mobility & many other physical problems!!

I stand by my post about trump & his congress .. now they are contemplating cutting out SS, Medicare & LORD knows what else!! I am a Christian & I ask GOD every day to do something about the horrible disarray our country is in .. only HE can talk to trump & until trump starts acting like a responsible leader I will not call him my president!!

These are my final thoughts on the subject here!! I thought we could have some kind of civil discourse here but apparently it's not allowed by trump's supporters!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

glitzylady...Advice taken....I will tone down my political opinions as per your advice. However, the discussion among us here was originally prompted by Adam's own "lead" about the Synagogue murders and need for gun control.

It is only fair to point out that everyone on this thread was agreeable and of the same opinion...with each other and with Adam... until one miscreant barged in spewing insults and laying waste to everyone because she was angry about what WE ALL AGREED ON!

Before that, there was NO discord on this thread at all...political or otherwise.