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Ultimate Classic Rock: "Watch Adam Lambert Discuss His First Full Show With Queen" Article + VIDEO

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Posted at : Monday, April 29, 2019

Ultimate Classic Rock: "Watch Adam Lambert Discuss His First Full Show With Queen"

An excerpt from the article: read more at the 
and watch the video with Adam discussing.. Also share with your friends & relatives, and on social media. Everyone needs to know about this documentary! And please do click on the link to the article too.. Let's show them how much we love Queen and Adam Lambert! 
Adam Lambert can be seen deconstructing his first full-length performance with Queen in a clip taken from the new documentary The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story. The ABC presentation airs tonight and follows Lambert’s history with the band over the 10 years since Brian May and Roger Taylor made what was thought to be a one-off appearance with the singer as he competed in the 2009 season of American Idol. The clip – which you can watch below – starts with an interview with Freddie Mercury as he’s asked about the pressure of performing in front of large crowds. “The bigger the better … in everything!” he replies: The narrative then moves to Lambert’s appearance in front of 300,000 people in Kiev, Ukraine, in 2012.
Personal note: my husband and I watched the official Kiev TV live stream of the entire concert, first Sir Elton John who put the concert together for the World Cup Soccer finals in Kiev, then Queen + Adam Lambert. We, who were watching from a half a world away, sat for hours in front of our 13 inch Mac laptop absolutely mesmerized (and a teensy bit nervous for Adam at first) through the entire concert. By the end of the concert, we knew Adam and Queen would be together for a very long time.. What a journey it's been! ~ glitzylady

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Patria said...

He's so beautiful here it brings tears to my eyes. It's been like watching a child grow, I never want them to grow up even tho I know it's going to be all right every step of the way.

Patria said...

Many times over and over when the camera swings to Brian, he has a smug smile that seems to say 'I found him! I'm proud of him and myself'

Sunflower said...

Ahhh Adam looks good here of course! Some Glambert or someone else streamed this concert so I'm happy that I saw it!