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Adam Lambert's NEW Tatt! Instagram Photos,VIDEO!! "Fun One": "#Antinous" "Face While GETTING Said Tattoo"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, October 3, 2016

Posted at : Monday, October 03, 2016

Adam Lambert's New side/CHEST Tattoo! Instagram Photos, VIDEO from the Tattoo artist!! 

VIDEO from tattoo artist Maxime Buchi  @mxmttt: "Fun One":

Adam Lambert on Instagram:"Thanks @mxmttt @sbldnttt !!! #Antinous (look him up)" [*See the brief description and link to learn more about Antinous below]

Adam Lambert on Instagram: "Face while GETTING said tattoo. #ouch #seared #likeaknife #whatislife"

Screen caps (2) from video: And see Adam's Instagram photos below


*Antinous (From Wikipedia LINK HERE for much more info & photos)

"Antinous (also Antinoüs or Antinoös; Ancient Greek: Ἀντίνοος; 27 November, c. 111 – before 30 October 130) was a Bithynian Greek youth and a favourite, or lover, of the Roman emperor Hadrian. He was deified after his death, being worshiped in both the Greek East and Latin West, sometimes as a god (theos) and sometimes merely as a hero..."

"Antinous became associated with homosexuality in Western culture, appearing in the work of Oscar Wilde and Fernando Pessoa."

And one more link to understand the deeply personal nature of this newest Adam Lambert tattoo.. Antinous The Gay God

A quote from the page linked above:

"Gay Rights are now one of the most important social issues in the world, this is what Antinous has always stood for, what he represented in the ancient sense, and what he means now..that Antinous, although he is a God, was once a living human being, as real and as beautiful as any of us, and like Antinous, we are all immortal beings capable of becoming gods, that homosexuality is a sacred state of being, that it is a form of Love and all forms of Love are sacred and beautiful and worthy of our highest devotion and reverence. "

A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

A photo posted by ADAMLAMBERT (@adamlambert) on

For the Instagram "scorned": Adam's Instagram photos

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Anne Marie said...
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choons said...

we finally get a peek of his bodacious bod - he's lovely.

glitzylady said...

@Anne Marie
Honestly, I was really excited to post this thread with Adam's new tattoo.. I was stunned (in a good way) when I saw it at first. Not because of the image, but because Adam & the tattoo artist posted photos and a VIDEO! Your words above surprise me: what you seemed to have gotten out Adam's reason for having this symbol become part of his body, becoming a permanent part of himself??

I personally believe that Adam is SO very proud of who he is: not a gay "God" but, simply a truly beautiful out and proud gay man, comfortable and not in the least bit hesitant to let the world know that about himself.

And for him to post the photos, to allow the tattoo artist to post this short video of Adam's chest, full view, truly feels like a bit of a landmark moment for Adam. He's always been bit shy about his body, and I'm SOOO proud of him, so thrilled for him, for being comfortable in his own skin, literally. I think we should be celebrating this moment for Adam, not trying to shame him..

Sorry, I just really had to say something...

Anne Marie said...

I have read hundreds of comments from fans, who consistently call him a god, or their god, which I an quite sure he has seen that too, because a lot is written on his IG acct. My comment was meant to say that I don't consider Adam a god of any kind or interpretation. He is a beautiful man, a fabulous singer, a fun man to be around, and really works hard to achieve the success that he as, in a few short years. Yes I was stunned too, in a different way, that he suffered that tattoo, which must have been painful, on a tender part of the body. Also , why he did it in the first place, when as most people are saying, that we probably won't see it again. I didn't intend to shame him, I think he thinks highly of himself, or he wouldn't have gotten as far as he has. He is very proud of his sexuality, and has just put his own stamp of approval on his body, JMO I am probably in the minority about this, but to each his own. Some will love it some will not.

Magiclady said...

I was shocked when I realized we were looking at Adam's torso. I wasn't as mesmerized by the new tat as I was by his body. This was the most we have ever seen.

He must be very proud of this tat to allow us to see him.

He is such a beautiful man in all regards!

lollymop said...

Adam is a beautiful man. Honestly, I feel I've seen enough of parts of his body that this exactly what I'd expect to see.
I love him for all he is and am having a fabulous time being his fan. He's good people and lots of fun.

ICU2;~}INVU4URAQT said...

Hmm...I have never really noticed that he doesn't show his body off. From some of the comments I guess he hasn't. I personally have never understood the popularly of Antinous, not because of his lifestyle but that it really wasn't all that uncommon for the times. I guess after I've done some reflection upon it, Its a lovers tragic story not just a pompadour story, made more so as Hadrian didn't keep his feeling to himself. The made into a God theory was not something done officially. The reference that he was a God theory bothers me alone for numerous reasons but to refence that Adam identifies with him because of that is off color and off the mark. Oh I get the historical reference and all, he is after all a known gay man ( modern term ) not ancient term living the life. Our man has so much humility and empathy for his fellow man that there is no way he comes off remotely as considering himself a God whether he may have heard that term regarding him or not. Is he confident, by all means yes, comfortable with who he is, most definitely, yes. I'm with giltzylady, he should be proud of his accomplishments. And if he does have some issues showing off his bod then I say good for him because clearly he's over that plus I don't see a thing wrong with the tattoo or the body.....looks completely 100 % normal to me....that's the beauty of Adam.

Oh and I love his face here. My son just had two new and large tattoos on both arms. I thought it was funny until it was my turn! I wasn't the one laughing then ;~} Mine too was very much worth it. It's my first but not my last. Your never to old, I'm 60 going on 35. Lol...

LTA said...

Hurts a lot for sure Adam!!!!:) Sexy beast!!:)

blu said...

Nice tattoo and happy that Adam and tattoo artist shared it

But I don't like large tattoo on anyone . . they say it's a art form

Some like it some don't

Love Adam no matter what

Dee R Gee said...

This tattoo, maybe more so than any of the others Adam has, is truly a part of who he is. Could be why he chose to have it done in a place that isn't usually seen. He could have had a smaller version done on his arm somewhere, but he chose to put it closer to his heart. The image is classically beautiful. Adam is beautiful inside and out. He really thinks deeply about his tats. They are not frivolous or silly, at least to him. He has an emotional connection and a purpose to all of them. As for the pain, people (male and female) endure pain for beauty all the time. Piercings, high tight shoes, tight clothes, plucked brows, injections of all kinds to enhance lips and cheeks and butts. I love Adam and I love the new tattoo.

Anne Marie said...

Adam doesn't take these tattoos he has had done very lightly, and this one obviously means something to him personally. Now he will always have "someone to love" close to his heart, and will never go to bed alone. Surprised he had such a large one done, and we don't know how long it took, he may have had it done in stages, he was in London for a couple of days. A few shots of tequila might have helped too, LOL.

Anonymous8 said...

As I have failed miserably in trying to like cilantro, so it is with tattoos. Aside from tribal tattoos on natives which I admire, I just cannot get on board. As Adam is so grounded and in such a good place in his life, wondering why he needs to have this kind of validation? And why now? I want him to receive positive attention from RHS and X Factor, and hoping the media hounds do not shift focus on his new tattoo.

NoName said...

Well, Adam finally found somebody to love. He will never sleep alone. This guy Antinous literally found his way under his skin, near Adam's heart. He certainly looks Adam's "type" (altho I don't know if he was tiny or tall). :)

I don't like this tattoo but I don't think Adam cares if I like it or not. If it makes him happy, all is good. The Mykonos -vacation seems to have been very inspirational and meaningful. Lucky Greeks!

Marion M said...

So I guess I'll just throw in my 2 cents at this point...

I was very surprised when I realised Adam was showing his bare torso.
Without trying to be too interpretative next to maybe some body issues I could imagine, that Adam doesn't want "shirtless" added to his "brand".
I think the way celebrities present themselves on social media does have an impact on their fan base, how they're perceived and therefore how fans treat them. I do think that for example Justin Bieber' shirtless selfies and performances do do their part in why his fans are so possessive and feel like they own him. JMHO
Don't get me wrong I think JB is a great guy, just caught up in the hollywood-life...give him a couple years.

Personally I never really quite understood the "concept" of tattoos. You pay alot of money (which matters if you don't have Adams kind of money), are under alot of pain and are often in places barely anyone will see.
Sometimes I feel like tattoos are an expression of emotional scares, that have not left any physical marks (and I don't just mean this in sight of Adam but a few people in my social environment)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I do not either like or dislike tattoos!! It is my opinion that if someone wants to have one or several it is HIS/HER prerogative & should not be open to discussion nor criticism from/by the masses!! Do we seek acceptance for all of our decisions good or bad?? Of course we don't!! Then why do we feel that ADAM should?? He is his own person & in charge of his own decisions whether we agree or not!! If this is his decision then who am I to say it is right or wrong?? After all ... I'm just one of his supporters ... a Glambert .. and I will never presume to tell him how to/not to run HIS LIFE!! ADAM wants it ... that's OK with me ... doesn't affect my thinking in any way!! I still Love him UNCONDITIONALLY!! JMO

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

It's his "bod" to do with as he wishes. Tattoos leave me cold, personally, even though I can understand the attraction. I just hope he never decides to put any on his face, head or neck!

In my opinion, the main drawback to tattoos is their permanence -- what appeals at 20, may be hated at 40.. and so on.

But I'm happy Adam wants to "share" it with us.

Also, the photo of his face while getting the tattoo was so amusing... and it was so "Adam" to include it.

Anonymous8 said...

Adam himself posted the pics and video, in so doing he knows to expect differing comments and opinions. The discussion here has been rather benign and very civil, and in no way demeaning to him as a person. To think that Adam could or would be swayed by internet comments is to belittle him. And to think that fan comments have such a significant and detrimental impact on Adam and are affecting his decision making - just not happening. Adam has a wide variety of fandom, and I am sure he appreciates those who are fans unconditionally and others who may present views different from his own. I am all for diverse opinions stated in intelligent and respectful ways, this is what makes a blog interesting and Adam deserves a diverse and interesting fanbase.

Anne Marie said...

The only comment, which has been said fairly often, is that I hope he pays attention to the fact, that we don't all love green hair.
If he wants to waste his money on tattoos, that's his business. The only people who will see it is, himself and a few very close , intimate friends, and not even sure about that.

Nanbert said...

Anonymous 8 -- well said...again. I, too, feel that "diverse opinions stated in intelligent and respectful ways" serves this blogsite and Adam well. His fans span a huge spectrum of society, so there are certain to be a wide variety of preferences among us.

But, a true Glambert wants the best for Adam, and will help in whatever way needed to make the way easier for him to arrive at his rightful place in the world. Sometimes it is helpful to him to have honest and thoughtful INPUT from his fans... NOT hurtful, demeaning, or insulting comments.

Note that some here hate tattoos...some love them... some are indifferent...but most are CIVIL And that's what is most important.

Anonymous8 said...

Thank you Nanbert. Think we also need to keep in mind it's about green hair and tats - yay or nay. Surely Adam has had more devastating issues than that to deal with throughout his career.

Anne Marie said...

Hope this disappears by tomorrow, and we can move on to more important things, or at least more interesting things.

Nanbert said...

Hear, hear, Anne Marie! Unfortunately, other inane situations will arise to keep everyone in a takes so little!

I will defend to the death YOUR right to complain about green hair. I, personally, will defend to the death MY right to complain about no hair on the sides of the head.

That said.... wouldn't it be wonderful if that was ALL we ever had to worry and bitch about?