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Will Adam Lambert Do A Broadway "Residency" In NYC? Perhaps... Via The NY Post

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, November 23, 2018

Posted at : Friday, November 23, 2018

Will Adam Lambert Do A Broadway "Residency"In NYC? 

Perhaps... Per a speculative article in the  The NY Post

LINK HERE "The Boss [Bruce Springsteen] is paving the way for big musicians on Broadway"

Adam Lambert

QUOTE with the Adam Lambert mention: Read the rest of the article at the embedded link above or in the tweet below
Deals have not been finalized, but CAA — home to Springsteen’s agent — represents a boatload of superstars, including Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Bet...Faith Hill, the Eagles, Michael Bublé and Adam Lambert.

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Elaevans said...

Broadway Residency? What is it?

glitzylady said...

Read the complete article we linked.. that will give you the full explanation and answer your question.. But here's a brief synopsis:

"Bruce Springsteen has paved the way for a host of legendary music acts to play the Great White Way in 2019.
A group of powerful entertainment companies — Live Nation, Creative Artists Associates and Entertainment Benefits Group — is about to snap up a Broadway theater where A-list rock, pop and country performers will be “in residency” for three-week stints."

A residency means that those artists named in the article could perhaps be in a Broadway New York City theater for 3 weeks. Similar to the Queen + Adam Lambert Las Vegas Residency they did in September of this year.

Elaevans said...


Shelagh said...

Sounds really good for Adam, did say in the link though that the tickets could cost $500 or more !! might be beyond a lot of people, but that maybe for the likes of Beyoncé ?? Hope it happens for Adam as it will be keeping him in the public eye, then if ( fingers crossed) he brings his new album out all the better for his career

Nanbert said...

Sounds fabulous! Adam is in "good company" here. I was hoping he'd get an opportunity for a residency in Vegas on his own tour, but NYC would be lovely, too. It'll be interesting to see how that comes out. However, he doesn't even have his new album out yet, let alone a tour put together...but later on.....

Of course, he could still present the "Original High" tour...that was fantastic!...or mix up a new conglomeration of all three previous tours/albums...he's got a great bunch of songs to choose from now.

Such titillating news! Sounds like he's "arrived" on the A-List now...well earned, and long overdue!

Incidently, on Adam's next tour, I hope he has the same "company" again...i.e. that GREAT band, and Holly and ALL just seemed to work so well.

Has anyone noticed that Adam is doing a lot of influential and diverse appearances and performances lately?

Has anyone noticed that a lot of that has happened since he appeared at the ceremony for Simon Cowell's Hollywood "Star" award (in assigned seating) ....and he and Simon were unusually friendly and animated when they greeted?

I still wonder if Adam and Simon have some sort of business relationship.

Sunflower said...

Well I'll be damned! Last night at Thanksgiving dinner at my brothers , one sister in law of mine was talking about Bruce Springsteen and another sister in law of mine was talking about New York, then I was talking about high school plays ( so ok it's not Broadway plays but that connection "plays" to Broadway), can't believe this coincidence on the topics. Ooh scary, lol. This latest event sounds amazing, I'm happy more and more people, important people are finally taking notice and an interest in Adam! It's about time, the rest of America wakes up and sees what we here already know! The phenomen that is Adam!

Shelagh said...

Agree Sunflower, I never understood how Adam wasn't as well known in the US,I have family in various parts and until I put them on the 'right track' they hadn't heard of him,yet over here in the UK he's quite well known, hopefully this could lead to all sorts of new projects for him !

Elaevans said...

Surprisingly it's true he's not well known here. Too many trashy celebrities. 500$ for a ticket?!

Dee R Gee said...

I think this is VERY good news and I hope it all comes to fruition. Adam is really in good company with this bunch. Springsteen has a really good idea with this plan. I wonder if the ticket prices would be the same for all of the artists, or if they would vary. Hmm.

If Adam gets his three-week stint, I think I will talk my DH into a road trip to NYC. Hope we get more details!

Sue Smith said...

It looks to me all that is starting to change in the US. He performing more and more at big Hollywood functions with A listers in attendance and presenting awards. He had two big televised appearances in a roll the wicked one and Elvis special yet to be on TV. There is plenty more to come then when the album and single comes out lots of promoting and more with Queen.
Nanbert it said 2019 the album will be out sometimes in 2019 and the single hopefully early 2019. Certainly hope album out sometimes early part of2019.
Hopefully the deal comes through.
The new album may be the reason he would want to do this 3 week stint.
But, wonder if it is a show like Vegas or a broad way type show most likely Vegas type if its just 3 week stints.
Adam worth every penny of 500 dollars but many could not afford it but many could. I dont know how they know how much tickets are if deal not done yet.
Some prime very close and stage tickets for Queen and Adam cost more than that. I've heard people say they pay that and more for front roll Adam.
However if that the price for all tickets even far nose bleed ones that pretty steep.correctuon that was Broadway.