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NEW VIDEO: Another Adam Lambert Instagram Story Featuring @SchonMagazine Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, November 16, 2018

Posted at : Friday, November 16, 2018

NEW VIDEO: Another Adam Lambert Instagram Story Featuring @SchonMagazine Behind the Scenes Photoshoot

Appropriately featuring a brief sound clip from Creme's 1967 hit "Sunshine Of Your Love"... even more appropriate, 1967 was known as "The Summer of Love".. Adam fits right in with this outfit & look.. the hair, all of it.. 

Creme "Sunshine Of Your Love" 1967

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

O-o-o-h-Ka-a-a-ay.......still would like to know where this is going....IF it's going! It's such a production that it doesn't seem like just a "one-time" thing.

Is this a "theme" for a new single/video?

My worry is that we may never really know...WHY?

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert I think maybe it's just a song that ties into the photo shoot and the era this shoot was built around. But I dont really know. Do you know if the show Adam is on is strictly come dancing on Dec 2. I get BBC news that not it and BBC America dont know if that is what it is on. Only BBC's I get.

Nanbert said...

Sorry, Sue, I have no clue about the proposed Dec. 2 performance.....or even whether it is in the U.S. or the UK....or what program it will be on/in!

Sue Smith said...

Well I do not know it's on the BBC however there is more than one channel for that not sure if I get it. The reason I asked is Mirelda said Adam would be on strictly come dancing which is their dancing with the stars. She said on dec. 2. I knew he had a performance on that date but did not know what kind. Still not sure either what is going on about that performance.

Nanbert said...

Hopefully, somebody will come up with useful information about it in time.

Sue Smith said...

I meant Mirela I guess that is correct.

Dee R Gee said...

Just read that he'll be singing a Queen song on Strictly Dancing. That's fine with me! Now we'll have to spend the next few weeks trying to guess which song it will. We have our work cut our for us! LOL

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Dee R Gee. That is kind of great after the movie just being out. It will show people that have not seen QAL how fabulous the current frontman of Queen really is.

Magiclady said...

Love the Cream album "Disraeli Gears" which includes "Sunshine of Your Love".

Nanbert said...

Just wondering.....if Adam is singing a Queen song on the BBC in the UK, will Queen be playing it...or will the "Strictly Come Dancing" orchestra be playing it?

Well, whatever, if Adam performs WWTLF like he did at the SAG-Aftra Awards....he would blow the doors off!

But, of course, whatever he sings will be fabulous! Nobody can perform Queen's music like Adam!

Can't wait!

Nanbert said...

Does anyone know if "Strictly Come Dancing" can be seen on BBC America? I can get that channel.

I'll certainly give it a try. But I'll still hope there'll be videos of it by fans! I just recently saw again a video of Adam singing on that program from a couple of years ago.

Sue Smith said...

On my TV guide on my TV I went all the way up to the 29 nov. A bit of the 30th of nov. I did not see SCD I was not able to go up to the 2nd of dec. On the guide I'll check sometime next week see of it will go that far on BBC America I get that to. If it's on there the Sunday Adam on there will be the first show of the season. Because it is not on up to the 29th of nov. And there are 2 sundays before the 2nd of dec. Not on any of those. I get BBC Americs so if it would be on that station dec 2nd would be the first show of the season.
I'll try a check next week by guide on my TV may go further to the 2 by then.
If it's not I hope we get vids also. If when I get that far of someone does not know first I'll let you know Nanbert.
That was BBC America some letters were skipped.

Shelagh said...

I've heard he is singing "We will Rock you " on Strictly come dancing wish it had been WWTLF though