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Gay Star News: 21 LGBTI celebs who are proud parents to adorable dogs! #14. Adam Lambert

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Posted at : Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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#14. Adam Lambert


21 LGBTI celebs who are proud parents to adorable dogs! #14. Adam Lambert

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Dee R Gee said...

Lots of cute celebrities and lots of cute dogs. Esp. #14.

Lam-My said...

Hi Pharaoh! you are my no. 1 dog; so aware and responsive.

Thank you Lam-My. I used to be quite confused in my helter-skelter shelter; not anymore, I know what Daddy expects of me, I learnt so much from him. I've never felt so close to a person. Daddy has let me experience this special bond of love.

I always look at Daddy when he calls Pharaoh! Hi! Cuz whenever he calls, means I get something exciting like riding in his speedy car and I love a road trip. I'll put my front paws on the dashboard and it feels like being on a spaceship as other cars whiz by.

You've been to space?

Yes, I have a dear friend, Queen Hydra who interlocks me in her 10 swirling tentacle arms; she's the one who teleports me to our Cousin Earth planet.

Cheerio 太空狗 ! (太空 ty goong / space .. 狗 goh (low sound) / dog )

Lam-My said...

Phonetic: 太空 ty koong / space

Lam-My said...

Tippy toe Tippy toe
See how Pharaoh wiggles and flows
Not afraid to confront and connect
Seeks out one double its size
So he knows
Daddy is always there to shore up the show
His antenna ears fully alert
And doughnut tail curls in a bow
Where will his new home be...only Daddy knows

Lynn Stierlen said...

I was on YouTube and came across this video. "Adam Lambert - Welcome to the Show feat. Laleh&Gay Acrobats Create Stunning Visual Art" is absolutely beautiful. I wanted to post this in case anyone would be interested in watching it. I was wondering if Adam has seen it. I think he would be very pleased. Enjoy