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INFO: Queen + Adam Lambert "Poland Life Festival" Oswiecim 6-19-16 Unofficial Poster, WC, Streams

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Sunday, June 19, 2016

Posted at : Sunday, June 19, 2016

Queen + Adam Lambert  Concert at "Poland Life Festival" Oswiecim, Poland 6-19-16 

*The festival grounds are next to the former Nazi concentration camp, Auschwitz, hence the name of the festival, "Poland Life Festival"

INFO: Unofficial Poster, WC, Streams

Event times via World Clock in tweet below:

At the Oswiecim, Poland venue: 11 PM
Eastern Daylight Time (US)  5 PM
Pacific Daylight Time  (US)  2 PM
Check the World Clock for other time zones

Unofficial Queen + Adam Lambert Poster 

STREAMS: Note that others, including video streams, may be added closer to the start time or during the concert

Audio streams:

IvaaLambert is on Mixlr

Rabbitholegirl is on Mixlr

*Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS
*As always, with MANY THANKS to @mmadamimadamm for coordinating the info & streamers, to the streamers themselves for generosity & commitment to sharing their unforgettable experiences at the concert(s) via audio & video streams, to the poster designer & photographers, graphic designer, for the incredible unofficial posters for each & every Adam Lambert AND Queen + Adam Lambert concert.. And to QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT  & their talented & professional crew for the A++ concert experiences each and every time!!! 


Nanbert said...

Gorgeous CreativeSharka poster... but, frankly, disrespectful to Queen. Adam is pictured prominently (and handsomely), but Brian and Roger are nowhere to be seen.

We Glamberts sometimes go overboard for Adam, but remember this is a QUEEN tour. Adam could NEVER muster the vast machinery, know-how, experience, manpower, history, MUSICIANSHIP, reputation, musical "hits" and fans that he now benefits from on his least for years to come.. if ever.

Not only does Adam get to tour in "luxury", but he has been welcomed into a family of storied musicians with respect and love. He will probably never be in another situation where he can display his massive array of talents as he is now, or given such freedom to do so. And certainly we cannot overlook how much Queen has contributed to Adam being the highest earning American Idol alum of 2015!... and probably 2016 too.

So, at least give Queen "equal billing" (or more) in posters, etc! It's proper and fitting.

glitzylady said...

I have a little bit different "take" on this Unofficial poster, created lovingly by fans. Just a different point of view, not right or wrong, just my own musings.

My thoughts as I pondered the poster and @Nanbert's valid concerns:

I don't think it was meant to be dismissive or disrespectful to the iconic men of Queen, the ones left out of this particular fan art as it were. This particular concert has a bit of a special meaning and I think this poster does too, although perhaps not in the direction of my interpretation as I view the scene, the photos used, the resulting images.

Each "unofficial" poster is a creation unto itself, one of many created for each Queen + Adam Lambert concert for the past several years.. Some feature and highlight various members of the whole.. Some feature Dr. Brian May, with other members in the background, some with Roger Taylor, some with Adam highlighted.. Many thanks to those with the skills to do so, and thanks to those whose photos are used in the creation of the artwork.

The "Poland Life Festival" is very close to the location of the horrible World War II concentration camp Auschwitz, the scene of so many deaths during the dark days of the war. Where many lives ended, most of whom where Jewish, with some others as well.

It strikes me that it is somewhat fitting that we have this amazing new frontman for Queen, one who is Jewish and gay: Adam Lambert. A person who might have met a vastly different and yes, horrible, fate had he been a European Jew during those terrible times.

And the poster features the legendary Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury, looking down from above.. With the arms of the audience reaching up to touch both of these men, with joy and wonder and celebration at experiencing the music of Queen once again live.. It also gives me the image in my mind of those souls who perished at Auschwitz.. I know that was probably not the idea behind this poster, but knowing the history of the area, it does bring up that thought to me..

Forgive me for my own personal interpretation of this poster but it does speak to me in that way..

Nanbert said...

Glitzylady.... Art is, in the end, in the eye of the beholder. I must admit that Auschwitz would never have occurred to me... even though I visited it while living in Europe during the late 1950's. A terrible place!
As I said initially, the poster is gorgeous, and I would not have objected to it had it not been entitled "Queen and Adam Lambert" and declared an "unofficial poster". The artwork itself (without that designation) is splendid, and I would have been one of the first to complement the artist for it. Adam with a ghostly Freddie stands alone as a nice piece of art... just NOT as a current "Queen and Adam Lambert" poster, IMO.

Let me explain. I have often noticed that, among Glamberts especially, there is not enough credit and interest paid to Brian, Roger and the others in the band. To the uninitiated it would seem to be about "Adam Lambert and his band". I think we all should be more sensitive to that. QUEEN has been wonderful to/for Adam!

glitzylady said...

I understand your point of view, no need to explain :))) I was just thinking in terms of what this particular concert symbolized in my mind.

Anonymous said...

Immediately I looked at this gorgeous poster, I thought "No Brian & Roger". O^O The concert tour is billed as Queen + Adam Lambert, not Adam Lambert + Queen. I would also like to see Spike (Edney), Rufus & Neil (Fairclough) depicted more on the posters. They're an integral part of the band too plus Spike has been with Brian & Roger on their respective individual tours/concerts. There are a few posters I've seen that have included them but I'd like to see more. Spike has been with Queen since 1984; I don't know how long Neil has been with Queen.

I too have visited the incredibly sad Auschwitz (& nearby Birkenau) & I'm surprised the concert was held so close to it. Hoping the concert was a HUGE success as all the concerts have been.

Nanbert said...

@fluttsp, I feel the same way as you about Spike, Rufus, and Neil. Although they are amazing musicians, and absolutely essential ingredients to the "Queen sound" today, they don't get as much notice, credit and kudos as they deserve ... most likely since they are NOT a part of the "Original Queen"... only Roger and Brian remain from that group.