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New Photo of Adam Lambert @ Q104.3 New York's Classic Rock 5-3-17

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Posted at : Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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Nanbert said...

I'll never get accustomed to "distressed" clothing....and am constantly astonished that it is considered "fashionable"!....It is such a weird concept to me.

It looks like Adam acquired his jacket in the local dump, IMO....but we all know that, in reality, most of us couldn't even afford it.

The jacket he's wearing (above) is even more "fashionable" than usual! It looks like a tank ran back and forth over it several times,LOL

Fortunately, he wasn't in it at the time!.......haha

Anonymous8 said...

Adam seems to like this look whenever he visits NYC, guess he thinks it is urban chic. TBH, distressed denim and torn jeans is not a big look here, and worn mostly by "out-of-towners" or the college crowd visiting.

The downtown vibe is classic black jeans.

Nanbert said...

That's funny! --- well, I hope NYC's "classic black jeans" style gets across country to Los Angeles!...soon!

Marielle Linthorst said...

Maybe Pharaoh had a go at it :>). I have quite a few holes in my clothes thanks to my cat.

Marion M said...

you guys!!! *rofl* Thank YOU for making my day!

Anonymous8 said...

Saw the Met Costume Exhibit. Adam would have adored it, Rei Kawakubo is a brilliant fashion artist - really out of the box. It is to be viewed in an artistic sense, not in a wearable fashion sense and it makes Adam's QAL outfits extremely tame in comparison.

redhair 10 said...

Adam would like the distressed pair of jeans at Nordstrom for $485 with artificial mud!

Nanbert said...

You're kidding! Artificial mud? They probably added $200 to the cost, just to make them look dirty. What next?....maybe adding ODOR?.. hehe

Just think how much money you could save by shopping at the local dump rather than Nordstrom!

The world is getting crazy............... and then there's Trump, too! Oh my!

I pray that Adam won't wear any of that "distressed" stuff during this next QAL tour....or I'll be "distressed".

Just thinking....the wealthier Adam gets, the more he dresses like a homeless person, IMO. Too bad, because he looks like a zillion bucks in tuxes, suits, leather jackets, black leather pants and gold-fringed sleeves!!!!

And I really loved the tie-dyed white jeans/shirt set he wore in Part 3 of the TOH tour... he looked so lithe.athletic and "joyful" in also showed off his great dancing moves.