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Adam Lambert ft. Nile Rodgers New Single "ROSES" Released!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Posted at : Tuesday, February 04, 2020


Sunflower said...

I love it! Definitely 70s-80s vibes! I even get a David Bowie vibe from the music. I say its a great Dance single! Another addictive song! Lol

Jean Renard said...

OK, just my opinion. Even though I couldn't understand 90% of the ROSES lyrics as he sang, I really love Adam's falsetto - takes me right back to the Bee Gees, and, again, I get that "James Bond" movie feeling. I googled the ROSES lyrics and, AGAIN, Adam is absolutely fascinated with the "f" word - he just has to get it in there! Now that I know what the song is all about, I can enjoy it more, plus, it inspires some sweet dance moves. Nile is so funky on his guitar. I think the song has room to grow on me more with continued listens. One thing I do love is Adam's "Clark Gable" looking photograph for Roses. It is absolutely stunning! Jean Renard

Nanbert said...

Agreed...."Roses" goes down very nicely...even though I first couldn't understand the lyrics either. But I've always had difficulty understanding words with music....even though I've recently gotten some hearing aids.

Like Jean, I found a video with the words...which always helps to round-out/finish-off the song....any song.

I really like it! I think Adam's got a winner here....can't wait to see him perform it.