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Adam Lambert Retweeted Alisan Porter: Revolution - Single by Alisan Porter

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Thursday, January 11, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, January 11, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

NYE / 2018 ...

Lam-My said...


Adam Lambert : NYE Party photos 01-01-2018

Published Jan 3, 2018

Lam-My said...

Thank you! Mirela Gheorghiu for awarding the Originality prize for my Poems!
Happy New Year!

Mi Re La said...

Happy New Year! Lam-My

And the prize for the whole activity goes administrators!!!!

Lam-My said...

Talking about Originality, a favourite word/topic of mine...this is super original.

Who would have thought Adam's hit, If I Had You...could be portrayed with rifles!

I think the lyric: 'So I got my boots on...' could have triggered its use and the march beat, because in Singapore context, boots are immediately associated with soldiers or cadets; shining them tip-top for parades, drills like you see in the video by Singapore Cadets for secondary schools competitions. I think they got to the finals, might have won, in 2011.

Adam Lambert - If I Had You (NCC PDS Performance)

Wan McCall Stilinsky
Published Aug 21, 2011

NCC PDS Performance. Basically, NCC stands for National Cadet Corp and PDS stands for Precision Drill Squad. This video was taken at Singapore, Tampines 1. No, I wasn't performing but I was recording this for my friend. Top right corner, that's my friend.

Lam-My said...

Mirela...You are entitled to your views but I feel strongly your "whole activity" prize is lopsided; that prize must also include the commenters/writers who come here every day and contribute largely to the ongoing 24/7 Adam Lambert site, like yourself and others. That is the whole Team! Thanks again!

Lam-My said...

Whoa! Lots of Bingo...what's going on lol!

11 11 11 11 (22)

Mi Re La said...

Yes Lam-My, you are right, the prize for the entire activity should include all those who post comments on this blog.
I wonder if Adam has ever entered this blog and read our comments about him??

Mi Re La said...

Lam-My, Love the video. Glambert Army!

Lam-My said...

Mirela, I feel he does or his close pals or family email him things from the internet sites and 24/7 bears his name. Adam is a very concerned person and would surely want our feedback but only when time is available; I mean he's working all the time. He responded to my comments in an indirect way like snapchat, instagram or using words I used in my comments within close proximity of time/date.

I give just 1 example but there are quite a few.

I often talk to Pharaoh and once it was looking into a bush and so in my dialogue I asked: 'Pharaoh, what are you looking at? ... Maybe it's a praying-mantis...'

And within a short time Adam put up a snapchat of a praying-mantis posted here by Admin Fan. You may assume it's a coincidence but I have not actually come across the mention of praying-mantis in any chat/blog sites. It's very deliberate and subsequently I made a dialogue story on Adam's snapchat showing nothing else, just a praying-mantis in a dark background and his voice.
Here it is:

Helloo let me in...Helloo zhiiiii ..eeke (Adam's voice)

Who is that?

Me, praying-mantis, you know, Lam-My's favourite insect friend.

What do you want from me?

Well, I've come to deliver a message from my colony.

What colony?

It's very close-by your home on the hill...I always ogle at you as you run with your dog; what's its name er...just at the tip of my tongue...ya, Pharaoh. Hey, I like you a lot, you're such a gentleman but Pharaoh, not so much. He killed my friend Greg! So sad, I pined for Greg a long time. He was always there for me and I love his haunting song that he sang day and night.

Awww, really sorry about that; actually Pharaoh is a very well-behaved dog; I think he was in a bad mood.

It's okay, I found a new cricket to be my soulmate; she sings like crazy vibrating and twirling her wings.

So what's the message?

Well, our queen has laid a whole lot of eggs which just hatched and we are throwing a big party. We, her loyal underlings are going all out to invite as many guests as possible. Straight away, I thought of you because I've heard you sing 'Find me somebody toooooh loove...' My queen would certainly love that now that she has to mate again...zhiiiii eeke!

Okay, I'll come! Can I bring a date?

Sure! except Pharaoh!

He'll be all alone at home and I never leave him all by himself. I take him wherever I go.

Mantis reluctantly:
Oookay then; just make sure he doesn't kill any of my friends. He seems quite adverse to mantises. Come, follow me...

Pharaoh, we've been invited to a praying-mantis party.

Praying-mantis! Mmmm isn't it the one that hides and irritates me in the bush?

And so Pharaoh followed his Daddy with Mantis leading the way to its colony; Mantis praying all the time! Pharaoh was well-behaved and didn't kill anyone. Praying-mantis' prayers were heard. lwl!

(October 15, 2017 at 1:18 AM)

Several others as well. Thanks Mirela.

Mi Re La said...

Sauli kissed the Pharaoh for good bye

Lam-My said...

For Mirela... Video of Sauli kissing Pharaoh goodbye...

Sauli Koskinen's IG stories : I'm gonna miss you 2018-01-06

Published Jan 7, 2018

Sauli leaving LA
3rd clip - We can see Adam's hand.