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Adam Lambert IG Part 2: October Ready

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, September 30, 2018

Posted at : Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Nanbert said...

Whoa---Adam's already in Halloween mode! Wonder what'll he be this year? And how many different ones? Oh my!

Lam-My said...

Helloo Adam! Whaaaz ziz zhis?
Trying to lure Dracula, waiting for a siphoning of your rejuvenating blood. For that, he got to apply to Roger who drinks your blood every day. Actually, when Roger joked about that, I was caught off-guard; I had thought he was that folded-arms, no-nonsense, I-say-you-do type gentleman.
Maybe you're trying to ween Queen off your mind; it would be quite a while or maybe LV residency may be the grand finale.
Anyway with so much learning/experimenting with them, you are well-equipped to pull off your own Album 4 tour spectacularly.

Dracula castle πŸ§›πŸ»‍♂️🏰🎴 Vampire batπŸ¦‡ πŸŒͺπŸžπŸ›£ 🌳🏠🌲Glampire's new mansion
I'm setting the scenario for a Dracula and Glampire showdown!...

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaoh boy! Waah long time no run on Runyon hill. Your hing-sun kungfu is so light and springing, like a ballerina; you are now very familiar with this spot with the bench overlooking Hollywood.

Ni hao Lam-My! You're absolutely right, sunshine and a cool temperature; I know this area very well, as you can see, Daddy doesn't need to leash me...I want to break free...ooooeeh! I have somebody to love and be loved.

Based on some religious belief on must have been a very good living being and now you inherit your goodness and blessing in this life.

Click on video...Adam Lambert Instagram.

Lam-My said...

A very tiny insight of what's to come...Adam in the studio recording A4. Nice, low, tempestuous sound.
Click on video.

Lam-My said...

Clang Clang Clang! Yes, That signals Dracula's return from his dubious nightly solicitation, siphoning of new blood from unsuspecting victims hypnotised by him. Without this constant supply of fresh blood, he would dissipate and fall back into the evil abyss of no-return from where he came. That was the main reason he was so obsessed with siphoning Glampire's rejuvenating blood with his tainted fangs.

So why did Glampire persist on living in the same soggy moor so close to the blood-thirsty Dracula. Well, it was quite by accident that he stumbled into an antique castle at the moor; the owner of the castle had put out an ad to sell it but no takers; he was up to his neck enduring those shadowy apparitions, strange knocks and howling in the depth of night.
The bent old man living alone bought the castle thinking it was quiet, spacious and breezy from the original owner, Dracula.
Spiritual realm, mysterious, inexplicable events fascinated Glampire. The old man showed signs of anxiety as he related the events.
A deal was struck and Glampire became the third owner of the Dracula castle. In fact Dracula's antique coffin was still in the basement.

At this juncture, Glampire noticed a vampire bat perched on the wall surrounding his mansion castle. It's eyes glowed and sent out a luminous beam of purple light. All too familiar, Dracula had come to pay a bloody courtesy call again.

Owoooooh!...Werewolves sounded a warning to their vampire hypnotiser. The shapeshifter vampire bat wasted no time...flew down from its perch and within seconds clawed and plunged its beak into Glampire's neck.
Arggghh!...Glampire did not have his skull-laser-ring to shoot Dracula's head; his most effective laser weapon at Dracula's most vulnerable body part. Glampire fell and knocked his head against a flower-bed...conked out.

Lo and behold, Pharaohdoggo was watching every move nearby...they had gone to the moor for a hike...leapt into the air and flew directly at the Dracula shapeshifter bat...summoned up his entire praying-mantis kungfu...attacked the vampire bat standing on his motionless Daddy's body hoping to siphon more delicious blood.
No! You don't! Oooooeeeh!
Pharaohdoggo grabbed the vampire bat's wing and twirled it round and round. Waaah! so fierce! But it was to no avail; Dracula bat refused to let go of his Daddy.

Suddenly, a red laser shot out from his digitised collar, a new device Daddy Glampire had fixed on Pharaodoggo to track and protect him. Dracula hated those red lasers that seared his brain; ...shapeshifted and a black flowing cloak disappeared into the moor. Well, at least he got to taste a bit of Glampire's blood, better than not a drop to drink.

Pharadoggo started jabbing his Daddy's face with his mouth and slushing him with his long moist tongue; that wet slush woke Daddy Glampire.

Daddy Daddy! Wake up! πŸ•

Hi! Hi! ... feeling disoriented, he realised his little hero doggo saved him...Good boy...!


Sunflower said...

Lam-My...Just read your story on Daddy Glampire and Dracula, because I like Vampire stories. Hahaha. With Adams photo you came up with this story, wow. He does look Vampireish or like a Pirate, oy oy mate!!! Vampire or Pirate he looks so good.

Lam-My said...

Thank you Sunflower!
He has done vampire and pirate in earlier Halloweens; maybe he is trying to throw us off track and come up with something different. Not to worry, whatever he's going to dress up as...I'll have a story. lwl!

Lam-My said...

Oops...3rd paragraph of story...'Its eyes...'

Lam-My said...

In conjunction with Adam's performance in a medley of Elvis songs at the scheduled Elvis Tribute Special...

Lonely Maestro
Sings like crazy
To stave off heartbreak
I guess a luxurious hotel
Ain't much of a help
When deep inside you're lonely
Adam, you are kneeling and praying 
For somebody somebody...don't worry 
He'll come a-riding and knocking
When you're least expecting...a wedding! πŸ›€☄🚴🏻


Click on video.
Brian nodded his head to reciprocate complaint and his guitar went whiieeoooo... lwl! By the way, his All Star Elvis Tribute performance will have a hard time beating this 999.9 pure vocals. On the other hand if Adam can do this one time, I don't see why he can't repeat it many more times.

Don't worry Daddy...You're such a beautiful person...πŸ€’πŸ•

Lam-My said...

Helloo my CNN Writer Fan! ...still on my trail lwl! I just heard the word *dubious used on the nominated attorney-general Kavanaugh case.
October 3 2018 (today)

Well mine is just above...Dracula's return from his *dubious nightly solicitation...
October 1, 2018 at 2:10 AM

By the way, you also used *epiphany...yesterday Newsroom, regarding a high-level person photographed taking his *epiphany dip on a photo-shoot for next year's 2019 calendar.
Well, mine : QAL Epiphany 2012-2018.

CNN Fan...I think you were referencing Jan 6 2019, last day / 12th day of Christmas. You almost got me! Rather unusual.
In my case, QAL Epiphany...awakening.

Lam-My said...

Helloo! me again...*dubious is referencing tax evasion not the Kavanaugh case; I read the caption clearly on my tv screen a second time.
Hey, CNN why don't you change CNN Newsroom to CNN Epiphany Dip! ...your own creation. The news is awakening and dipping by the minute! lwl! (laugh with love).