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New Adam Lambert Merchandise: The VELVET Collection!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, September 20, 2019

Posted at : Friday, September 20, 2019


Dee R Gee said...

TBH, I am not one for merch, but I hope fans buy some to support Adam!

Posted on a lower thread, but I will repeat here: I just heard a rumor that Adam will be on The Talk on Oct. 10. Hope it's true!

Please keep streaming and viewing! I guess YouTube kind of "cleans house" now and the and does not count constantly repeating video views from one device. It helps prevent "robo-viewing." So mix it up a bit if you can, and use other links to the video that are embedded in a article or review, etc.

Streaming the audio on Spotify and other streaming services DOES count every time, so STREAM ALL YOU CAN! I've been trying to do that whenever I'm home.

Sorry to digress from the thread topic, but I just hope we can keep Adam's numbers on the rise.

Sue Smith said...

All I can say is they darn well have better cleaned a little house with other celebs as well. TS fans and many others probably have every device they own and can get from their parents running 24 hrs a day. Adam better not be the only one. Of course how would we know unless others fuss about it.
Lots of time I play it and then another one of Adam's in between. I did run some back to back but I did refresh every time. I'll go stream mix it up best I can. Spotify later tonight. Astros trying to tie it up this weekend to be in the play offs.

Dee R Gee said...

We're all this this together, Sue. You're doing your part as much as I am, and anyone else in the fandom. I know I do far less that some fans do, but I do my best. Technology can be a real curse.

Praying my Chicago Cubs make the play-offs.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I've been replaying on Ytube sporadically plus refreshing .. view count is going up at a very slow pace but at least it's not decreasing by leaps 'n bounds like before!! Got Spotify going 24/7 as long as it's permitted ... man this "fan" work is tiring especially when you can only type with one hand & have to keep correcting typos .. WHEW!!

Gonna go check on Ytube again!!

BTW .. I left this on another thread but I'll leave it here too .. ADAM on AI Season 8 in chronological order .. what a cutie ..

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

I wish your team good luck as well Dee R Gee. LAMBERT Outlaw believe me I know something about constant correcting of typos. I along with all the rest of us have worked at helping Adam. After more promos start should help alot,when more are aware of the music. Can't wait for the end of next week and the album and that CP festival. Sure hope Adam gets to sing SP with BM playing the guitar.

Sunflower said...

I agree Sue after Adam has made all the tv promos, the numbers of streaming for Superpower should be higher! I'm rooting also for my Chicago Cubs! Btw I hope you and family are doing ok with the flooding in Houston, saw it on the news, how horrible.

Sunflower said...

Oh yeah, I didn't expect Adam to have merch for VELVET! Is it common for a new album? Ugh can't remember these things anymore! Lol

Sue Smith said...

Thank you Sunflower. Astros played last night couldn't believe it. Guess they have machines to suck all that water up.

Mi Re La said...

I'll buy a T-shirt. I really like the green one but it doesn't have a picture with Adam so I will buy the one with Adam's picture.

Sue Smith said...

Astros made play offs this afternoon. Still 5 or more regular games to go. Was last game at home before post season so glad got it at home. My goodness with all the flooding and one thing after the other this areas had at least a little ray of sunshine for a change. I have one heck of a headache so I'm giving it up today.