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From NewNowNext: Article "Why Is Adam Lambert Still So Underrated? Whataya want from him?!"

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, March 1, 2019

Posted at : Friday, March 01, 2019

Well written, thoughtful article from NewNowNext 

"Why Is Adam Lambert Still So Underrated?

Written by David Opie for NewNowNext

Link to this excellent article:
Why Is Adam Lambert Still So Underrated?Whataya want from him?!

Photo from the article: Adam Lambert fronting Queen at the 2019 Oscar Awards Show 

Some EXCERPTS from the much longer article: Please go to to the embedded link above ↑ to read more. 
The article also includes 4 videos: Queen + Adam Lambert's Opening of the 2019 Oscars, Adam's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Idol Season 8 Audition, Adam on the Ellen Show discussing his AMA performance, & his newly released song "Feel Something"
In his new single, “Feel Something,” Adam Lambert sings about waiting “so long to feel like I’m worthy,” but the truth is that he’s already proved himself to be exactly that, time and time again.
As the first openly gay male artist to top the Billboard charts, Lambert has been a pioneer for queer visibility. Ten years since he auditioned for the eighth season of American Idol, the runner-up has since “overwhelmed” Cher, and Queen’s Brian May admitted that Adam possesses a wider vocal range than even Freddie Mercury himself when performing Queen songs live. It’s no exaggeration to suggest that Lambert is currently one of the best vocalists working in pop—or any other genre for that matter either—so why isn’t he also one of the most successful?
There’s no guarantee that Lambert’s fourth album will bring the long overdue respect that he deserves. Systemic homophobia still prevents even the most popular queer singers from enjoying the same success as their straight counterparts. Adam told Billboard recently that the climate is “one hundred percent different today” than when he first started out, but we still have a long way to go before mainstream acceptance is absolute. Despite it all, a killer single that truly capitalizes on Lambert’s remarkable voice could be the catalyst for real change. Now that he’s no longer second-guessing his artistry or compromising for others, it’s time for Lambert to finally feel worthy of himself and reach his true potential.

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

This is a really interesting article that I hope everyone gets a chance to read. It recaps Adam's career thus far, both the ups and downs. Great praise for his talent, and some theories about why he is not the chart-topping arena-filler that some predicted. Ends on a positive note, though. Adam is so much a part of my life, I would not be the same person without him in it. For many reasons.

Patria said...

Systemic homophobia, Imo, is a real thing in the United States. It doesn't happen in Britain or Canada. Whether gays start 'in or out of the closet' in UK, their careers continue on. Here in the US they never gain a lot of momentum. I'm thinking of Neon Trees and how well they were doing until their lead came out. Where's Neon Trees today?

I love Adam with all my heart and soul and I wish it were different in this country. But it just isn't. Adam is everything Brian and Roger and the critics say he is and I believe he will not fade away because he is a master vocalist. Until the US becomes more accepting and understanding the popularity level won't change much. We can only take each public appearance and offering from Adam as it comes and revel in it by how joyous it always makes us feel.

Sunflower said...

We fans have been wondering for years why this Pop/Rock Superstar isn't at the very top! All he needs is more recognition because he has everything else going for him. I'm thinking Adam is a threat to all, yes to all artists, he can sing, dance, act, is funny! He's a menace and can make other artists look not so great, so they the powers to be in the music industry don't include him much, they rather spend money and time on who's trending, who's popular with the teens! Teens are gullible and naive, they eat up anyone who looks cute and can sing even if the singing isn't great, or who dances looking cute. Then those artists who are not articulate, uses foul language when not appropiate etc.. Adam is truly in a league of his own, there's no one like ADAM LAMBERT!!!

Glamitup said...

Sunflower, you said it all right there.

Nanbert said...

Good question....and probably for all the reasons suggested above. But, everyone, this recent run of prestigious performances by Adam may be "turning the page" on all of that. Suddenly people are learning that if you want a "special" performance that hits it out of the call on Adam Lambert. He raises everything up a notch!

I feel that in a year or two we won't even be discussing this!

Sue Smith said...

Agreed Nanbert. I do believe things are changing. A 2 hour special on ABC especially ABC things are looking way up to me and fronting the opening of the Oscar's and lot more to come. But come on who getting a 2 hour special bio on a major net work. Yea I know Queen but it is the Adam Lambert story.
Of course Rodger and Brian a big part of it but so is Adam.

Sunflower said...

Thanks Glamitup for agreeing with me. Nanbert and Sue you ladies are also correct, I sense something different in the air (Under Pressure with Freddie is playing now on my radio lol) alright! Adam has said "a new era", yes a fresh start to a new chapter! Sue it IS amazing about this documentary on the Queen and Adam Lambert story, for crying out loud ADAM LAMBERT STORY!!! I want to cry just saying it. Not on a cable channel either, on ABC where everyone has access too. Yes Nanbert I believe you about the one to two years! Btw, I just saw that Feel Something reached 1million plays on YouTube in 3 days!!! Woohoo

Sue Smith said...

Sunflower this bio about Adam is so exciting to me. Concert footage. High light of his life it will be so interesting. Sure quite a bit of behind the scens QAL scenes. Honestly just having much of Adam for 2 hours on TV on a major station is really exciting to me.

Allysa Mentor said...

‘Been listening to FYE all day. It’s still one of my favorites. I’m happy the “industry is beginning to go to Adam for performances, even in country with “Girl Crush” It amazes when I hear people say they always loved him on Idol, and had no idea he was even touring with .Queen, or what ever happened to him. This country is homophobic,that unfortunately is a fact, and i’m Not certain if the gay community supports him as much as they may do in CA. As my straight son says about Adam ( I drag him to concerts) he’s disturbingly attractive. So i’m thinking guys are especially threatened by him, because women find him so attractive. I feel the US music industry may be a bit corrupt. Look at Beyonce’s sister, she’s super talented and you don’t hear much about her. I’m not sure what the answer is, but i’ve personalky not heard anyone have a negative comment about his performances. It’s so friggen competitive. I hope when he releases his single, he gets to perform on some T.V shows, AI, Ellen, and nite time shows. He should have been on SNL already. Sorry this is heavily auto corrected. I only wish great things for him.

Sunflower said...

Sue it is exciting, I kind of don't believe it because it just came out of the blue! Lol I don't want any interruptions when I watch it, maybe turn off my phone. Lol Allysa, I love your sons description of Adam. Lol But how true it is. That comment you made about the gay community should support Adam, makes me wonder too. I live close to Chicago and I watch this variety program from Chicago on tv and they have a gay man who does the entertainment news, he mentioned about the Oscars ( before Oscar show) that you don't want to miss the opening act. Queen and Adam Lambert are opening the show. Well he said I'm not a Adam Lambert fan but he's fantastic! So why wouldn't he be Adams fan if he says he's fantastic? It's a mystery to Me! One thing you also said that Adam is a threat to some gays because of his good looks and the women are attracted to him, so his concerts are full of women. Well we can't help it! Lol

Sunflower said... mistake you said the guys not specifically the gay guys are threaten from Adams good looks. Sorry

Nanbert said...

haha...the above remarks remind me of a comment on Youtube after a video of one of Adam's gorgeous performances (which was, say, 2:54 min. long)........

A man wrote, 'I'm a straight man, but for 2 minutes and 54 seconds I was gay!

Angeladam said...

Allysa, I sadly think Adam 'blotted his copy book' when he did that controversial AMA awards performance way back not long after Idol, and of course some of the systematic homophobia in the US, IMO marks the cards of some fabulous talent, who don't 'fit the mould', I mean how could Justin Beiber/ Shawn Mendes,Airana Grande etc who are all good( I mean talent wise) compare to the talent Adam has ? He's got great followings in Scandinavia and Europe and the UK, but his home country seems to deny him the success he deserves ?? if he hadn't fronted Queen, for the past 6+ years ( and thank the Lord they knew talent when they did) I'm not sure he would have survived the 'powers that be'who decide who gets record deals etc , but just glad he's where he is now !!