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Adam Lambert on IG: Nice meeting ya @joejonas ! @dnce killed it at British Summer Time at Hyde Park.

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Posted at : Sunday, July 15, 2018

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Dee R Gee said...

Nice pic! I always thought Joe was "the cute one" of the brothers.

Nanbert said...

He is cute. I love that curly black hair.

Nanbert said...

Translating the interaction between the two: Adam..."I love your pants, Joe". Joe: "I love your shirt, Adam". LOL

Nanbert said...

Hyde Park!.... That name suddenly brings back a flood of memories of my 4 yr. old son estatically playing and losing himself in a big pile of newly raked leaves in Hyde Park in the fall of 1964. He was born in Brussels, but we'd been living in Libya, North Africa, since he was three months old....and he'd never seen fall colors and fallen leaves, until we stopped over for a few days in London on our way back to the States. Good memories!

So long ago......54 years....but the pictures in my mind are like it happened yesterday... and the photo of that dear delighted face amongst the leaves is priceless! Oh my!

But why can't I remember what I had for breakfast? LOL. (That's an old-folks' joke, guys.)