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From @AmericanIdol On Twitter & Facebook: Adam Lambert's Journey It's A "Mad Mad World" Indeed #AdamOnIdol

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, March 20, 2017

Posted at : Monday, March 20, 2017

American Idol's Twitter & Facebook pages posted a short video today (3-20-17) starring Season 8 (2009) contestant Adam Lambert, who has gone on to be a worldwide star, both as a solo performer and as the current frontman for the legendary band Queen! 

@AmericanIdol: "Follow @adamlambert's journey on Idol! It's a 'Mad, Mad World' indeed! #AdamOnIdol"

Be sure to watch the video in the tweet and on Facebook embedded below! 

Adam Lambert at his American Idol Audition

Adam Lambert singing "Mad World" in 2009 on American Idol Season 8

American Idol on Twitter #AdamOnIdol

American Idol on Facebook #AdamOnIdol

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Nice....also interesting, because American Idol is putting it out now. It looks like American Idol is drumming up interest for a new season. Adam is the perfect choice, because IMO he is AI's brightest star!

choons said...

top photo - the moment we fell in love
2nd photo - the moment we died (our hearts were full)

Nanbert said...

Good! true...and poetic.

Dee R Gee said...

Changed my life forever. My heart was stolen and he never gave it back. If Adam is involved in some new version of Idol, I will watch, of course. But I still hope that Idol stays in the annals of TV history, period.

Nanbert said...

But Dee R Gee.... how can you know that a moment/s like the above will never turn up again?

Yes, Adam is unique and one in a billion.... but NOW on American Idol is no different than it was just before he arrived. It's still a "treasure hunt" each time. There has to be many new young men and women who need...and should have...that exposure. I get sick of seeing the same old, same old!

I know a lot of people blame American Idol for Adam's loss that season, but my understanding is that it was at least partially caused by the use of multi-calling phones handed out to a lot of the Kris Allen fans...American Idol could only go with the vote tally, whatever happened.

There was homophobia involved, certainly. And also there seems to be a strange "split" in the American psyche, such as seen in our recent CATASTROPHIC PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION!

In any case, American Idol has had many instances where the most talented... IMO... have inexplicably lost, but they still turn up... like cream to the top ...the eventual "winners" later.

Last, but not least, American Idol has given Adam as much praise and honor as if he had won...possibly even more to make up for his loss....and will continue to do so as long as it is a viable TV show. Certainly he will have guest appearances, maybe even be a judge.

And, finally, Adam has always been grateful to American Idol for the opportunity it gave him...and has continued to give him by its praise and support, and he still maintains contacts and friendships there.

Perhaps we should follow Adam's example. Just thinking.

lollymop said...

There is no doubt that American Idol was a huge turning point in Adam's life. To think otherwise would be akin to 'stepping on someone on your way up.' I can't imagine blowing them off and trying to erase them from Adam's life story. Without American Idol I would not have the honor being his fan.