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PHOTOS! Is Adam Lambert Performing A Cher Song In Her Honor At The "Kennedy Center Honors" Program In WA DC? Looks Like It!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, December 2, 2018

Posted at : Sunday, December 02, 2018

Is Adam Lambert Performing A Cher Song In Her Honor At The Kennedy Center Honors Program Today In WA DC?!

Apparently the rumors that have been swirling about recently are TRUE!! (Not OFFICIALLY confirmed yet regarding him singing a Cher song.. but hoping.....)...

According to this fan who met Adam on a return flight to the US from London, landing in Virginia, the answer is YES!

When asked where Adam was headed, he apparently replied to her:

"He's going to the Kennedy Center to sing with Cher"

 The Kennedy Center Honors program in Washington, DC is being presented tonight. It will be filmed today for a later in December (December 26, 2018) TV broadcast on CBS. Cher is one of the honorees this year. (See the photo of this year's Class of 2018 honorees at the bottom of this page)..

Link to the Instagram post by @grace22._ ---> HERE

And more PHOTOS below from the airline crew on board the flight! 

"Favorite passenger of the day! Mr. Adam Lambert #AdamLambert"

"When your fiancé has Adam Lambert on board and he gets you the coolest thing ever! 😍🤟🏼 thanks babe! And Adam thank you so much! You made my year! Sorry i missed you! #adamlambert #love #united #flythefriendlyskies"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

Hot damn!!! The rumors were true. I'm so happy Adam will be a part of this annual Kennedy Honors, I've said before that I watch this Honors show every year, no matter who's being honored and this year Adam will be a guest artist! WooHoo!!!' Oh yeah, I want to thanks the fan/fans who met Adam on this flight and asked him about the rumor.

Nanbert said...

Wonderful, wonderful news....suddenly Adam is in GREAT demand... on both sides of the "pond".

Singing for...or with Cher? Above reports are a bit ambiguous.

glitzylady said...

It would seem that in the majority of cases, the honorees (for instance, Cher) do NOT typically perform at the event. Other artists sing/perform in honor of the honorees. So even though the fan who met and chatted with Adam said he mentioned he would perform with Cher, it seems that will not be the case.. But very excited to anticipate Adam's performance at the event...

Nanbert said...

Thanks, Glitzylady. Now that you mention it, I vaguely remember seeing one of the Kennedy Honors programs, where the honoree did not perform. I guess that's the custom.

I wonder if Adam might perform "Believe", as he did during American Idol. It would be interesting to know HOW the songs are chosen for the performers....and HOW the performers are chosen.

For example, does Cher (or any honoree) have any input into WHO will perform...and WHAT they will perform? Does the performer decide what they will perform, or is it chosen for them? I'm sure they must have SOME input.

Well, whatever Adam sings will be outstanding! I assume it'll a Cher song....right up his alley....for a "big" voice!

So excited for our DIVO! Boy, is he getting busy!