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Germany's Mannschaft Magazine: Adam Lambert: "People always believe what they want to believe" (UPDATED with translation)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, August 24, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, August 24, 2019

UPDATE (8/24/19):  A wonderful Glambert from Germany, Jenii (@Jensie87), has translated the Mannschaft interview from German to English!  You can find the three pages of translation at the bottom of the post.  You will need to click on each .jpg file to enlarge and read it; if the print is still to small to read then you may need to use your computer's or phone's zoom feature.  If you would like to thank Jenii for the translation you may do so on her Twitter here:

And thank you to co-Admin glitzylady for locating Jenii's tweet of the translation!

Adam Lambert appears on the cover of the current issue of German LGBTQI magazine MANNSCHAFT which, according to Google Translate, means "Team."  (translation of actual interview with Adam may be found at the bottom of the post)

credit: Sven Serkis for Mannschaft Magazine

German-to-English Translation (via Google Translate) of Adam story teaser:

Adam Lambert: In the summer he still toured with Queen through the USA, now his own music comes to the fore again: The 37-year-old publishes the first half of his new album "Velvet" (Side A). We talked to him about homophobic critics, the ESC and how Berlin changed him.

German-to-English Translation (via @Jensie87) of entire interview (please click on each .jpg file to enlarge):


Sunflower said...

So handsome on this magazine cover! When aren't you? :)

Dee R Gee said...

Great photo! Adam looks great in blue. And the name of this magazine just gave me have a good laugh. Ahhh, the Germans.

Magiclady said...

This is the best cover he has had on a magazine in a long time. He looks so handsome here.
Love it!

Sue Smith said...

I second what it said in English translated from the German version on the cover. He looks wonderful on this cover very handsome indeed.

tomnodak said...

Id like to suggest the group redo the new years eve event that they did for BBC but do it in New York on New Years Eve instead. Loved to see "Now I'm here" was back at intro song. But my dream is to have Adam do "Its a kinda magic" but maybe its not a song for him. Good Health to all the band.

Patria said...

@tomnodak I'd forgotten about "It's a Kind of Magic". It is my favorite on the "Classic Queen" album. When QAL first started I kept waiting for them to do it, and I don't think they ever did . I finally gave up after a couple years. It was written by Roger Taylor, I'd love to hear Adam sing it also. I wish I knew why they weren't doing it, every song is for Adam.

I don't see New York on New Years Eve, that's dominated by the Dick Clark organization I believe. And ABC's show with Ryan Seacrest. Not sure on details, I never watch it.

Now I gotta go dig out my "Classic Queen" album.

Sunflower said...

Thanks broddybounce for the translation post. Tomnodak and Patria, Queen/Adams first tour, Roger sang "Its A Kind of Magic"! Roger would walk on the runway and end up standing in front of his drums and finish the song while Brian played along side him.

broddybounce said...

You're welcome! And the other song missing -- and what I would describe as the true "pink elephant" of this and all Q+AL tours -- is "You're My Best Friend.". One of their biggest hits -- and a wonderful song AND one of my favorites. Roger was also the one who sang it on that initial Kiev, etc, tour but it went away. Could this have something to do with John Deacon? Is this THE song of his he feels most sacred about (i.e., having written it for his wife) and simply drew the line at that song as far as using it in Q+AL concerts? I've always thought that would be a fantastic song for Adam to sing while he's shaking hands with those in the front row -- it he ever does that in concert again. And, hm, it's never been revealed as to exactly how John feels about the Q+AL collab. ???

Patria said...

Thanks for jogging my memory Sunflower. I do vaguely remember that now that you describe it. I'm sure that's when I got it in my head I want Adam to do the song. I think Roger's voice has gotten more power to it since QAL first started out.
I didn't get to see them on their first tour. My daughter had it in her head that no one could replace Freddie so I didn't buy us tickets. By the time they got to our area she had come around but it was to late to get decent price tickets. She has happily gone with me to the last 2 US tours.

Rosemary White said...

broddybounce, I don't know how John Deacon feels about the QAL collab but he's been quoted as saying there's no Queen without Freddie and that's the reason he retired.

Sue Smith said...

QAL is spectacular loaded with charisma and fabulousness and fatastic vocals.
B AND R founded Queen so have every right to call it that. All the concerts paked to the rafters with concert goers. So happy for B and R to have found Adam the perfect frontman for this century. B and R wanted to play and sing tbeir fabulous music and Adam has perfectly enabled them to do that.
QaL has also been fantastic for Adam. They are very blessed to have come together. What a rocking combination they are.

Rosemary White said...

When Brian and Roger got together in 1968, they called the band "Smile". When their lead singer left in 1970, Freddie joined the band, and he renamed the band "Queen", as depicted in the "Bohemian Rhapsody" film. John Deacon joined Queen in 1971 after Queen's bass guitarist left, and he wrote a number of Queen's well-known hits. He retired in 1997 after a tribute concert to Freddie. From then on when Brian and Roger perform/ed with other artists, they call/ed themselves "Queen +".

Sue Smith said...

Love QUEEN and Adam Lambert. It is a insanely talented groupe of musicians.
Adam is the Very Best singer of today.
I will say one thing I personally would not depend on the movie for any solid true info about the band. It was a great movie but full of inaccuracies and off the mark time lines. It was Hollywooded up. I guess to be more pleasing to the viewer. There are many conflicting articles about things portrayed in the movie. I was never a fan of FM or Queen. But now that Adam is the frontman I am a huge fan of them. The charisma between B,R,and Adam is insane. Especially B AND A.

Rosemary White said...

Sue, the information I gave in my previous post is correct including that Freddie renamed the band name from "Smile" to "Queen". That is a well-known fact. As you've never followed Queen with Freddie, you wouldn't be aware of the information I gave.

Sue Smith said...

Your right I was not a fan until Adam started fronting the band. So I am sure you know more about it than I do. I do know this Adam is doing a fabulous job so proud of him.