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The Sunday Herald Scotland: Interview With Adam Lambert: TRNSMT: 'Audiences have a connection to Queen'....

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Posted at : Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Sunday Herald Scotland Interview With Adam Lambert: "TRNSMT: 'Audiences have a connection to Queen'..."

"TRNSMT: 'Audiences have a connection to Queen', says Mercury replacement Adam Lambert"

Queen + Adam Lambert will be performing at the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow, Scotland 
Friday, July 6th, 2018       MORE INFO HERE

Adam Lambert in concert with Queen in Denmark on 6-15-18 
Photo by @robgolton

Note: there are a couple of mistakes in the article, and we, as long time Adam Lambert fans will catch them, but all in all a good interview!

EXCERPTS from the article (Be sure to read the entire article at the embedded link above)
[With Queen as frontman] Between 2004 and 2009, the bullish former Free vocalist Paul Rodgers led the line, but Lambert has proved an infinitely better fit. While remaining very much his own man, the 36-year-old possesses the requisite measure of flamboyance, style, wit, showmanship and soaring vocal prowess to do Mercury’s legacy justice.
Which are his favourite songs to perform? “It changes day to day, depending what mood I’m in. Somebody To Love is timeless, and I identify with those lyrics. I feel like I’m always searching for romance! Another One Bites The Dust is pretty therapeutic, for getting out any kind of aggression I might be feeling. Who Wants To Live Forever is a soaring, emotional nosedive. It feels super cathartic every night. Then there are songs that are silly and fun. I like getting goofy on stage with Brian and Roger. There’s a lot of playfulness there. There are so many genres and moods, the show kind of takes you everywhere.”
Lambert’s last album, The Original High, was released in 2015. In between gaps in Queen’s touring schedule, he’s been working on the follow up. “I could have pumped out an album super quick, but I really want to get it a particular way. Time and perspective are my friends on this.” Performing with Queen has, he says, inevitably effected the new music he is making. “There is some creative crossover, for sure. I don’t think I’d go as far as to say that my new album sounds like a Queen album, it’s just that it has opened up my sensibilities. Some of the influences of that music and that era have influenced my own music.”

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