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Adam Lambert Fan Art! Advent Calendar December 19 (By @ Creativesharka)

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Posted at : Monday, December 19, 2016

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Lam-My said...

Helloo peek-a-boo Chibi Adam!

I'll tell you a strange but real account which might make you laugh. It's about that red Santa hat which you are keeping yourself warm with. A couple of years back, I was looking for a beanie-hat but not even one shop in my vicinity carried that; simply it's hot here and no one will buy.
So, I looked around and I saw this Santa hat exactly like the one you are peeking from; it was Christmas time. I thought well, that might help keep my head warm; I was having this strange ailment which made me feel cold even though it's not that cold. I think it was an internal respiratory system disorder. So, half a loaf is better than none...I bought the Santa hat and that night wore it to sleep and not cold anymore. lol!
Oh, by the way, I feel helluva hot now, my disorder took a turn for the better; cured more or less. In retrospect, can you imagine me sleeping with a red Santa hat? lol!
Then, one day, I was rummaging through some old stuff...Lo and behold! a beige woollen beanie-hat popped up...goodness gracious! I had a beanie-hat all daughter's, she works in a very cold country. But I didn't need it anymore when I stumbled upon it. I actually tried it on, fits like hand-in-glove because it's woollen and stretchable. I still have case... lol!

Happy holidays Chibi Adam! This song reminds me of you. lwl! (wait a bit)

Dec 15, 2010 - Uploaded by MissAliceChristin
The Little Drummer Boy

fluttsp said...

This one certainly brought a smile & a chuckle. CreativeSharka has a great imagination. <3

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Every day I can't wait to see what new chibi of ADAM CreativeSharka has for us!! Thanx ... this has made my holiday even a little bit more enjoyable ... THANX!! for sharing!! I change the background on my computer with a different ADAM chibi as they are posted!! This is so much fun!!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Marielle Linthorst said...

Nice one!