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Boston Herald: Why Queen teaming with Adam Lambert makes whole lotta sense

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, July 23, 2017

Posted at : Sunday, July 23, 2017

I want to see Brian May play guitar. Thankfully, he wants to play for me — and half a million more on the Queen + Adam Lambert tour, which stops at the TD Garden on Tuesday.
May and his Queen bandmate, drummer Roger Taylor, have taken some heat for teaming with “American Idol” contender Lambert. For many Freddie Mercury fanatics, the move represents a cash grab by May and Taylor. To some, Lambert’s inclusion offers Queen an opportunity to tap the millennial fan base and gives the young singer an inroad to rock ’n’ roll legitimacy.
We’ve seen this kind of pairing elsewhere this year: John Mayer working with three members of the Grateful Dead; Billy Idol joining Pete Townshend on his “Quadrophenia” tour; Axl Rose filling in for Brian Johnson in AC/DC.

Many people hate this. I think we should cut these bands some slack. (Oh, man, I can’t believe I’m actually advocating cutting Mayer some slack, and yet somehow, I feel the need to defend rock’s greatest modern punching bag.)
Maybe those cynical Queen fans and Deadheads are onto something. But there’s another radical way of looking at the whole situation: These people love playing music, and they’re damn good at it. I refuse to fault May or Mayer for doing what they were put on this earth to do.
While Mayer has a long way to go before he’s a legend, May is a straight-up rock god. He’s a Top 5 living guitarist who is more interesting, innovative and awesome than Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck. Yes, that’s just one man’s opinion. But it is an opinion backed by fans who have purchased upward of 300 million albums. The man deserves to play rock ’n’ roll on a grand stage.


Why Queen teaming with Adam Lambert makes whole lotta sense 

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