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Review: The Telegraph - Queen + Adam Lambert Concert In Manchester, UK "This Rock Circus Was Kind Of Magic"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, June 2, 2022

Posted at : Thursday, June 02, 2022

Review from The Telegraph of Queen + Adam Lambert Concert in Manchester, UK by Nick Ruskell

LINK: Queen + Adam Lambert, review: 
this rock circus was a kind of magic

A few quotes from the review: read the rest of the review at the LINK above the photo (from the review)

"It’s Jubilee week! Bunting and jelly and street parties and good times. And what’s that? Adam Lambert mentioning to 18,000 people in Manchester the fact that he’s had “the privilege” of fronting Queen for over a decade now? Lovely stuff. As guitarist Brian May said: “The new boy’s doing alright, isn’t he?”"
"Lambert has a hard job, but in Manchester he rose to the challenge with gusto. With a voice that could melt a bank vault, and the charm to hold a venue like this in his hand, only one man could do a better job as frontman. 

"With his sparkly top hat, Lambert played the ringmaster in (still) the world’s greatest rock and roll circus perfectly. Slithering across a grand piano for a knowingly OTT Killer Queen, or appearing on a glittering motorbike during Bicycle Race, there are few so qualified for the job. During Don’t Stop Me Now, he paused for a laugh: “Come on, I’ve gotta milk it a little bit.” Well, you would, if you had the chops, right?"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

It's a feast for the eyes and ears every single time. The reviews have been great, and I expect they will be for every show. And the sparkly top hat outfit is perfect.

Can't wait for the Jubilee performance!

Sunflower said...

I agree with you Dee R Gee! So happy for them, every show a new Glambert is born. Been reading comments from people not knowing what to expect from Adam (those only Freddie fans) and beyond those expectations, they are in awe of Adam’s vocals and his showmanship and how he shows respect where Freddie is concerned! These very same people leave the venue as Glamberts! They will tell you “I’m a Glambert now”! 💕 I find this exciting! Can’t wait to watch from my living room tomorrow’s Party at the Palace concert. Even tho it would of happened already it’s like seeing these QAL concert videos later after the show! LOL.

I haven’t read any prior postings here on 24/7, but has it been mentioned that Adam will be back as judge on StarStruck’s 2nd season? Yep if you ask me Adam can be one reason for StarStruck’s first season success, just saying. Hehehe. Aaaaand that Adam will be in a movie called “Fairyland”. Based on a novel of the true story of a young girl’s or woman’s growing up with a gay dad. I read Adam will portray “Charlie” who was this dad’s on again off again boyfriend. Don’t know if this movie will be shown in theaters or on a stream network (Netflix etc…). Why didn’t Adam tell us about this movie? Another one of his secrets and so good in keeping them! LOL. Our man Adam just keeps on and on with all these projects and we love it! ❤️

Sunflower said...

Ok I’m back from back tracking the last postings that I missed and want to apologize for repeating the info on the movie Adam will be on. That’s all

Dee R Gee said...

Good to see you back here, Sunflower! Yes, we've posted news here about Starstruck and Fairyland. It's all such great news! Sometimes we think Adam has gone into some kind of hibernation, but then we find out that he has been working on great new projects! I hope Fairyland does get good media promo and gets shown in theaters, although Netflix and other streaming services are watched by millions of people, probably more than theaters. I just want Adam to get some positive media attention for this role. With luck, it could lead to other acting opportunities. In the meantime, the QAL tour is off to a magnificent start!

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....I've always thought that of all the Glamberts here, you sound most like an agent...approaching news about Adam as what is most career enhancing/enlarging. That's why I so often agree with you. We want ALL of Adam's talents on FULL display, at all times!....and would probably work the poor guy to death trying to achieve that...heh heh.

All joking aside, it appears that the world IS becoming more and more aware of that wonderful unicorn that spawns Glamberts wherever he travels! At least WE have the distinction of being "The First Ones", don't we? He had me from "Momma" on American Idol. At first it was the VOICE and face.... but all his other talents that have emerged over time continues to amaze me, and admire him more and more.

Been away for a couple of weeks, and couldn't wait to get back to my computer for the latest Adam news. Not disappointed. QAL on tour is HEAVEN!!!!!!!

Dee R Gee said...

Nanbert, yes, I guess I do some off as a kind of agent sometimes. I just feel like media exposure is so important. If the larger "beyond the fanbase" public doesn't know anything about Adam's projects, then the payoff for him isn't as large. He has so many talents. They just need to be brought to everyone's attention. Sounds like there are some pretty big names in the Fairyland project. Sofia Coppola, for example. Adam has managed to work in some capacity with lots of big names. It gives him credibility and a bigger network to work into. It's all about connections. I'm very excited about everything he is involved in right now.

Sunflower said...

Hi Nanbert hope you had a nice vacation. :)

Nanbert said...

Thanks Sunflower....yes, I did. With my son and his family in Fla.. Getting reacquainted with my younger, almost 3 yr old granddaughter, and enjoying my older granddaughter's 18th birthday and H.S. graduation. Hate living so far apart!