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Updated 2018 QAL Concert list including 4 new Europe dates in June confirmed by Queen!

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Posted at : Friday, February 02, 2018

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Dee R Gee said...

I am so happy about this! I think they missed some cities in Europe last time around and are picking up a few. I know that some would prefer new music right now instead of more QAL, but each QAL show is precious gift for Adam and for us. He makes a ton of money at it, and it solidifies his place in rock history as a performer with rock legends. Who knows which QAL tour will be the last? Adam has to ride with rocket till the very end. I would guess that even when they stop doing big tours, they will do occasional special shows, appearances, etc. I assume Adam will be part of that, too, and I hope it happens.

I know we're all crazy for Adam's new music. Sounds like he's working hard on it and it will come at the right time. QAL has give him some financial security that allows him to take his time. Sounds like he's enjoying writing with some great people.

Nanbert said...

I wonder if QAL'll do any big festivals again this summer....or are those new summer European gigs at Rock Festivals?

I love Queen and Adam together! They are just monumental! Wish they'd go on forever! There will never be QAL's equal again....

Lam-My said...

2016 Singapore F1 had just ended
A rather exhaustive wait for the Maetros
At 10 pm it started...80,000 at the Padang
Then...It's lift off !... the blue Queen cover curtain
Flew upward...Seven Seas of Rhye struck the first chord
Adam attired in full black
Face adorned with a rectangular black shade
Struts down the catwalk
The crowd shouts Adam! Adam!
The Show must go on...Who wants to live forever...We are the Champions...
Adam belts his bursts of vocal empowerment

A little surprise...Brian addressed the audience in Mandarin:

Sing-ga-pore !… perng yeo mern … wharn sarng how … ni how ma …
ζœ‹ε‹δ»¬ perng yeo mern / friends, people
ζ™šδΈŠε₯½ wharn sarng how / good evening
δ½ ε₯½ε—? ni how ma / how are you
Encircling his stereoscopic selfie stick he captured the Padang scenario

Interspersed in smoke and confetti
Spike Edney said it loud and clear with intimacy
Saluting the 80,000 below City Hall Dome
Enacted a full-circle historic God Save The Queen played

A dichotomy...musical extravagance verses WW2 70 years ago...
Now witnessed by the stately turquoise Dome
50,000 innocent, unarmed Singaporeans thrown to the lions
Shot ! Point-blank obliteration
Beneath the Dome, Adam shakes his sexy bon bon
Amidst oooohs and ahhhhs
Now, standing on our own turf that Lee Kuan Yew relentlessly struggled to preserve
Snatches back Singapore's Independence...

(October 3, 2016 at 10:35 PM) Updated/Revised

Crazy Little Thing by Adam

Brian speaks Mandarin...flaunts his stereoscopic selfie stick

Gayle said...

I would be very surprised if Adam would put on hold releasing his next album.
I did read a while back that he was hoping to release something on the Queen tour in Australia & NZ.
Will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

I read there will be 12 concerts, beginning in Lisbon & ending in London. True or not remains to be seen. Perhaps they'll add more concerts!

New Adam music is music to my ears but with these concerts happening, who knows when that will be.

Sunflower said...

I did not expect this at all. I'm happy for the guys, for them to continue with more shows. This means we have to wait longer to hear new music from Adam and ( fingers crossing ) a solo tour. Well more power to Brian and Roger, if they feel good health wise, I say go for it.

Nanbert said...

I say go for it, too. Each one of those QAL concerts adds more fans for Adam, too. His worldwide reputation is inextricably tied to Queen, as well as his own music. And his creds are top-notch....each performance with Queen adds another jewel to his crown. His versatility and talent are on full display, and have only added to his stature with each performance.

Yes indeed....go for it! QAL forever! I still fervently hope that someday QAL will release DVD's of their performances for their fans...and for their posterity.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

What good news! I'm starting to hope they will come again in Romania.

I still hope that someday we will listen to a Q + AL album. Fingers crossed !!!

Lam-My said...

Maestros (above).

I actually thought QAL 2017 would be their swan song...go go go Maestros...1 more round the block...or 2 perhaps 3 !

Anonymous said...

It seems fans have been saying Don't Stop Now (or words to that effect) & obviously, Brian & Roger don't need much encouragement! :-))

Nanbert said...

And why not?

Hey...... If you're still playing at the TOP of your game....and you have a brilliant young frontman to polish your music...and everyone is clamoring to hear/see you....and you LOVE performing to adoring fans... and you get high filling big venues with your monumental sounds, treasured melodies and awe-inspiring technology.... and there's no one that can even compete with you...and it's SO MUCH FUN................


V Camilleri said...

Yes you are right