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Adam Lambert featured on the front page of today's New York Times website - "It Gets Better"

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Posted at : Saturday, June 25, 2011

This is from the 'It Gets Better' Video.

Watch it below if you haven't already:

Thanks to @LibraRising1 and Adam Lambert Help!


Hk fan said...

saw a tentative release date for Adams album as Nov 8th.
and Ashton Jones from AI 10 sent out a tweet saying she doesn't agree with gay marriage, so not impressed with her.

Anonymous said...

Great for him to be linked with this change!

We should get single out before the album no?

What happened to the Bowie duet video?


Anonymous said...

I love Adam's message on the It gets better video, I go back and play it every now and then. Glad that The New York Times used Adam's picture. Thanks !! Ashton Jones is very young, she'll change her mind a million times like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

lol I had to google who Ashton Jones was and turns out, she's a nobody and no news website even reported her tweet. A nobody giving out her dumb opinion. She'll stay a nobody.

Anyway, off topic here, does anyone know where Adam is right now? LA? Chicago?

Anonymous said...

Hk fan - where did you hear that date from? Any link?

HK fan said...

@anon 6.09
from MJ's. apparently from 'a retail insider who has been right various times before and is considered reliable'.

Anonymous said...

Love Adam's It gets better video. So honest and beautiful. I hope it helped many people by listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Christmas presents...I'm psyched!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Adam's It Gets Better video. His words are truly inspiring. His sincerity and down to earth approach, I believe, are something all people should be able to relate to and believe. He always says things in the right way. I'm so proud of him.

If this is true, a new single by August???OMG that's not so far away! I'm ready....bring it on!

Anonymous said...

I have been really busy getting ready for tomorrow's Pride Parade. You Seattle Glamberts...give a shout-out...I will be in purple and with PFLAG wearing my Love has no Orientation sign.
I'm excited about NY and what that means to the rest of the states. So much hope going around. As to some of the negative remarks: It's too bad closed minds don't come with closed mouths.
So many people say they don't care, that it's not a big deal...which is much easier to say if you are the person who has those rights. Please try to walk in someone else's shoes before you make those statements. It is different to say " I don't care about marriage". That is fine..but what about those who DO care about marriage and want to commit to a person?
Thanks for all the great comments here. It should be sunny tomorrow, so the rainbow flag atop the Space Needle should sparkle :)


glitzylady said...

I'm planning to head down will watch for you and maybe will see you after the parade...Should be a beautiful day...with the rainbow flag flying atop the Space Needle...

Anonymous said...


I hope to see you at the parade too! If I see you I will give you a shout out. :)


I sent you an email, per your request. Maybe we will cross paths tomorrow too.

Happy Pride to both of you!


Anonymous said...


Happy Pride Day to you. Lets hope that soon, all people understand each other better. I have never believed in being divided, there is way to many things that should bring us together.
Lets hope for continued progress in equal rights.


Ronnie said...

Happy Pride day to Seattle Glamberts!!!!<3<3 I´m sure there will be a day when we can celebrate for the joy that we are all equal human beings. Till then we celebrate every victory for "it´s getting better" days.

Also sooo excited about the August single!!! Saw somewhere a while ago a little announcement where Adam was looking for dancers, prolly for his next vid. So much going on!! And the Canada gig happening next month!!

Ronnie said...

By the way, Adam looked so pretty up there in his dressing room whatever. His eyes and mouth just hypnotize me...

Anonymous said...

Happy Pride Day to all, the past couple of years I marched in the NYC Pride Parade with my Son and his boyfriend. Unfortunately but for good reasons we aren't marching this year, all three of us have family commitments that happen to fall same day as Pride Parade.

Anonymous said...

Sorry but parades based on sexual orientation
just is more of the "in your face" attitude
that turns me off. Just living ones lives is fine by me. I really do accept everyones different
strokes, gay or straight or in-between, one's own thing is fine by me. I don't even want straight people dangling their parts "in my face" !

Ronnie said...

@10:06 AM!

We are so very different here on this site. Some of us are fussing, celebrating and parading. Some of us not. What is uniting us is Adam Lambert and his amazing voice and charisma.

Suppose we are both waiting eagerly his new single and second album. They are worth waiting for! And the Canada gig which I hope gives us as much video and pic material as Moscow did.

Anonymous said...

I think that almost any group of people that has been unfairly treated, either racially, sexually, etc., has a right to rejoice in their freedom to be who they are openly. It's only "in your face" if you choose to go. Nobody is forcing anyone to witness the event. As for overt sexuality in general, straight people put it out there far more often than gays do. Straight people dress very provocatively, speak sexually in public, and are VERY over-the-top in the media: music, TV, movies, etc. Good grief. Adam kissed a guy on TV and you would have thought the world waas coming to an end. But even prime-time sitcoms have so much explicit "straight" sexual content, it's amazing. We tolerate a lot more obnoxious straight sex as a society than we do even the mildest gay behavior.

Loving Hugs said...

10:48 To be fair, we should state the facts correctly. Adam pulled a man's face into his crotch, he played with "something" coming from between a woman's legs, he kissed Tommy and then gave the audience (TV and live) the finger. That is what happened. It will never go away, but it has been played up ONLY that he kissed a guy. I think in that respect the media has been very fair to him. For his first Nationwide appearance on a very anticipated awards show, he went too far; a very bad choice on his part that has slowed his career here in the US.

I bought his album(s), went to 3 GNT concerts, went to the AI8 concert, love to watch his videos, burned my own cds of session songs from AI8, Upright Cabaret & Zodiak, I Just Love You, Quiet Desperation, December (Want) and Time
For Miracles. His are the only cd's in my car and I love to sing along with him.

I'm proud to say I'm a Glambert. I'm a fan because of who he is, his sense of style, his humor, his love of friends and family, the fact that he is so very beautiful, but most of all because of his magical mystical voice. I could care less who he sleeps with.

However, I am happy that if in the future he wants to marry someone in New York and 5 other states, he may do so. Probably by that time the 53% of Americans recently polled who have no problem with gay marriage will have risen to a far greater amount and marriage will be a right for every human on the face of the earth.

According to the news, Neil Patrick Harris is engaged to his long time partner. The times are changing; slow and steady wins the race.

Those of you going to the parade, have a great time in Seattle.

I've always been anonymous before, but today I'm

Loving Hugs

Adamluv said...

@lmb - have a fabulous time at the Parade today. You know how very much I'd love to be marching right next to you. Fly that PFLAG flag high and proud!!!!!!! Come back here with lots of details! ... Adamluv

The Dark Side said...

Have to agree with Loving Hugs, she stated the case very well. It is what it is. We Glamberts love Adam no matter what, and expect others to feel the same. The AMA's is slowly but surely being put in old news where it belongs. What burns me is Chris Brown is up for a bunch of awards on BET tonight. This DB got off lightly. Guess domestic violence is not as bad as being gay. Of course the people voting for him probably haven't been in a relationship with him.

Adamluv said...

@The Dark Side - read that Justin Beiber is going to releash a single with Brown. Wow - the wrong message that sends to all Biebers young female fans. Very disturbing news! ... Adamluv

Anonymous said...

@ Loving Hugs and The Dark Side


Anonymous said...

Hey, LovingHugs, I'm 10:48, and I'm glad you added to the AMA scenario, which I should have done when I wrote the blog. Yes, he did more than just kiss Tommy. But that's the action that sticks in people's minds more than the other things. Career-wise, I think he should not have done these things, and I suspect he agrees, though he'll never apologize publicly. There is a "principle" at stake. Luckily, he's coming through the storm gradually, though these first two years could have been smoother had he chosen NOT to do what he did. Water over the dam. I, too, live and breathe Adam every day. He is a quality person. The reactions to him continually bring out the ironies in the music business (ie, Chris Brown) and just who gets away with what. There is no such thing as "fair and equitable" in the music biz.