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Billboard Interview Adam Lambert: Getting 'Nasty,' "Eddie's A Horn-dog", Following Meatloaf, More #RockyHorror

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Posted at : Thursday, October 20, 2016

Billboard Article/Interview with Adam Lambert: Getting 'Nasty,' "Eddie's A Horn-dog" & Following Meatloaf & More In 'Rocky Horror'

Adam Lambert on Getting 'Nasty,' Following in Meat Loaf's Footsteps for 'Rocky Horror' Remake

Annaleigh Ashford and Adam Lambert

A few quotes from the article: read the full interview at the link above

Billboard: Let's see what you are wearing and your mutton chops.

Adam Lambert: First of all, Eddie is just nasty. He's just nasty. He's like a greaser Teddy Boy. He's gross and he's dirty and he doesn't really take care of himself and I think he's got a substance abuse problem. And he's kind of a sex addict and he's kind of disgusting. So he's really fun to play.

B: Sounds like every rock 'n' roll musician.

Adam: Really? [Laughs]

B: No, just kidding. [Laughs]

Adam: He's fun to play because he's ridiculous.

B: So what part of him is you?

Adam: [Pauses to think] Maybe the horn-dog part. [Laughs]

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