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Adam Lambert's IG story : Queen / Voted "Land of the freeee" 11-6-18

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Posted at : Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Yes, Adam .... Land of the Free-e-e! Yesterday's election took us a bit closer....not quite a "blue" tsunami.....but at least we wrenched the House free! Hurray!

The Dark Side said...

Pleased with the outcome in my State. Appreciate Adams activism... his voice is being heard!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Yes!!! Next stop the POTUS 2020 & then the Senate after that!! Baby steps but it sure does feel like we're getting our country back & that is a GOOD FEELING!!

We need bi-partisanship again!! Think EQUALITY!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

Pretty pleased with the mid-terms outcome overall. Love that the voter turn-out was so large! That's what's important. Each vote DOES count!

SAW BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY LAST NIGHT! REALLY enjoyed it! It was a tad cheesy in parts, IMO, but I loved every moment of it. Rami was great, and I really liked the guys who played Brian, Roger and John. I learned quite a bit about how the band evolved. What a story! And of course, Adam's little cameo was a real sexy treat! I'd know his body language anywhere.

The BoRap movie I saw was a special showing that had a guest speaker at the end. His name is David Pruitt and he toured with Queen in the US throughout 1977. He was a lighting tech guy who also did lots of other stage set-up work. He was very entertaining and informative. He talked about riding around on a tour bus in the cold winter of 1977. He talked about mishaps onstage due to pyrotechnic blowups, etc., one of which almost obliterated Roger's drum kit. He said Freddie was a real perfectionist and changed his mind a lot about the stage set, sometimes at the last minute. He said all the guys were great. The whole road crew lived the "roadie" life of the '70s, with plenty of horseplay and parties, etc. He worked with other performers of the era, too. Earth, Wind and Fire, Joe Cocker, KISS, and others.

He had not seen the movie before last night, so he saw it for the first time with us. He liked it very much and acknowledged that some of the sequences of events was a little off, but didn't affect the enjoyment of the film.

I had a great evening!

Sue Smith said...

I wish we could have got the Senate but honestly IMO I believe it saved older Americans back sides,that we got back the house, Democrats got it. Nothing going to the Senate unless it passes the house and not just older Americans but we are the very most vulnerable. I think Trump and the Republican party had big plans to cut older American and disabled workers in America benefits like Medicare and disability benefits. We earned social security so try as they may dont believe they can attack that fund we paid into it, however they have done nothing to secure after 2034 it would be cut 21 percent if they do nothing and that what they have done nothing. All of Trumps promises of how he was going to fix the system for the future he done none of it kept no campaign promises, said no cuts and not going into all that what he said he do but his promises are made of fools gold. I will be around 85 in 2034 dont know of I'll still be around or not do to my health or lack of but I have kids that have paid in for years and will continue to for years and they deserve all benefits they paid into as we do as well it can be fixed I believe it would have been if HC or another Democrats had got in.
I know were not suppose to talk politics so that's all I'll say I'm sure I will be attacked by one person on here, but I have my rights as well.
I'm just referring to how lucky we were to win the house it's not a perfect world but it's better. There will be many young o es who lost friends and family members in all the terrible shootings the last few years in 2 years they will b able to vote because there have been no gun control to amount to much. It's all Americans life at stake every time they walk out the door to shop, eat out ect.and kids just being kids and going to school I have grand kids as well.
Ok I'll shut up now. I guess I will have to wait for the DVD of the Queen movie if they put one out, I believe they will because my husband is not feeling well neither of us are so I'll get the DVD really want th o see it.
Sorry about the political talk but just commenting on the election.
Just one more thing we were not lucky but the voters were heard. So many voters of all ages and more women than ever being heard for equality. Like you all say baby steps but winning the house is a big baby step.

Sue Smith said...

I'm happy you enjoyed the movie DRG I want to see it badly. Guess it will be the DVD, that helps Queen as well by buying that. Sorry for the spell I had but I was just starting how happy I was to win the house it really is important in so many ways. No one should get nasty over one persons opinion it is just that one persons opinion. We still have freedom of opinion in America. I said I would not get political again before but I could not help it this time.
Try not to do it again. Correction that was I was just stating not starting how happy I was to win the house. Correction from above.

Nanbert said...

For the record, I'm 85... and quite capable of making intelligent and thoughtful decisions!

The advantage "old ladies" have over younger folks is that we have personally experienced MORE presidents during our lifetimes. We KNOW what being a president looks and acts all its forms.

In all, I have experienced 12 presidents, starting with FDR...and voted for most of them when I became voting age. All my life I have been registered "Independent", and have always voted, pretty equally, for Presidents in both parties. Whether the man I voted for...or the one I didn't, became President, they all earned my respect (except for Nixon) as they GREW into the most difficult shoes they would ever fill during their lives.

Until Trump! All of his x-rated life he has been self-centered, boasting, lying, bullying, self-serving and all-around obnoxious. Not only has he NEVER "GROWN" into the presidency... hell.... he has NEVER EVEN MADE IT INTO ADULTHOOD YET!...he has always confused it with adultery!

Furthermore, our Republican Congressmen have proven themselves to be invertebrates! So much for "Checks and Balances"...."Advice and Consent"!

This year I re-registered, and voted, as Democrat. AGE and hind-sight brings with it experience and judgement. Trump has the "title" only....he is NOT earned it....and it is quite evident he NEVER will...and NEVER COULD HAVE!

That's MY say....people who dismissively use "old wheelchairs" as an INSULT! are being ludicrous and mean-spirited....just like Trump!

O.K. I've gotten the POST-ELECTION ELATION out of my system. I will try to tamp my political enthusiasm down now.....for the moment.

I'm with you, Adam!

Dee R Gee said...

I loved the movie. I'm sticking with that.

Nanbert said...

hahahaha, Dee R. Gee....I still have the movie to look forward to. We have to take our joy where we can find it....right?

Sue Smith said...

I'm only became a full Democrat because of Trump I've always been mixed and never got this president ever.
There nothing in this world wrong with being 85 or 70 or any other age but when certain people are disrespectful to elders they forget they will be there soon enough. I also never got this political or this nuts over any president, he makes me go out of character nuts. I agree with what you said Nanbert.
I'm glad you loved the movie Dee R Gee I may still get to see it if not I'll get the DVD hopefully there is one think there will be. I did see a biopic of FM on a channel on TV so I learned some about him FM. I also want to see Adam see the burly truck driver he supposed to look like.

Nanbert said...

Me again....Hey everyone, Admin, glitzylady, et al.... I re-read my comment above and have to apologize for being so political before. I've been exceptionally wound-up and active for this election... writing postcards, going from door to door, answering phones, and even driving three people who needed a ride to their polling places.....and I find it hard to come to a "screeching halt" immediately after!

I'm exhausted/elated!

So you all got my "overflow"....SORRY, I went overboard on politics!

Sue Smith said...

Me too, I guess I shouldn't have either but it is the overflow of emotions. It's over for now can only hope things get better for a lot of people that are not on his team so to speak. I apologize. I think I just have to not watch the news for awhile so I can get a medical procedure done Tuesday went three weeks ago blood pressure went crazy high so been having to take more meds and take it 2 times a day so need to leave politics alone for a time to get my medical stuff done. I'm over it for until 2 years from now.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Nanbert & Sue .. I don't feel the need for any apology from either one of you!! It's OK to vent those feelings when necessary ... at least you haven't singled out any age group or any other group for that matter!! I totally agree with you both & being a one handed typist I THANK you BOTH for expressing my inner feelings exactly!! I joined this fan site because we have always been able to express our opinions without back biting & we've always been civil with each other when we do not agree about something ... but the rancor that was thrown at us because of our opinions about this less-than-president individual sitting in the oval office were uncalled for & if this ever happens again I will stand by my convictions without being abusive or uncivil!! Only those who know they are wrong take this type of action in a discussion!! Rest assured .. we all were civil & correct in our statements!! No apologies necessary except to our moderators .. if I said anything wrong ... for that I apologize to them!! No worries Glam Sisters .. we stand together on this I assure you!!

GOD Bless America!! Sue ... GOD be with you & heal you soon!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

glitzylady said...

No apologies necessary as far as this admin is concerned. Things got a little out of hand awhile back and I asked that we at least be civil to each other, those of us fans who come here to this blog. Other than that, feel free to discuss.

Nanbert said...

glitzylady.....Thanks for your forbearance...and clarification! I wholeheartedly agree that civility should be foremost in ALL our discourse, even when emotions run high....and this fan site has been uncommonly...and (for the most part) of mean-spirited comments and rancor.