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A Sneak Peek Of Adam Lambert On American Idol As A Mentor: From Idol Contestant Wade Cota On Instagram "..nerve racking to practice.. in front of [Queen vocalist] Adam Lambert.."

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, April 26, 2019

Posted at : Friday, April 26, 2019

From Idol Contestant Wade Cota On Instagram "..nerve racking to practice.. in front of [Queen vocalist] Adam Lambert.."

@wadecota: "Pretty nerve racking to practice a @officialqueenmusic song in front of @adamlambert The lead vocalist of Queen... I hope he liked it! @americanidol"

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


annemarie said...

Since Adam has been singing these songs for several years now, I wonder what he thinks about how the Idol singers put their interpretations on the songs. It really must feel strange for him, even though that is what he has done himself. But these contestants are not in the same league as Adam, who knows exactly what he is doing. There must be times he is just shaking his head, inside himself. But I am quite sure he will give everyone the same chance of singing it to the best of their ability. Personally I think it must grate on his ears sometimes. I think he will show them all how it is really done properly, when he sings at the Finale, but I don't think he will be singing a Queen song then, hopefully a new single. Bet he is glad that part is over now, but the payoff will being able to sing his own song at the end on the 28th of May. That's what I am waiting for, the best singer in the business by far.

glitzylady said...

I have to perhaps disagree with you regarding Adam and how he might have felt mentoring the Idol contestants. I don't really know of course, but Adam has always been a wonderful and patient mentor, all the way back to when he himself was an Idol contestant on the show and he helped the other contestants with their performances as well. He's a generous and humble man and performer who I suspect is happy to help others do their best. I do know that the other contestants must have felt very intimidated and a little (or a whole lot) nervous singing in front of Adam Lambert, famed American Idol alum and current Queen frontman. (as noted on this thread I with an Instagram and comments from one of the contestants, Wade Cota: "Pretty nerve racking to practice a @officialqueenmusic song in front of @adamlambert The lead vocalist of Queen... I hope he liked it! @americanidol")...

I also have to mention that although I haven't watched much of this season of AI, I did watch last Monday (April 22) when they had a retrospective show "Episode 15: Meet The Finalists" which was actually a great way to get to know the top 8 and see what they've done on the show, including back stories, auditions, various levels of competition, performances, etc... I was impressed with all of them in various ways and I do think they'll do a reasonable job with the Queen songs. Clearly, this will be out of most of their own areas as singers but I'll sure give them kudos for doing their best. I hope Adam will feel a certain sense of pride in them and of himself for his contributions as mentor..

For those that didn't watch it, go to your cable "On Demand" feature if you have it and watch the episode.. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Here's a link to access, depending on your cable provider:

S2 E15 Episode 15: Meet Your Finalists
A look at each finalist's journey so far.

Rosepetal said...

I’m gonna have to agree with you glittzlady, I think Adam would have enjoyed mentoring these kids. He had always said he enjoys helping other preformers and is always honored to be ask to mentor on idol. And I sometimes wonder if Adam realizes just how amazing he is.

Patria said...

All this anticipation is making me fall in love with Adam all over again. Following his life and being a fan has been as much fun for me as anything in my life. I can barely wait to see how Brian and Roger tell us about the relationship from their side.

I think Roger is going to be on ABC Good Morning America show Monday.

Dee R Gee said...

The hair is perfect, BTW.

annemarie said...

I agree that Adam is a generous and humble man, but he is human too. I remember when he was on idol himself, that he often helped the others. I think I also said that he would help them to sing to the best of their ability. When asked, of course he is going to say he was honored to be asked to mentor. It is an honor, and of course to mentor for Queen week, he was the obvious choice. I know Adam would give his all, to help each one of them. Still doesn't mean he loved their own interpretations of the songs, or if they would ever sing a Queen song well.
I am sure when he went home he knew he did his very best for them, and was happy to do it.

annemarie said...

I saw a man singing today, he had a great voice, but I was more intrigued with his hair, it was about Adams length, and the way he wore it was so attractive. I would like to see Adam do his hair this way, it wasn't tied back but still framed his face, without it actually touching his face. I could just imagine Adam with this style, very natural looking. He also had face beard like Adam. Adam likes his earrings and this style would show them off too. It is the first time I have thought I might really like Adam with long hair.

Sunflower said...

Awww, I have been watching Idol and this top 8 are a great group, talented in their own way. Wade has a rocker voice I'm anxious to hear his song choice. All of the kids are great!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I went to American Idol IG & watched the promo FINALLY!! TY for posting their video here ... now I feel like I'm in the loop again!!

ADAM's hair as I've said before is Lovely & Luscious & now I can add Long!! I LOVE IT!! He looks Great ... almost like when I first saw him!!

Cannot wait for Sunday & Monday!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Sue Smith said...

Oh Lord that picture behind the contestant of Adam he is beyond Hot.
Think he has the jacket on from the Oscar's parties and maybe the shirt he had on with it styled in a different way.
He looks amaizing just amaizing. This hair do is my favorite if all times of Adam's. He just looks out and out fantastic. What even greater his powerful voice is even better. Cant wait to hopefully hear the new single on the finale.
I think these contestants performances will be enriched greatly with help from Adam who today knows the songs better than the lead singer of Queen Adam Lambert himself.