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Video: Adam Lambert on LGBTQ Acceptancevia @MusicChoice #Pride2017

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Posted at : Thursday, June 01, 2017

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Lam-My said...

I've used the word, acceptance, since I started on this site way back when Adam just popped onto the music scene quite suddenly, on AI. I had no idea then, LGBT people were so cast out of the main stream. Actually, acceptance of other people, their way of life, beliefs, is not as easy to imbibe as it seems. I think it has to be cultivated as a habit, nurturing it from childhood, adolescence, and that paves the way for more open-minded acceptance not only of LGBT people, other aspects as well.

The mind has to open and feel as far and wide and deep as possible for the many different kinds of people, not just for one's own kind and always side them even when they are wrong or the cause of the problem. Yes Adam has managed to reach out, touch people of all kinds, backgrounds, ethnicity, working so well in different situations, countries. I think he knows acceptance can't be forced; it has to be in action with sincerity, purity of mind, be fair to everybody regardless.

For me, following Adam has shone a light on my own opening of my mind too. I remember I was following Adam on AI and lo and behold, his gay past slowly surfaced with photos online. I did not actually accept that immediately; in fact I thought I won't be following Adam anymore...round about his 'Feeling Good' performance. Then, the following week and many weeks followed and Adam actually changed my paradigm of a gay person completely.

Main reason...I couldn't stop watching him sing; his skills, hitting those crazy high notes not just for the sake of showing off but to convey the message/meaning in the song, with that kind of power to project his vocals.
Indirectly, Adam steered LGBT forward though that was not his initial intention. That's why I do believe leaders are born rather than made; there must be urgent circumstances to fire their passion to put things right, to save and bring about change for the betterment of others and themselves.

Anonymous said...

Adam, Sweet Baby