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Belfast Live REVIEW: Queen + Adam Lambert "Rock king Lambert makes killer Queen at Belfast's SSE Arena"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, November 27, 2017

Posted at : Monday, November 27, 2017

Concert Review Belfast Live: Queen + Adam Lambert "Rock king Lambert makes killer Queen at Belfast's SSE Arena"

Belfast Live: "Rock king Lambert makes killer Queen at Belfast's SSE Arena"

Queen + Adam Lambert Concert 11-26-17

Adam Lambert & Dr. Brian May 
Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Belfast, Northern Ireland 11-26-17
Photo by Photopress Belfast

Be sure to read the ENTIRE review (*linked below). VERY complimentary to Adam Lambert and the men of Queen! And to view the FULL PHOTO GALLERY included in the review, be sure to click on the "View Gallery" of 32 professional photos in the original article

Freddie Mercury he is not, but Adam Lambert did a fantastic job of filling the rock legend’s shoes when he took over the SSE Arena in Belfast with the remaining members of Queen for their one-off spectacular last night. And they put on a show the people of the city will never forget.

Lambert deftly weaved his way through hit after Queen hit, expertly backed by Brian May whose shredding skills showed no sign of waning and Roger Taylor who never missed a beat.

In the absence of Freddie, Queen have found themselves a killer king And together they rocked Belfast.

"Rock king Lambert makes killer Queen at Belfast's SSE Arena"

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Anonymous said...

Forgive me for moving the spotlight to Brian, but I'm really liking the outfits he's been coming up with. He's really stepped up his wardrobe.

Had to laugh at this quote also from Brian "...Who would have thought at the age of 95 I'd still be doing this?"
Beginning to feel your age a bit, Brian?

btw, be sure and see all the pics in the article's gallery.

Yes! to Adam as Killer King.

Dee R Gee said...

Fantastic review! Adam must just glow with pride and satisfaction when he reads these (and I hope he does).
And Nanbert, I agree about Brain. He looks like he's having the time of his life. (And I'm loving his outfits, too!)
How amazing it must be to still be performing in huge arenas as an iconic ROCK STAR at his age, along with Roger! It's very very rare. They can eventually retire with complete satisfaction and joy, knowing they did it ALL!!

Nanbert said...

Hey, Brian is still a "spring chicken"...70 is the new 50! I suspect this regular touring they're doing is keeping all of them in shape.

Looking at Brian and Roger...excepting any sudden ilnesses...they should be able to easily tour like this for at least 5 more years...most likely a lot more than that if they want. And they certainly seem to love it.

Maybe they ARE drinking Adam's blood!!!! Roger once hilariously suggested!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

It seems like these two "young/old" gentlemen have a renewal of energy since they started touring with ADAM!! Even I as a spectator can't keep up with this "new" QUEEN ensemble ... they all look years younger & they're having a blast everywhere they go!! I so do LOVE this new version of QUEEN ... "if music be the food of life .. play on" ... or should I say ... ROCK ON QAL 4 EVER!!

(Think ADAM could spare some of that energy-giving "blood"?) .. lol

BTW ... do you suppose ADAM has had a hand in "beefing" up their wardrobe/look too??

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

This is OT here but .... can someone please tell me where I can find all of the concert videos + the playlist for the Dublin concert?? I'm going crazy trying to get all the videos for the tour while I was in the hospital + recuperating at home ... I'm so lost & confused & I need all the HELP!! I can get!!

Thank you & GOD Bless you all!! Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

BTW ... are there posters here at 24/7 where I can get the posters for all the venues too??

Thanx again x 1 million + ....... Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anonymous said...

I'm going with 'yes' Adam has a hand in beefing up Brian's wardrobe. If Brian had thought of these on his own, he would have been dressing like this long ago. (Paul would have never inspired this) I hope Brian looks at these pics and thinks "WOW! I'm HOT STUFF!". and that he is

Nanbert said...

Haha...Looking at the above photo... I'm not convinced Brian "has seen the light"...but that those arenas are Adam mentioned to a fan...a least until they "heat" it up... so Brian starts off wearing that coat just to stay warm. I doubt if we'll see him get very "fancy".