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VIDEO & Photos! Dr. Brian May Won British LGBT Award "Celebrity Straight Ally", Adam Lambert Presented

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, May 13, 2016

Posted at : Friday, May 13, 2016

*VIDEO! Dr. Brian May Has Won British LGBT Award "Celebrity Straight Ally" in London (Friday May 13, 2016)

Updated with Dr. Brian May's tweet & photo!

"..And thanks @adamlambert for your words."

Adam Lambert presented the award to Dr. May

Congratulations to Dr. May!

Brian & Adam both had some lovely things to say about each other...

*Uploaded to You Tube by @adamlambert_pic from the official stream (Out Global News) from the awards event [The video has a bit of a glitch in the middle of Adam's words during his presentation to Brian, perhaps due to a glitch in the live stream??]..

But first, this great photo posted by @CharlieKing85: (slightly cropped by @glitzylady from the original photo)

Above photo source link @CharlieKing85 on twitter 

*VIDEO from official video stream from the event: 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anonymous8 said...

I was able to watch the Livestream, and one could feel the special bond between these 2 amazing people. Their friendship will be legendary.

Dee R Gee said...

I love the part where Brian says he is so happy to have Adam in his life. Those to have become lifelong friends, I think. They share such wonderful gifts of the soul.

Anne Marie said...

Yes the friendship is very apparent, and beautiful. I think Adam is still a little bit in awe of Brian. I wondered if Brian guessed or knew that he would get the award, or if Adam just told him that he had been asked to present the award to someone.

Catharine Sloper said...

I do think that the award to Brian May was well deserved and fairly belated! The bottom line is that Brian and other members of Queen were way supportive of LGBT rights way before it was popular and Brian May and the other members of the band deserve to be commended merely for that reason. Also, I think the way Brian May has mentored Adam Lambert and supported his growth as a musician and artist is highly commendable. So, as I say, a reward well deserved.

Anonymous said...

Anne Marie, I think most award shows will give the winner a heads up soon after the results are in so the organizers can make plans to have appropriate presenters and the winner will make a more concentrated effort to be there. I see nothing wrong with that. The people that are nominated and don't win have the option of coming and not being disappointed at the moment of presentations. It has to be more enjoyable for all who are in attendance by knowing ahead of time.

The Dark Side said...

I believe Adam said it was not a surprise before presenting. Love the friendship.

Anonymous said...

@Catherine Sloper
I agree with every thing you said.

Anne Marie said...

Apparently Adam knew ahead of time, but it seems might be that Brian didn't. What a gracious man Brian is, no wonder they both get along so well, they think alike. Brian has and is a wonderful addition to the list of Adam's best friends.

CeeJay said...

That friendship feels a lot like what Adam's fans feel for Adam. I feel like his friend even though I have not met him personally. He fills a void of super acceptance that is hard to find in any other. Brian is smitten, and so am I. I just pray to meet him and tell him some day how he has made a difference in my world.
You came to me and I feel I shall stand
Henceforward in your shadow
Nevermore to pass upon the threshold of individual life
Nor command the uses of my soul
Nor walk serenely in the sunshine as before

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@CeeJay ... What a lovely comment ... I'm sure that ADAM would be deeply touched by those word ... I know I AM!! Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

CeeJay said...

@LAMBERT Outlaw Thank you for that affirmation. Adam (and Brian) hold a special place in my heart. Adam has changed my world for the better. Brian has magnified Adam's special spirit and now I HAVE to love him too.<3