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Adam Lambert on Instagram: Actin a fool in the studio

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Friday, May 18, 2018

Posted at : Friday, May 18, 2018

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Dee R Gee said...

Silly or not, I hope something good comes out of tnis sesdion!

Nanbert said...'s promising! LOL

Anonymous said...

That does not qualify as actin a fool. IMO It's not even close. It's a vocalist vocalizing.

Lam-My said...

QAL Ethereal Epiphany 2012 – 2018

Adam performs a series of pulsating concerts; 300,000 fans in Kiev
Stretching out his hand to the massive crowd, he reciprocates their love
Reminds me of Moses parting the Red set his people free
Who Wants To Live Forever, I Want To Break Free...
Outlaws of Love, expresses an emotion, so deep
You've won respect worldwide especially from LGBT 
Like a beacon-light sweeping the dark treacherous seas
With your face, voice, beauty, solidarity one with LGBT

A trip in an Edo garden, wearing a black sexy singlet, studded shorts and boots, tantalising summer fashion
Fans wave their sunflowers, yellow-black boomaramas as you pummel the air
Jazz boomerangs DownUnder
Is This Love...soft lighting caresses his silver crowning glamour 
What's next on the agenda...never a dull moment, declares Glamberts the world over 
Traversing uncharted waters, finding new ways to venture together

Well, so far, we have gone from west to east passing several times through Singapore, Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, Helsinki, Sydney and back to LA, New York, Arizona, Las Vegas, Berlin, Paris, London etc.
Rough, tough, lob it with love..with Adam, it's never enough
Ding Ding...all aboard, move on, forget the scorn; a titillating potpourri in a new Aquarius dawn
A whirlwind touch-down in China for a bountiful harvest
Confronting it head-on with positivity, his first visit
I Was Born To Love you...
Everywhere he goes, Adam begets heartfelt moments of 我爱你! wor ai ni
WWFM, a duet with Zhangwei, epitomises his mastery 
His zeal to impart his in-depth knowledge on how to project, sing from within

Oki dok homeward bound...a ghost train rumbles into PLL town
Debuts as debonair Glampire in a stealth ghost compound 
Aha, that brings me to Dracula's obsession for a taste of Glampire's bloood! 
Donning sexy fangs and a winsome smile, Cuckoo Glampire mounts 
The last lap...striking his signature pose, clenched gloved fist in the air, legs stretched, full black
He flings and twirls a white straight-jacket's tethered straps that trap the brain like a jackass
Unfazed, the gallant Knight of the Night fights back
Rockgod Trespasses, globe-trots, never slacks

Hop step jump...toot-toot train or rather, jet-plane zooms across terrains
And so Queen finally give Singapore a try (2016) their first time
Singapore! 你好吗?ni hao ma...Maestro Brian speaks Mandarin addressing the 80,000
As for Adam...his 5th time to set foot
And now...more epiphany...upcoming 26 Shows 2018
QAL continue their rapturous milestones in Europe/UK/Vegas
The Show Must Go On! ... We Will Rock You!

Dr Brian paints a feast for the mind with his cosmic electric guitar
Maestro Roger encircled by drums of different tension, strikes boom boom pow! boom boom pow!
Prof Edney, keyboardist, weaves in and out an ethereal symphony
In perfect harmony with rhythmic bass guitarist Neil
Together pushing Adam Lambert right to the top of that great big hill
Like a meteorite streaking in a tail of brilliance
His formidable vocals soar in laser-crisscross ambiance
They never give up, never give in till they Rock every inch of their epiphany lwl!


Lam-My said...

Queen+Adam Lambert Who wants to live forever Helsinki 19.11.2017

Published Nov 19, 2017