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Adam Lambert on IG: the Original High Tour memories ! #theoriginalhigh @terrancespencer @hollyhoneychile

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, November 29, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, November 29, 2018

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Nanbert said...

Love it! Surprisingly, that dark blue and white tie-dyed costume he's wearing is one of my very shows off Adam's long lithe lines so well, is very light-hearted, and enhances his dance moves.

I would love to see him in a similarly tailored outfit in a multi-tie-dyed fabric...or a glittery/shiny fabric... on his next tour....fingers crossed!

Dee R Gee said...

I agree. That blue-toned tie-dyed outfit looks fantastic on him. It flatters his body and his coloring. I hope we get an A4 tour with great costumes and choreography!

Sunflower said...

The Original High is a good song, I love it so much. I wish I had heard it on the radio, that is if it was on the radio because I never heard it. What a shame any of Adams songs on TOH should of been played on radio, what a waist of great songs. In reality FYE and Tresspassing also had a number of great songs perfect for radio play. But nooooooo, stupid radio people, their loss. Album 4 should knock everyone's socks off and off the charts, because I see the same genre and the same artists on these music charts. I'd like MORE younger people really listen and like Adams music, to REALLY LISTEN to his vocals and appreciate REAL SINGING, not that Rap crap, (sorry not a fan, I see no merit in this, it's just talking IMO). I don't want singing to be a lost art. And I too agree with you Nanbert and Dee R Gee, there is something about this outfit Adam is wearing, it just suits him and looks gorgeous in it along with his hair this way and color. Besides Terrance and Holly look adorable in matching with Adam!

Nanbert said...

Yes, Sunflower....and I'll bet Dee R Gee will agree... Terrance and Holly also really look great coordinated with Adam's outfit. I should have pointed that out myself, because I've always thought that, too.

In fact, I thought the Original High tour was superb, but I especially loved the exuberance and fun of the last (third) section....and the extraordinary musicality and choreography. The best part about the choreography was that it was minimal, but lively and amusing. I hope we won't see Adam trying to do very complicated choreography....he doesn't need to detract from his singing (and charisma). So many other tours these days overdo the "action"part...probably to distract from the singing!