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From Billboard: FULL VIDEO Adam Lambert's Performance Of George Michael's "FAITH" - ABC's "Greatest Hits"

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Posted at : Thursday, August 04, 2016

From Watch Adam Lambert's Performance Of George Michael's "FAITH" On ABC's "Greatest Hits

Watch Adam Lambert's Hip-Swiveling Cover of 'Faith' on ABC's 'Greatest Hits'

Photo: Adam Lambert on ABC's "Greatest Hits"  Screen cap from the video 

Excerpts from the article: read the rest at the embedded link above
It takes a strong man, baby, to cover George Michael, but Adam Lambert was up to the task on the season finale of ABC's Greatest Hits Thursday night (Aug. 4).

"We have a multi-talented child of the '80s born back in 1982," said co-host Kelsea Ballerini as she introduced the American Idol Season 8 alum.  

Lambert had a blast, throwing in some hip swivels and megawatt charm as he took on Michael's "Faith" at Los Angeles' Microsoft Theater.

"The boy can sing," surmised host Arsenio Hall.

VIDEO: Adam Lambert - George Michael "Faith" on ABC's "Greatest Hits" 8-4-16

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JAK said...


Dee R Gee said...

JAK, if you mean that the music kind of drowns out his singing, I agree. It's kind of a low register song with no real glory notes, so the music kind of dominates.

JAK said...

Egg,,,Zacklee! :-)))

Nanbert said...

Jak and Dee R Gee....I know what you two mean. That is my experience too. But, surprisingly, when I turn up the volume, Adam's voice comes in clearer and stronger.

I thought it was my speakers at fault, but maybe it brings out the higher registers.. Adam's voice...better at a higher volume. This is not particular to the "Faith" video, but to all situations where Adam is singing with big band sounds (i.e. Queen) with a lot of big drum sounds and low registers.

Maybe it IS my speakers... but try it with yours and see. Turn up the volume until Adam's voice comes in clearer and stronger. Please let me know your results.