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Two tall, good-looking, tattooed, stylish, single, Jewish-American pop singers with the same first name and same last initial.


Looks like Elvis?

That would be Adam Lambert.


Lead singer of Queen?


Was almost the American Idol (and definitely has the X-Factor)?

It’s Lambert who first gained fame in season 8 of American Idol.

Adam Lambert re-creates his American Idol audition (singing Bohemian Rhapsody, natch)
And is now a judge on X-Factor.

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JAK said...

Feature by feature...Adam and Elvis look nothing alike. Some poses and dyed black hair (for both) styles are sometimes strikedly similar.
I will defend to the death my opinion! I have never seen Adam in person.....but I saw Elvis, up close and personal!

Dee R Gee said...

I'm so jealous, JAK, that you got to see Elvis up close. I never even saw him perform in person.

What I like about this Levine/Lambert comparison is that it's just fun and not the least bit snarky. I don't know much about Levine other than Maroon 5, who I don't really follow. And I don't watch The Voice. But Levine seems to be a good guy. I don't think he is particularly good looking, but that's always a matter of opinion. Adam Lambert is EXTREMELY good-looking. And I agree, JAK. He really doesn't look too much like Elvis, but in those similar poses, it's amazing how much they DO resemble each other. Both eye candy to the max.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I totally agree .. JAK .. ADAM & ELVIS do not look alike. It's just the poses & the coloring (dark hair) where there is a slight resemblance. I still think ADAM looks like a cross between Clark Gable (with mustache) & Rock Hudson ... more Rock than Clark ... IMO!!

Totally agree .. Dee R Gee ... eye candy to the max!! Never get tired of watching all their performances whenever I can. LOVE them both!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LTA said...

I met Adam Lambert and he is freaking gorgeous from top to bottom!!!!:)

Nanbert said...

I agree..I have never seen any resemblance between Adam and Elvis... except that they both have a high pompadour hair style. Adam just looks like Adam.... thank goodness...and hurray!

Nanbert said...

BTW - That CreativeSharka poster of Adam for the Queen and Adam Lambert tour is very handsome.... but in extremely BAD taste, because NO Queen member is included.

I've mentioned it before when it was posted on this website. I'd complain also if the situation was reversed.... i.e., if the poster was of Queen without Adam.

blu said...

Hardly anyone has "eyes" like Adam


If he was a leader of a cult . . . I would be in deep s_ _ t.

nancdruu2 said...

Adam Lambert's good looks remind me of a very young Cary Grant who I've always loved from the old movies. It's hard to compare our Adam to anyone because he's also handsome/beautiful. Adam's eyes, profile, hair and sensitive facial features are beyond compare. He has a rare beauty (like his smile) that place him in a class by himself. He belongs in a coffee table book to be admired like a rare flower.

blu said...

nancdruu . . . I always thought Adam was a walking piece of art . .

always surprising us with a new look

yada said...

My correlation between Adam and Elvis has always been more about the charisma and stage presence... to me, that's where any similarities are. Elvis possessed a brand of masculinity that included a touch of glamor and a certain sensuality that oozed from him while performing; among many other accolades, of course. Though not the exact same... Adam possesses those as well. The comparisons between Adam & Elvis seems to resonate from his time on Idol, imo.

JAK said... I've spent almost an hour watching Elvis performances in 1956 when I interviewed him for my college newspaper.
Nostalgia!!! He and I were both 21 at the time. Well, he was birthday was 4 months away.
Hound Dog 1956.....Blue Suede Shoes.....Money Honey.
He was 19 first time I saw him. He was performing at an Air Force base with The Lousiana Hayride.
He sang That's Alright Mama-1954.

It's fun to relive my youth. Sadly, Elvis had a much shorter life.