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GLAAD AWARDS SHOW in Los Angeles March 28, 2019: Adam Lambert Will Be "Kicking Off" The Show

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Posted at : Wednesday, March 27, 2019

GLAAD AWARDS SHOW in Los Angeles March 28, 2019: Adam Lambert Will Be "Kicking Off" The Show

Update: Adam Lambert also retweeted this @glaad photo & tweet to his followers on Twitter 

@glaad on Twitter: "🚨 Big news: @adamlambert will be at the #GLAADawards again and will kick off the show in Los Angeles this Thursday!"

Note: Shoshanna Stone, Adam's publicist, said he will NOT be performing. But will be opening/"kicking off" the show, so hmmmm....more info below

Unfortunately, the event at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, CA, is NOT televised so watch social media for photos,vids, etc. 

Show times are as follows: 
TIME: 5:30pm-11:00pm PDT 8:30pm-2:00am EDT

Screen cap of info posted on Adam Lambert Media website linked in the tweet above from @Angel_nDisguise

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Nanbert said...

Nice! "Kicking Off" sounds a lot like MC-ing. Can't wait to see the videos, since I guess it won't be televised. Last year Adam sang a duet with Melissa was great!

Mi Re La said...


Nanbert said...

Thanks Mirela....Adam was in his teens by then. Haha, his hairdo then was similar to how he's wearing it now. Wonder what show that was from.....? He was very handsome back then, too.

Sunflower said...

Darn it for not being televised! Oh well I'll wait like everyone else for videos,photos!

Mi Re La said...

GLAMBERTS ALERT!!! Please post a supportive comment for Adam on this link on youtube.
Adam Lambert Vs Marc Martel | Vocal Battle [Same Songs]

Mi Re La said...

ADAM instagram stories
"Listening to a final mix...

Nanbert said...

Mirela...thanks for posting that GLAMBERTS ALERT! I mentioned those "comparison videos" of Adam vs Marc here before, and requested that Glamberts "weigh in" on them now and then, too. The Marc Martell trolls are dominating those comments, and skew the impression for the uninitiated that Marc is the better fact, they usually TRASH Adam...and often even Brian and Roger! The trolls act like they can FORCE Brian and Roger to dump Adam, and replace him with Marc....if they just keep harping on it and trashing Adam every chance they get the public on their side!

Adam needs more comments and support from his fans on those videos....don't let the MM trolls win, in the public's eye, by default! sheer numbers!

So....if you want to "have Adam's back", make it a point to spend an occasional few minutes supporting him in Youtube....please!

Note: I don't suggest that Adam fans get nasty, insulting or argumentative. Show the world, and MM fans that Glamberts are classy, like Adam.

Here's MY favorite response.....In a 2014 interview with USA today, Marc Martell is quoted as saying...."In my opinion, Queen has the current best male singer in the world singing for them," Martel says of Lambert. "I went to see their show in New York, and the dude does not strain or miss a single note. He's an incredible virtuoso!"

That quote is still available online. It's also useful to point out that nasty comments about Adam reflect badly on Marc....make him/them look like a "poor loser".

Often, When I have a few moments, I search out the Marc Martel trolls on those videos, and add some supportive remarks about Adam as counterweights. It would be great if other Glamberts did, too!

Actually, you will also see Marc Martell fans trashing Adam after almost any QAL videos.
Often they will not identify themselves as Martel Fans.....but are absolutely bent on convincing the public that Adam is a terrible singer and performer, and Queen has made a terrible mistake by having him as their frontman....because he doesn't even sound like Freddie (hint, hint). So transparent! us!

Angeladam said...

No comparisonwhatsoever in my mind between Adam and Marc, Adam WINS hands down , actually can't believe some of the derogatory remarks made towards Adam by Marc fans !! Unbelievable!!, can't believe these people are for real

Nanbert said...

Angeladam...I know....that's why Mirela and I are asking Glamberts to throw in an occasional supporting comment for Adam on those videos... and for QAL videos, too. It looks like people are overwhelmingly against Adam because of the Marc Martell trolls trashing him all the time. They are on a mission to get rid of Adam! It's really horrible!