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Official Video! Katie Kadan and Adam Lambert Perform a Duet to "Believe" - The Voice Live Finale, Part 2 2019

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Posted at : Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Official Video! Katie Kadan and Adam Lambert Perform a Duet to "Believe" - The Voice Live Finale, Part 2 2019

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Angeladam said...

WOW !! amazing duet

Nanbert said...

As usual, Adam was a brilliant and generous duet partner. Katie is very good, but, frankly, I think she took a few too many "liberties" by "showboating" a bit too much outside the boundaries of ADAM'S gorgeous interpretation of Cher's "Believe"....especially in the last part of the song.

JMHO, but it appeared that Katie was trying to do a "diva battle" with Adam....and it did not do justice to the song....and took advantage of Adam's generousity. I am rather surprised that she was allowed to deviate so far from the song's parameters. This was NOT HER SONG, but Adam's. Since John Legend was her mentor, I'm surprised he did not advise her to give more respect to Adam and HIS song......and not try to "outsing" Adam!

I just found it to be rather bad manners on Katie's part. It was not the moment for her to do HER interpretation of the song. Much of the song's BEAUTY was lost in her variations, IMO. She has a great voice, and was perfectly capable of singing it "straight" and making it an absolutely stupendous DUET with Adam.

Dee R Gee said...

Actually, this finale IS the contestants' chance to shine. So the duet was really to help Katie show her stuff in a duet. Adam is the ultimate duet partner, generous and sensible. I thought he was perfect, of course. He got to get the song going along and then was joined by Katie. She played with song a bit, which was fine. Adam got his glory note at the end.

From what I understand, Katie has a very bluesy voice. I love that type of voice. I have nto heard her sing anything else, but I imagine she is a powerhouse blues singer. She wouldn't have got that far if lots of people didn't like her. She was the runner-up, right? I think she'll do fine.

I didn't watch the show, only the duet video. WHO WON? I thought I heard that it was a
country singer. I'm not a country music fan by any stretch, but congrats to the winner.

Sunflower said...

This duet was the best one of the finale, didn't like the others. I thought it was a good performance not the same of course (because only Adam can sing this). More power to Katie!

Dee R Gee said...

Seems odd that The Voice doesn't use its own alumnae singers on these finales, at least for some of the performances.

Sunflower said...

Me again, interesting fact I learned last night, the music director for the Voice band is also Chers Music director! How cool! And "Please Come Home for Christmas" has now a bit over 2 million Spotify streams! YAY! There's more, last night Adam's "Believe" was # 9 and today it's # 2!!!, on the Pop charts and # 9 on the Overall US iTunes chart! Happy day!

Sunflower said...

Dee R Gee...I can't remember if any Voice alumn performed on Finale night. There was a female singer from the Voice who performed but can't say if she was a winner. Have you noticed or anyone else there were 3 American Idol Alumn on the finale in one show? Lol Adam, Jennifer and of course Kelly! :)

Patria said...

I agree with Nanbert's assessment. Except for the "great voice" part. Imo she hit some sour notes that made me cringe.

Then again, they didn't have much time for rehearsal, a bit of 'seat of the pants' winging it. If they had had quality time for getting together, it would have been way better than it was.

There are lots of complimentary comments on twitter and news articles that loved it. That's what we want for Adam.

Allysa Mentor said...

Agree with Patria and Nanbert, about a couple of ��������notes. Adam never tries to out sing anyone. There is nobody that has the control over every single note like Adam. Seriously I wonder if he even got any sleep and any rehearsal time.

Sue Smith said...

The girl came in third and plenty were mad about it. I know little to nothing about her so I deem it not fair to say things about her. I heard most of the show before the main show. She is a good singer and has a masculine sounding voice to me. That is not a criticism that just what I thought her voice sounded like. I am sure there are more technical words for that I'm not a singer so I dont claim to know them.
I think all of us know that Adam does more justice to the song alone.
However being that many are buying the song of just Adam's voice they will find out how great that version is.
I said late last night about 1.00 central in Texas tbe song was 2 on ITunes on another post. The important thing is the song Adam's version is getting out there and Adam's version will be streamed and purchased.
The other version the duet is oviously not available just Adam's version.
The bottom line is I love Adam and its helping him in the long run. That is what matters to me. Frankly I did not care who won.
Of course on YT you can see the duet version I presume.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I felt the same way as some of you did about the duet!! When ADAM started singing it .. all I wanted to hear was his solo version .. his voice is so smooth & silky!! But of course he was there Not to perform (as J Hudson did) but to assist one of the finalists so I sat back to watch!! Katie did do a good job with the song .. not Stellar like ADAM ... but good!! ADAM seemed to give the more important parts of the song to Katie & with a smile on his face when she hit the high notes that I wished ADAM had sung!! Then I realized that ADAM was doing the same thing he did for Saara Aalto on X factor UK & Angie Miller on Am Idol!! He was letting THEM show the viewer why THEY should WIN the contest!! ADAM was just there to let HER SHINE!! This was her Final Chance to WIN the Voters over .. even though Katie did not win .. it wasn't because ADAM stepped on her toes!! AND that's just one more reason why I ADORE this GORGEOUS young man!! They sounded Beautiful .. BEST Duet of the Night .. IMO .. and it's not easy to keep in step with a VOCAL ICON .. **ADAM LAMBERT**!! JMHO

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)