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Adam Lambert Instagram Story 12/11/17

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, December 11, 2017

Posted at : Monday, December 11, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Hum-m-m...pretty boy! And just think....he can sa-a-ng too! Oh my!

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

QUEEN + Adam Lambert - I Want To Break Free, Manchester, 9.12.2017

Published Dec 10, 2017

Lam-My said...

Great job! Roger Rufus Brian Neil our Padang.

A Kind of Magic Live in Singapore GP 2016/09/17 Queen+Adam Lambert...Roger Taylor on vocal!

Wing Hung Li
Published Sep 21, 2016

Marjo said...

I'm not sure, but Sauli might be there. Since the latest photo on instagram of his hair products and stuff says "always travelling with these." Also the gym he was in his instagram story picture didn't look familiar. But Who knows! 😊 Maybe it's just wishful hoping. 😄

Lam-My said...

Great news Marjo! Yea still rendezvousing oooh-la-la! Mmm, my persistence pays know.

Chip away chip away
Be that as it may
They'll probably embark on a lifelong foray
Have a kid or two
Like in my recent Glampire story
His cute son sings
Daddy Daddy...Spread your wings and fly away...
No wonder Adam keeps singing
Find me somebody tooooo loove...
I feel they have been together so long
And I've written countless poems
On their endless ding dongs lol!
Sauli, being more introverted
Prefers to keep it under wraps
The more extroverted Adam wants
A whack on the fast track with a backpack lwl!


Lam-My said...

Queen-AL 2.0 celestial astrology

King Adam wearing his golden crown
His grandiose cloak trails the ground
With regal prowess
On screen I see a Royal crown
The fortitude of Crab Cancer
Magnificence of 2 Lions Leo
A Winged maiden Virgo
Out of the blue...
A Water-bearer holding a pitcher, sprinkles water
To touch the myriad lives of people
It's the Dawning of Aquarius!
Cusping Pisces
Which will eventually concede dominance
After reigning 2,160 years of evolution
King Adam takes a giant leap
Redirects their Queen spaceship
Into unchartered creeks
Suddenly he spies something perculiar
Who is that stretching out his metallic arms
Helloo! Queen People!...I'm Frank from Saturn
You know, the one with ginormous ring pattern
Water-bearer sprinkles more droplets of water
Which quickly freeze into icy rock in the alien stratosphere
Belting out classical Bohemian Rhapsody
And...I Want To Break Free
Whaaz zis zhis? Exclaims Frank...never heard a voice so rich
Cancer plucks his red guitar in the cosmic magnetic field
Leo strikes the drums to synchronise the trill
A brilliant transfiguration shoots from the galaxy
Winged maiden Virgo steps out of her luminous chariot
Stretches out her arms adorned in gold amulets
Celestially sanctifies Queen-AL 2.0 on Jupiter planet... lwl!

Lam-My 2017

Marjo said...

Oh, Sauli just posted on instagram that he's going to LA soon. So our "friends" meet there after the Queen tour, I guess 😉

Nanbert said...

Interesting relationship.....nice people!

Anne Marie said...

Sauli will probably see a couple of the London shows and stay a few days with Adam.

Lam-My said...

Helloo! What wind blows you hither Anne Marie! Yea, the supplier of Sauli Adam news is back! Mmm astrology works! lol!

So Marjo...your intuition regarding the "hair products he takes with him" is spot-on.

Sauli frequently goes to LA in the winter season maybe to stave off the extreme cold up north; also depending on whether Adam is available. Sauli is on his mission to wrangle Adam's body with a tough regimen. Won't they be rendezvousing in Adam's new nest?

Helloo Pharaoh! Uncle Sauli will be coming round Moses mountain when he comes...Ooooeeeh!

Anne Marie said...

Hello Lam-My, Sauli said he was going to LA, I assumed he might stop off in London, but he might go straight to LA his favorite place to visit. He has a lot of friends there besides Adam. I would be very surprised if his visit didn't include Adam and Pharaoh. When the tour is over, Adam will most likely take some time to rest and visit his friends and family before he starts in January at the studio. Sauli has never been known to visit LA, unless Adam is in town also.

Lam-My said...

Anne Marie...Yea, I do miss your up-to-par Adam Sauli news...after all you live a stone-throw away from Adam; maybe not a stone-throw perhaps a large boulder-throw. I still recall you directed one of my Adam-Sauli love stories, so steamy Hollywood style. lwl!

Marjo said...

I think Sauli goes straight to LA. He said in his instagram story, that he's leaving tomorrow. So it will be friday when he's there. And Queens last show is on saturday, so Adam might me home sunday or monday. Soon we'll know better. 😄 I think it's clear to see that they will spend time together.