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A Beautiful & Thoughtfully Written Essay By @aleks_kv "SOCIAL MEDIA IN ADAM LAMBERT’S LIFE & CAREER"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Monday, April 2, 2018

Posted at : Monday, April 02, 2018

A Beautiful & Thoughtfully Written Essay By @aleks_kv "SOCIAL MEDIA IN ADAM LAMBERT’S LIFE & CAREER"

From @aleks_kv Tumbler Blog "Adam Lambert Through My Eyes" (Link embedded below the photo)

Please read through to the end to see why this lone photo was selected by the author...

Adam Lambert

Or Click on the link in the tweet below

QUOTES from the much longer and thought-provoking essay:

We’re now traipsing deeper and deeper into Adam’s more hidden depths. This makes it sound like scrolling through his Instagram page is a voyage into the heart of darkness, the Apocalypse Now style; but it does feel adventurous after you parse through the regular job-related stuff. Such aside interests tell us a lot about him and his fascinations, like his love and respect for other artists. He is a true fan at heart, expressing himself unabashedly and passionately – so many pictures of Freddie, Bowie and George Michael, but also Goldfrapp, Demi, Lady Gaga, and all his musician friends. Sometimes, he puts the flailers in his own fandom to shame. I like that about him. I feel like it’s a level we can relate on. And I love that he doesn’t have cheap, tit-for-tat, I’ll-do-you-and-you-do-me mentality. When he says that he likes something, you better fucking believe that he does.

Should he speak more frequently? Adam has voiced his opinions time and again, but he won’t misuse the opportunity given to him. He has a sophisticated sense for not crossing the line between his art and his humanitarian fight. He never pushes anything under anyone’s nose; not his art; not his fight. He never uses just causes as a self-promoting opportunity. This is all part of the reply to the question from the beginning about what the lack of social presence can mean. His social presence isn’t lacking, it is just of the unobtrusive kind. It’s all out there, only a few clicks away. Are we so used to the constant media shoveling content down our metaphorical throats that we can’t even register when something’s said only once?

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

I recognize the picture, it was taken in 2014?, when he was in Australia.

Nanbert said...

Sunflower....I'm pretty sure it was in New Zealand. And I believe Adam thought that photo of the two lovers in the foreground was "sweet".

glitzylady said...

I do hope that readers here on 24/7 News will read the entire blog post by @aleks_kv

It's extremely well written and discusses multiple topics pertaining to Adam..

And it addresses the photo, the meaning of which I purposely left open in my intro to this post, and the reason she included it on her blog. We know why she posted it.. but please do read the full essay!

Dee R Gee said...

I finally came back and read the whole thing. It's very well-written and very insightful. this writer is someone who gets Adam at the deepest level a fan can have. I really enjoyed it.

Sunflower said...

Nanbert you may be right that it was taken in New Zealand. I did remember Adam pointing out on the couple in this picture. It was sweet. Glitzylady, I also read this wonderful piece by this aleks individual earlier before I left my first comment up above. :))))

Nanbert said...

glitzylady....I also read the full essay before I responded above...but very rapidly. I wanted to return when I had more time to properly digest it, as it is quite lengthy and detailed, and because it seemed to mean a lot to you.

So now I've read it again....It was written with great care, love and attention to detail. I am struck, however, at the writer's certainty that she clearly understands all Adam's motives ...always the best, and has accurate insight into his psyche. Sometimes it seems that her love for Adam makes her attribute only the highest thoughts and actions to him....and I wonder if because she wants/believes him to be so perfect that she has molded him into that image in her mind....and then conveys that description in her essay.

I'm not finding fault. I'm just as guilty of canonizing Adam as the next Glambert. But in more lucid moments I realize the fallacy of delving into the "inner workings" of someone who is in fact a "complete stranger" who mostly "puts his best foot forward" in public media...however rarely he does so. His lack of social media use is presented as a virtue....whereas, it may be simply lack of interest, or time, on his part.

I enjoyed the writer's involvement in all things Adam, and her desire to dwell in and understand all his innermost thoughts and motives. I, too, find him loving, intelligent, humorous, thoughtful, articulate, well-meaning, kind...and hopefully... having only all good thoughts and motives. Much of that is pretty obvious to the clear-eyed fan... and he is certainly dedicated to promoting equality and safety for all.....but much of the INNER ADAM is probably more how we WISH him to be than how he actually is.

I explain myself badly....I am certainly not as well-spoken as the essay writer. She may indeed be absolutely accurate about every aspect of Adam's innermost thoughts and motives that she has so lovingly described. I hope she is!