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INFO Queen + Adam Lambert Crown Jewels @ MGM Park Theater, Las Vegas #9 (9-21-18) Poster, WC, Streams

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Posted at : Thursday, September 20, 2018

INFO Queen + Adam Lambert Crown Jewels @ MGM Park Theater, Las Vegas, Nevada 

Show #9 (only 1 more show to go on 9-22-18) 

Friday, September 21, 2018

Unofficial Poster - @weelassie11
World Clock (see WC link in @mmadamimadamm's tweet below)

Event time in Las Vegas 8PM PDT

UNOFFICIAL POSTER 👑 .@QueenWillRock + .@adamlambert 
#TheCrownJewels #9 @ParkTheaterLV 09.21.18 
Photo Credit: @dianakat13 @tuke18 @AWerfhorst @SpiralStereos 
Poster Design: @weelassie11 
#Queen #AdamLambert #BrianMay #RogerTaylor #SpikeEdney #TylerWarren #neilmfairclough TWITTER LINK

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Sunflower said...

I'm feeling sadness now that after tonight, only one more show. What will be the fate of Queen ( without Adam)? I've grown to love Brian and Roger ( what I didn't do back in the 70-80s ). Because of Adams involvelment with Queen, I was reintroduced to this amazing band and learned things about Freddie and became acquainted with other Queen songs I was'nt familiar with. I remember hearing "Under Pressure" as a Junior or Senior in high school, out in the hall, loudly playing from a jukebox on my way into the cafeteria and thinking "man this song sounds so good" loud in the cafeteria! Phew I'm making myself cry right now, 😢 I've followed other artists and bands of the 70s-80s but not Queen! In the beginning I felt guilty for not being a true Queen fan, but 6 years later I've became a fan and appreciate all that this band stands for! After everything I said, I am first and foremost a Glambert!!! All my past favorite singers/bands hold a special place in my heart and I won't forget them, like DURAN DURAN, huge fan of theirs but Adam and Queen are my priorities in my life right now. Lol. Another One Bites The Dust, Bohemian Rhapsody, Radio Gaga, My Best Friend, Somebody To Love, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions, Under Pressure, these particular songs are what I heard on my radio! NEVER did I dream that one day I would see Queen live in Concert, (sadly without Freddie) but with Adam!!! One more thing, Adam has new music coming out and I'm very excited and can't wait for more future concerts!

Nanbert said...

Sunflower, no need to think this is the end of Queen and Adam Lambert. Unless you've heard something that I haven't, there's no reason to believe that Brian and Roger are ready to call it quits.

I think they just LOVE performing their magnificent music to adoring crowds too much to stop short of serious health problems. Why quit when they are at the top of their game? Their enormous success has to be addicting! They have a frontman who is PERFECT!.. and in his prime!....and audiences all over the world begging them to come, or return.

Sunflower said...

Nanbert...No I've heard nothing, just being a sentimental worry wart! I don't want to think its the end of Queen and Adam, have no idea I'm feeling a little blue today. You are so right in everything you said, this union of Queen/Adam has been successful on all levels! You can see how happy Brian and Roger are when they're performing and how well the three of them get along! Pretty sure they'll be some surprises for Glamberts and Queen fans alike, so I'll just think positive thoughts and wait for them to wow us again. Yes, all this is good for Adam, concerning all the publicity, photos, interviews and other kinds of promotions, like that another appearance on XFactor Britain! Like you say, the more people see Adam and recognize him, the better for his career! I'm feeling better now, thanks for your words Nanbert. Just found out last night that Kelly Clarkson is having her own talk show, lol. ( just mentioned because she's an AI Alumni).

Dee R Gee said...

Apparently, Kelly's husband is also her agent. So that helps. I'm not taking anything away from her. She's a fine singer and she has a good personality. Can you imagine an Adam Lambert talk show? I think it would have to be on cable. LOL

Sunflower said...

Dee R Gee...Hahaha yes it would be on cable! No Hallmark Channel for him.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

The closer we get to the final night the more I dread it!! It was so much fun watching these guys having a good time making everybody happy & smiling all the while .. never a frown from any of them!! QAL is without a doubt the Best most Entertaining group of musicians in the world today!! I'm gonna miss the videos .. thank goodness for the ones we do have thanx to our Glam Sisters & Bros. who took the time to share their experience with us (ME) from Las Vegas .. some call it Sin City .. I call it Fun City .. never a dull moment!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Rosemary White said...

This poster is EXCELLENT, showing Las Vegas in all its glitzy glory and ALL of QAL.

Nanbert said...

Lambert're so right. This has been a great experience for us, and we hate to see it come to an end. But, there'll be more. In the meantime, we'll have to cherish all the wonderful videos our Glamberts have made for us...much thanks to all of them.

Nanbert said...

Too bad that Adam isn't recognizable on the above poster....except to Glamberts. Every opportunity to be recognized is one step further along in his career. When his face is known ON SIGHT by most people.... will be when he has finally "arrived"on the "A" list.

And it's such a nice face, too!

All it takes is a better camera angle than behind him...however slight it is. That's the third poster now from a bad, unrecognizable angle for Adam. He needs all the exposure he can get. That's what posters are for!

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, the posters aren't meant to be just about Adam. They're about Queen + Adam Lambert which is a collaboration, not a one man show. When Adam has his own tours, the posters will be all about him. I think the last 3 QAL Las Vegas posters have been EXCELLENT!

Nanbert said...

As you said, "it's about Queen AND Adam Lambert"....all who fall under that description should be recognizably depicted.

The reason they aren't in the posters under discussion is that they are all "unofficial" posters. Official posters WOULD have recognizable photos.

Nanbert said...

BTW, ANY poster can be attractive, artistic, and "excellent" visually without being good PROMOTION for the people it depicts -- unofficial posters are just random pieces of work.

A professional poster company carefully, and recognizably, depicts the people it is representing because THAT'S what it's getting paid to do. If it turned out posters with unrecognizable principals, it wouldn't be in business for long.

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, in an earlier post, you complained about Adam's face not being photographed sufficiently (words to that effect). You didn't mention in that particular post that not everyone in QAL was depicted in these posters. However, on that subject, I think ALL members of QAL should be depicted in every poster (they all work very hard to produce their magnificent sound) but that is entirely up to the person/s who create/s poster/s. BTW, you might note that Roger is also depicted in a "side-on manner" in this poster. Therefore your complaint about Adam's depiction should apply to the depiction of Roger as well.