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CONCERT REVIEWS: Queen + Adam Lambert, Atlanta, August 22, 2019 (UPDATED)

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Posted at : Saturday, August 24, 2019

Not one but two separate reviews in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), both wildly complimentary, of the Queen + Adam Lambert concert at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta on Thursday, August 22, 2019.

The first review is by the AJC's regular music critic Melissa Ruggieri; but the second one is by Rodney Ho ⁠— sound familiar?  He writes the AJC Radio & TV Talk Blog and has been writing his "American Idol notes" in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ever since the show started in 2001.  A lot of times these Idol musings of Rodney's can be found in newspapers nationally, which is why you might have seen his name every so often over the years.  He is a huge Adam fan (maybe we can even call him a Glambert?) and accompanied the regular critic to the Atlanta show and then wrote about it in his column.

Also, we are posting a very nice review of not only the overall concert experience in Atlanta but of, specifically, Adam's five outfits!  This was written by Scott Frank, Executive Editor of entertainment website

All three of the above pieces have nice photos included within.

UPDATE (8/24/19): Stellar new review from the Atlanta INtown newspaper.

Atlanta Journal-Constitution:
Concert review and photos:
Queen + Adam Lambert captivate
Atlanta with dazzling show

photo credit unknown
"For those who have spent the past eight years harrumphing that an Adam Lambert-fronted Queen is a glorified cover band, well, get over it.  This is a partnership to be celebrated because it works to perfection, but, more importantly, because Freddie Mercury would have found a kindred spirit in the supremely talented Lambert."
"(Brian May and Roger Taylor) are the heroes of his continuing story, but kudos to them – and the cosmos – for trusting the Lambert experiment.  Not only is Lambert a joy to watch – whether hopping on the piano to fan himself before a delicious 'Killer Queen' or shaking his shirt ruffles as he glided down the catwalk during the kinetic 'Don’t Stop Me Now,' he captivates..."
"...his vocals were sometimes otherworldly."
 "Queen + Adam Lambert are drawing from a classic parade of hits that are integral to rock history, but fortunately with Lambert at the helm, the Queen legacy will continue to inform the future."


Atlanta Journal-Constitution's
AJC Radio & TV Talk Blog
‘American Idol’ notes: Adam Lambert
gives Queen a fresh take
at State Farm Arena

credit: Rodney Ho / AJC
"There is no replacing Freddie Mercury and Lambert in no way even attempts to imitate or match Mercury’s majestic voice or presence. Rather, he is Lambert, who is special in and of himself with his own successful solo career and incredibly resonant, distinctive voice."
"Lambert brought his own fashion template over a span of five outfits ... the silver tassel would have made Liberace and Elvis jealous.  And he ended in a spangled outfit fit for a king with what appeared to be thick 12-inch heeled knee-high boots."

credit: Rodney Ho / AJC
"And the singing!  Lambert and bad notes are like strangers who have never met.  He can command the stage ... He can funnel his inner theatric ... no matter how sports stadium clichΓ©d 'We Will Rock You”' is, he sang with utter conviction."
"This was a celebration of a band that may have lost its leader nearly three decades ago but found a vehicle in Lambert to provide fans a way to enjoy the original music in a way that felt less like a money grab but a genuinely moving experience."


Pop Star Info:
Adam Lambert Changed So Many Outfits
During Queen’s Atlanta Concert
Even Freddie Mercury Would Be Proud

"...Adam Lambert is trying to continue the legacy of the late Freddie Mercury of showmanship and he’s doing a pretty good job at it."
"The show itself was impressive, Lambert, who is (singing) with the group for 8 years now has no intentions of trying to walk in the shoes of Freddie, that’s clear and obvious, but he stands alone on his two feet very well, taking the show to where he loves and knows.  The voice and singing power of Adam is nothing to be shy about, ever since he played with Queen on (American Idol) it was clear he was going to be successful."


Atlanta INtown:
Concert Review: Queen with Adam Lambert
at State Farm Arena

credit: Manning Harris
"Thursday night, Aug. 22, may well go down in history as the date the most perfectly conceived and executed rock concert ever to play Atlanta occurred.  The 'Rhapsody' concert by Queen and Adam Lambert levitated the sold-out audience at State Farm Arena. I’ve been waiting for over 40 years for a show to equal the Rolling Stones 1975 Tour of the Americas performance in Atlanta. Last night, I found it."
"For those who think that Mr. Lambert, an 'American Idol' finalist in 2009, is unsuitable for Queen, think again. Mr. May and Mr. Taylor are no fools: They know that Mr. Lambert is a phenomenal vocalist, and he is."
"'Killer Queen' was a delicious number, with Mr. Lambert perched on a piano, sassy and flamboyant as you please, with a fan—Freddie would have loved it."
"Adam Lambert, his polish and glitter (such costumes!) and especially his multi-octave voice, electrifies."



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