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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Thanks for voting!!! And Your 2018 Most Eligible Bachelor Is...

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Posted at : Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Of course! Just look at that photo....all that beauty!... w/all that talent!... w/all that personality!...w/all that loveable!...w/all that NICE!

Congrats Adam!

Dee R Gee said...

I think Adam wavers between WANTING to be a bachelor and NOT wanting to be a bachelor. LOL I think lots of guys think that way.

Sunflower said...

Congrats Adam! Of course your the number one eligible bachelor! I was thinking the same DEE R. GEE, if it's a good thing to be number one or bad thing because you're single and can't find anyone. Well anyways Adam is number one again! Lol

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Well ... it certainly feels good to have all your efforts pay off when you want something for someone you love!! I voted so many times for ADAM & I vote on so many polls that just fizzle out at the end that I was beginning to think I was voting fruitlessly like on popcrush .. but Hip! Hip! Hooray!! There are honest polls & ADAM WON this one!!

Congratulations to the Most Handsome .. Most Stylish .. Most Talented .. Most Eligible Bachelor on the Planet ... Mr. GORGEOUS .. **ADAM LAMBERT!!**

Love 'n Light <3<3<3

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Don't feel too sorry for Adam... he's living a bachelor's dream. It's not that he doesn't "have" anyone....I suspect he can "have" most anyone he wants!

However, finding that special, more permanent, someone is not as easy...for anyone. But in that regard, Adam pointed out once that "hunting" and "testing"... for that special someone... can also be very satisfying! LOL

NoName said...

Sorry but I don't get why this kind of poll is so important and people think it's very important that he wins. It has nothing to do with his (singing) talent. Same people who say that they don't care about his private life but career shout how wonderful it is that he won. I never vote on this kind of polls which are about someone's being more handsome, better looking or smth. IMO this poll was more meant to gay guys than for Adam's female fans. Adam surely likes to do tests before he decides with whom he wants to settle down.

Nanbert said...

NoName...I think we all understand where you're coming from. I'll lay odds that there's not one of us that doesn't HATE those polls.

But it is, in a sense, a way to keep Adam in the public eye, to show his popularity and fan appeal and other words, PUBLIC confirm that he has a large and faithful following....which is always important to prospective employers.

It shows that a large swath of the public (male and female) find him very attractive and photogenic....which could translate nicely into a movie role offer, a TV appearance, a Broadway role, a tour venue, etc. for example. His voice is already a "given".

So, we try to do our best to contribute to possibly CAREER ENHANCING polls for him. Does that make more sense to you?

It's completely your choice to participate or not...not everyone pressure.

glitzylady said...

This OUT Magazine poll does have some meaning..

Many of the polls we see come through with Adam's name on them are more "minor" and probably are not as important. Some are just for fun really. Some are "click bait". Some are ongoing "polls" that have been going on for years. Some like this one do have a purpose and are noticed by people other than just us fans of Adam. But it's still fun to support our favorite singer regardless of whether the poll is truly important or not.. And I appreciate those fans who take the time to vote.

Clearly, Adam felt that this poll WAS and has been in the past, an important one to him.

OUT Magazine has the highest circulation numbers (200,000 print and digital) of any LGBT publication in the United States. It is a magazine that supports Adam's community and it obviously meant something to Adam to have won this poll again. I suspect he very much appreciates that his fans are so loyal to him and show that loyalty and passion by voting every year.

Thanks to all who voted!

Nanbert said...

The entire entertainment community knows that Adam's "Glamberts" are very strong, active and supportive, and they are often discussed with awe in interviews!