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Facon Australia "5 Minutes With Adam Lambert"..Musical Genius & True Sense Of Unique Style & Individualism

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Posted at : Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Interview With Facon Australia "5 Minutes With Adam Lambert"

" Adam, we once again see not just musical genius; but a true sense of unique style and individualism.."

LINK: "5 Minutes With Adam Lambert"

Adam Lambert: Photo from the article

Some quotes from the article/interview 
Read the entire interview at the embedded link above
There is no denying that music and it’s fearless front men and women have helped define fashion trends and street culture across the eras and in Adam, we once again see not just musical genius; but a true sense of unique style and individualism that truly pushes the boundaries between real life and fantasy.
FACON: Queen is undisputedly one of the greatest bands of the 20th century, what are some perks to travelling with original rockers ‪Brian May and ‪Roger Taylor? We hope there’s still a little debauchery on tour?  
ADAM LAMBERT: We travel from city to city on a private jet, so with them is the only time I bask in that luxury. I have joined Roger and his wife Sarina on some chic vacations. We definitely like to have civilized drinks after the show… and sometimes during. They prefer really good wine, I prefer top top top shelf tequila. There’s the occasional bar/club outing, but we have different preferences as far as debauchery goes.
FACON: What do you have coming up next?
ADAM LAMBERT: I have been working on new solo music over the past year. I am not a patient person by nature, but have found that this project has greatly benefited from me taking my time to explore the sounds and themes that feel most authentic to me. I tend to get really obsessive over a song right after it’s been written and recorded and when I allow some time to pass, I can revisit it more objectively and feel if it fits the bigger picture of the album. It’s still coming into focus, but the broad strokes feel really powerful and I’m looking forward to releasing music later this year.

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Good interview. As usual, Adam is so intelligent and articulate.

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Under Pressure - Queen + Adam Lambert - Sydney 21/2/18