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Adam Lambert In-Depth Interview With Seven West Media: X Factor AU The Next Generation

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Posted at : Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Adam Lambert Interview With Seven West Media: X Factor AU The Next Generation

Intro to interview:

"Adam Lambert, American star of stage and screen is no stranger to success in the spotlight. Releasing a string of hit singles, his most recent Ghost Town achieving platinum status in Australia, he has toured globally both as a solo artist and as the lead singer with one the most iconic and revered bands of all time, Queen."

Great 2 page interview with Adam Lambert, current judge & mentor on X Factor Australia, The Next Generation, set to begin airing on Oct. 3 in Australia. His interview is included in an article with complete info about the newest X Factor AU season and interviews with the other judges Iggy Azalea & Guy Sebastian, and with host Jason Dundas.

EXCERPTS from the *much longer print interview. 

*To see the ENTIRE interview with Adam, click on THIS LINK and scroll down to Adam Lambert's 2 page segment.

Q: You need to be resilient as an artist to take all the knock backs and still keep forging ahead. Can you share some of your early industry stories and how you used that to get to where you are today?

Adam Lambert: I grew up doing theatre and throughout my twenties I was in musical theatre. So I was auditioning and getting rejected and that becomes something you need to get used to. I even started working on music; I had a band for a little while. I started writing and recording demos. I sent a couple of things out. I went to a couple of showcases and very quickly realised how difficult it was to break into the industry. I was told by a couple of people ... you’re not really commercial or marketable; you’re a niche thing you should probably stick to theatre. And hearing that in so many words is one of the reasons why I decided to audition for (American) Idol. I thought why not? I’ve been watching it my whole life, I really love the show, might as well try it. I think that year was the first year that as an artist, I finally figured out how to stop being so scared of the rejection and just dive in.

Q: Do you have a particular mentor, or piece of advice that really made the difference to your career?

Adam Lambert: When I was on Idol, I had two mentors - Michael Orland and Dorian Holley - who helped put my performance together every week. I don’t think I would’ve had the success I did on that season without them. The two of them were unbelievable, keeping it real with me, being really honest with me. That was vital for me so I think that’s how I want to give back to the contestants. I also grew up with a voice teacher named Lynne who I started taking voice lessons with as an adolescent and in my teenage years and she not only taught me how to sing better, but she also schooled me on the classics. She showed me old movies and musicals and kind of gave me an education in the arts and I don’t think I would be the performer I am without those frames of reference.

Michael Orland of American Idol responded to Adam's kind words with thanks to Adam and with generous words of his own:

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Dee R Gee said...

Lovely interview about Adam's background and rise to fame. It takes many twists and turns and a lot of perseverance. So glad that he mentioned Michael Orland. Michael has always loved Adam and would probably like to work with him again. Remember Adam's shout-out to Michael on AI after he sang "If I Can't Have You"? (One of my absolute favorites from AI, BTW.)