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UPDATED! New @AdamLambert Song Via @Tritonal & @JenauxMusic: Listen To The Teasers/First Listens!

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, August 4, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, August 04, 2016

UPDATED! with a second snippet, and then updated AGAIN with nearly the FULL video (Thanks to Brett Starr! @Br3tTsTaRr) of the @Tritonal/@JenauxMusic produced Adam Lambert  new song, played at Canalside, Buffalo, NY during a @Tritonal live concert. See the 2 tweets below to listen. 

Sounds like we have a winner! 

So, yes, apparently this is indeed the new Adam Lambert music that's been teased by Adam AND by @Tritonal & @JenauxMusic!  (Probably officially coming on Aug. 12th - see tweets below). Sounds like it's already out there in an outdoor concert setting, being played for summer audiences! 

Adam Lambert in 2016 photo by @_swoosh14

Give the snippets below from the Twitter pages of @krod0218 and @Br3tTsTaRf a listen and see what you think!

@krod0218 on Twitter: "New @Tritonal song with my favorite @adamlambert"

@Br3tTsTaRf on Twitter: "Clip of the AMAZING new @Tritonal X @adamlambert clip they played live at their set at Canalside Buffalo NY"

AND we've added another tweet (from @Br3tTsTaRf) with another snippet: 

Updated with the (almost) FULL video of "Broken" from the Tritonal concert in Buffalo, with many thanks to Brett Starr @Br3tTsTaRr for letting us know about this one!!! 

Adam Lambert retweeted this tweet from @Tritonal yesterday (8-3-16) so here we go!! 

And we have a screen cap of two tweets (below), one of which mentioned new music coming from @JenauxMusic on August 12th, so this may be it! New music from Adam Lambert via @Tritonal and @JenauxMusic!!! So now, we wait! 

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Doesn't work for me ... anywhere else I may be able to see/hear this? I tried everything I could with NO luck!! THANX!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

Sorry it's not working for you.. I just updated this thread with a second tweet that confirms this song as the new Adam Lambert @Tritonal/@JenauxMusic collaboration. Try the second tweet to see if it will play for you.. Hoping so!! Not sure why the first one doesn't play for you..

Janice Collins said...

So is this another like the Steve Akoi collab. & Aviici track?

V Camilleri said...

Anything everything from Adam is a special treat. Just got to love him for sure😜

Dee R Gee said...

This is VERY exciting! The link does work for me, and though it's kind of muffled, you can get the gist of the song Hope it's good. So just to make sure I understand, this song is not a Warner Bros. release? Tritonal/JenauxMusic? I don't care who's producing it, etc. I just want it to get some AIRPLAY!!!!!! Some explosure!!!!! Can't wait to hear the whole song clearly.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@glitzylady ... Nope!! Still says 'video not supported by this browser' ... I run into this a lot on IG too ... can't figure it out ... I have Twitter not IG so why won't it work?? Oh well ... not your problem .. I'll just have to be patient ... THANX!! for your help!! BTW ... don't forget to watch the Isle of Wight Fest video on MTV Saturday at 9PM to 11PM ET ... don't know what channel .. I guess you have to look it up in your area. It says highlights so I guess not the full concert ... it's repeated on Sunday & Monday too (I think) not sure about Monday but Saturday & Sunday for sure according to my cable guide!! Enjoy!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

Lambert outlaw, Isn't it on MTV channel?

NickolasAckley said...

working great. thanks

Brett Starr said...

@br3ttstarr here, I posted a full video of nearly the whole song missing about the last 20 seconds.

glitzylady said...

@Brett Starr
Thanks for stopping by!! I saw your tweet earlier and posted a new thread here on Adam Lambert 24/7 News!!

And thank you so much for sharing both videos on twitter.. We're SO excited about the new music collaboration with @Tritonal, @Jenaux and @AdamLambert

If you stop back here, can you tell us what you thought of the song?? Sounds amazing so far!

glitzylady said...

New thread with full video of "Broken" thanks to @Brett Starr!!!

Full VIDEO @Br3tTsTaRr: @adamlambert @Tritonal @JenauxMusic Song "Broken" Canalside (Buffalo, NY)

I'll also add the You Tube video to this thread..

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Dee R Gee ... I looked at the MTV listings & it wasn't on that channel ... only the MTV Live HD so I had to upgrade my TV package so I could watch it ... I left a list of dates & times on the other thread too but I'll put them here too .... BTW ... I have Verizon FIOS TV & it's on Cannel 715 HD here in Bflo. NY ... hope this helps!! ENJOY!!

8/6 Saturday 9PM ET
8/7 Sunday 12AM ET ... 12PM ET
8/8 Monday 7PM ET
8/11 Thursday 8PM ET

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)