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Queen + Adam Lambert Concert Review: 3 Arena Dublin By Overdrive - Adam Lambert "..has a phenomenal talent"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, November 27, 2017

Posted at : Monday, November 27, 2017

Excellent concert review! 


"5 out of 5 stars"

Adam Lambert, Dr. Brian May, (with Neil Fairclough behind Dr. May) 
Queen + Adam Lambert Concert
3 Arena, Dublin, Ireland 11-25-17
Photo credit: Down The Barrel Photography for

Please read the entire review linked below. It's very detailed and well written.. And there's more about Adam, Dr. Brian May, Roger Taylor, and of course the spirit of Freddie Mercury. And more excellent photos!

Queen and Adam Lambert brought a spine-tingling live extravaganza to Ireland’s capital for a night that we will not be forgetting anytime soon.

The few bars of We Will Rock You give way to the opening song of the night, Hammer To Fall. The appearance of Brian May and Roger Taylor inspires roars of appreciation and Adam Lambert is no less well received. He tears into the show, full of rock star flamboyance and camp innuendo, but the key thing to note is this: he has the voice to back it up. It’s a gift from the gods as he hits notes that would shatter glass and never misses a step.

Queen may have lost their Freddie, the world lost a legend, but in his music, and thanks to the determination of Brian and Roger to keep Queen going, and the reincarnation of so much of Freddie’s talent in Adam Lambert, this was a show never, ever to be forgotten


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Dee R Gee said...

We all remember when the QAL reviews were a lot more cautious about praising Adam. Any major compliments were considered an insult to the Freddie's legacy. But now, The praise for Adam and Brian and Roger is readily given with great joy and respect. I think Adam's little speech about him being a fan of Freddie like everyone else is an important part of the show. It lets everyone know that Adam is on their side and loves Freddie as much as they do.

And once again, the videos are amazing. How many times can we say "amazing?" As many times as Adam opens his mouth to sing, that's how many.

Anonymous said...

Awesome review, it's as if the reviewers have finally stopped trying to placate Freddie's fans by holding back the compliments.

Got a good laugh about Adam's wardrobe, "...if he’d appeared in a skirt with a hoover I wouldn’t have been surprised."
It wouldn't surprise me either, it's just a matter of when it will happen.

Nanbert said...

What's a "hoover"?

Oh my! That was a thrilling review. One thing that surprised me was that the reviewer had watched Adam's "American Idol" odyssey, and already admired him, and was quite confident that Adam was up to it. Interesting! And he was NOT disappointed.

The review covered more ground with more detail than usual....couldn't have been more complimentary to everyone....

"It was a show never, ever to be forgotten"....That reviewer is definitely a Queenbert now!

Anonymous said...

A hoover is a vacuum cleaner. Freddie vacuums with a hoover in the "I Want To Break Free" video clip, my fave Queen video clip - it's such a hoot! :-D

Nanbert said...

Oh, of course! Thanks fluttsp! How stupid of me! I simply did not think of that old Queen video for one moment...even though I thought, I know that a hoover is a vacuum cleaner in American, but what is it in English? In my mind is it that thing-a-ma-bob that the Scottish wear in the front with kilts....or a hoop as in hoopskirt. hahaha!

And THAT particular video was ill-fated in the U.S.A.....everyone was homophobic back then, and that video gave the impression that the entire band was gay. After that, Queen was sort of blacklisted in the States. took an "openly gay" man...Adam.... to make Queen popular again in the USA!

Sorta another one of those "complete circles" in Adam's history! Oh my!